Citizens! Disbelieve What Your Eyes Tell You!

“Debating [Obamacare], I don’t think that’s going to sit very well with the electorate”.

— Amy Walter, ABC News

Ms. Walter:  You are clearly from Planet Cambridge.

You do recall a bit of an election two months ago?  Biggest flip in 72 years in Congress – bigger than ’48, bigger than ’94, bigger than even ’74?

I think it’s going to “sit” just fine with the American people.

(Yeah,  of course I know – this is just part of the PR drumbeat that the mainstream media is going to put down to try to defend Obama.  Call it the “don’t believe what your eyes, ears and vote totals tell you, the truth is what we say it is”.  Kind of like the Humphrey Poll and the Minnesota Independent).

3 thoughts on “Citizens! Disbelieve What Your Eyes Tell You!

  1. Not surprising. Debating Obamacare didn’t “sit well” with the media. They managed to avoid the debate while it was actually being debated.

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