Another Note For Glenn Maxham

Since Glenn Maxham – former TV news editor-turned-moral-scold of the Tea Party – wants a “list of enumerated freedoms that We The People have lost” so that we angry peasants’ complaints satisfy his own rigorous standards for standing (he was a tourist in the USSR, doncha know), I just thought I’d let him know i’m on the job.  Because they’re popping up all over the place, like this DUI Dragnet in Florida:

Florida is among several states now holding what are called “no refusal” checkpoints.

It means if you refuse a breath test during a traffic stop, a judge is on site, and issues a warrant that allows police to perform a mandatory blood test.

It’s already being done in several counties, and now Unfried is working to bring it to the Tampa Bay area.

“I think you’ll see the difference because people will not drink and drive. I truly believe that,” she said.

Not everyone is on board, though.

DUI defense attorney Kevin Hayslett sees the mandatory blood test as a violation of constitutional rights.

“It’s a slippery slope and it’s got to stop somewhere,” Hayslett explained, “what other misdemeanor offense do we have in the United States where the government can forcefully put a needle into your arm?”

The federal government says Florida has among the highest rates of breathalyzer refusal.

That’d be the Fourth Amendment being torched there, Mr. Maxham.

Indeed – Mothers Against Drunk Driving has become one of the most insidious attackers of liberty in this nation.  Other enemies – Janet Napolitano, Julius “Seizure” Genachowski – come and go with different political waves.  But MADD is always there, through “up” and “down” waves in civil liberty, always there to sap more of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments (and keep the police chasing after ever-more revenue, at the expense of all other law enforcement), no matter who’s in office.

But we’re not done yet, Mr. Maxham!

13 thoughts on “Another Note For Glenn Maxham

  1. No need for the klaxon horns.

    The investigating officer is required to articulate probable cause to conduct a breath or field sobriety test. There is also implied consent, statutory law concerning vehicle inspections, etc.

  2. Perhaps. And maybe I’m becoming very cynical here, but these days, can’t a cop pretty much get probable cause to search a turkey sandwich, if he thinks about it hard enough?

  3. I remember getting caught up in a couple of those roadblocks when MN experimented with having them in the early 90’s before (as I recall) MN did something right for once and got rid of them for being unconstitutional. Even in MN we don’t allow the cops to just set up a roadblock for no good reason. Why do they allow it in FL, for crying out loud? Who ever decided that sobriety checkpoints were a desirable (to say nothing of constitutional) thing? How did MADD ever get the power they have? It really is crazy. And maybe this is a good year to really start contacting our reps and saying enough is enough.

  4. It’s not illegal to drink and drive. It’s illegal to drink TOO MUCH and drive.

    Pilots are allowed to have a BAC of less than .04. Pistol permit holders can carry with BAC of less than .04. Nobody is proposing a No Refusal checkpoint for pilots or pistols to see if they’re over the limit.


    But just wait.

  5. Actually, I’d dearly love to see a No Refuse checkpoint set up downtown Minneapolis around Block E somewhere, maybe near First Ave. No breath test required – but you must walk through the metal detector to see who’s packing heat.

    I’m quite sure Mr. Maxham and his ideological colleagues in the NAACP and the ACLU would find that to be perfectly acceptable.


  6. How did MADD ever get the power they have?
    The same way National Socialists in 1920s Germany did.

  7. We are so far into the toilet, most people can’t even feel the swirling anymore.

    Everyone credits the GOP for being the “law and order” party, but when it comes to chredding the Constitution, the Democrats can’t be touched.

    Bubba Clinton turned the “war on drugs” into a full-scale war on freedom. Under his guidance, search and seizure laws became the home shopping network for coppers…your home, their shopping.

    Janet Napolitano took “homeland security” to a whole new level. She has flooded law enforcement agencies with billions of dollars which they are using to purchase survellience equipment that would make your hair stand on end, which they are using with little, or no oversight.

  8. Everyone credits the GOP for being the “law and order” party, but when it comes to shredding the Constitution [under the guise of “law and order” and “national security”], the Democrats can’t be touched.

  9. When I was an Officer I’d pull people off the road if they blew a .02% with the PBT. No arrest, but they’d have to walk.

    Kermit – just some advice about your “National Socialist” analogy:

    Don’t get hyperbolic.

  10. The Nazi analogy is a bit inapt as there was no civil war between drinkers and non-drinkers from which people wanted protection – any protection, even from odious strongmen.

    On the other hand, any authoritarian needs apathetic or ignorant people to take power.

  11. The same way National Socialists in 1920s Germany did.

    The Nazis didn’t have power in the 20’s. Also, MADD isn’t a political party and hasn’t been elected to anything, thank the Ceiling Cat.

  12. Nachman,
    Assuming you were indeed a cop – if your last statement is true, I’m hoping that this is a reason you are (apparently) no longer a cop.
    Cops like you (apparently) were are a menace – and I’m delighted that you are no longer patrolling our streets.
    Best of luck in your new career – and I hope it doesn’t involve contact with the public.

  13. The Nazis didn’t have power in the 20′s.

    Of course they did. They were originally among a large group of parties/private armies on the left and right. They had power. They didn’t have “Power”, but either did anyone else.

    Also, MADD isn’t a political party and hasn’t been elected to anything

    They don’t have to be a party for the analogy to stand.

    thank the Ceiling Cat.

    Ceiling cat is dead.

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