I Don’t Know About You…But I’m Cold.

I have thirty inches of snow sitting on my lawn and just wrote a check to Elijah’s Tree Service for the removal of two trees felled by an ice storm that came before Thanksgiving this year. He would have been here sooner but I was like 1000th on his list.

I’m cold and I’m looking for some Global Warming about now.

I have been skeptical of global warming ever since I studied it’s origins soon after Algore’s largely discredited but hugely profitable movie An Inconvenient Truth was foisted on an gullible liberal public.

Jettison the “science” or the politics, and I’m still amazed at the amount of people that believe we have the capacity to predict the weather ten or a hundred years in the future when repeatedly, even comically, meteorologists with all their Doppler and satellite technology, can’t predict the weather accurately beyond twenty four hours.

Nothing makes fools of more people than trying to predict the weather. Whether in Los Angeles or London, recent predictions have gone crazily awry. Global warming? How about mini ice age?

Once the warming failed to appear as predicted, Global Warming conveniently became “Climate Change” as if to say that any change in the climate, despite evidence of eons of extreme and catastrophic cold and warm cycles occuring before we got here, are now caused by us.

Since at least 1998, however, no significant warming trend has been noticeable. Unfortunately, none of the 24 models used by the IPCC views that as possible. They are at odds with reality.

The sight of confused and angry travelers stuck in airports across Europe because of an arctic freeze that has settled across the continent isn’t funny. Sadly, they’ve been told for more than a decade now that such a thing was an impossibility — that global warming was inevitable, and couldn’t be reversed.

This is a big problem for those who see human-caused global warming as an irreversible result of the Industrial Revolution’s reliance on carbon-based fuels. Based on global warming theory — and according to official weather forecasts made earlier in the year — this winter should be warm and dry. It’s anything but. Ice and snow cover vast parts of both Europe and North America, in one of the coldest Decembers in history.

Is it arrogance or ignorance?

No matter what happens, it always confirms their basic premise that the world is getting hotter. The weather turns cold and wet? It’s global warming, they say. Weather turns hot? Global warming. No change? Global warming. More hurricanes? Global warming. No hurricanes? You guessed it.

Liberal icon Rahm Emanuel made famous the line “Never waste a good crisis” this past political cycle and it appears when one doesn’t present itself they’re perfect content with creating one.

Nothing can disprove their thesis. Not even the extraordinarily frigid weather now creating havoc across most of the Northern Hemisphere. The Los Angeles Times, in a piece on the region’s strangely wet and cold weather, paraphrases Jet Propulsion Laboratory climatologist Bill Patzert as saying, “In general, as the globe warms, weather conditions tend to be more extreme and volatile.”

Got that? No matter what the weather, it’s all due to warming. This isn’t science; it’s a kind of faith. Scientists go along and even stifle dissent because, frankly, hundreds of millions of dollars in research grants are at stake. But for the believers, global warming is the god that failed.

Hmm. A failed messiah? That sounds familiar.

Why do we continue to listen to warmists when they’re so wrong? Maybe it’s because their real agenda has nothing to do with climate change at all. Earlier this month, attendees of a global warming summit in Cancun, Mexico, concluded, with virtually no economic or real scientific support, that by 2020 rich nations need to transfer $100 billion a year to poor nations to help them “mitigate” the adverse impacts of warming.

Hmm. A transfer of wealth? That sounds familiar too.

This is what global warming is really about — wealth redistribution by people whose beliefs are basically socialist. It has little or nothing to do with climate.

But is there any scientific method for predicting the weather, you know for those of us who would be genuinely concerned for future generations if a global climate threat manifested itself in earnest?

…pay more attention to Piers Corbyn, a little-known British meteorologist and astrophysicist who has a knack for correctly predicting weather changes. Indeed, as London’s Mayor Boris Johnson recently noted, “He seems to get it right about 85% of the time.”

How does he do it? Unlike the U.N. and government forecasters, Corbyn pays close attention to solar cycles that, as it turns out, correlate very closely to changes in climate. Not only are we not headed for global warming, Corbyn says, we may be entering a “mini ice age” similar to the one that took place from 1450 A.D. to 1850 A.D.

For those of you Algore disciples that can’t do math…that’s four hundred years of this. If man is causing a warming of the planet, now might be the time to step it up a bit.

Or move South.

Miami is experiencing its coldest December in 115 years, according to the local branch of the National Weather Service, where employees have exhausted their thesauruses trying to describe the anomaly. (One of them, Dan Gregoria, settled on this: “very rare.”)

HEADLINE IN THE MIAMI HERALD ON MONDAY “Time to Pull Out Those Winter Coats Again”

…Okay. Farther South.

29 thoughts on “I Don’t Know About You…But I’m Cold.

  1. Back in the 90’s I read a National Geographic article on Canada’s Vanishing Winters. The NG writer stated, a bit breathlessly, that 3 out of the previous five years the Canadian snowpack had been smaller than average.
    Think about that. Take a five measure sample of anything, and compare it to a running average.
    The closest you can get to average is 3 samples on one side of the line and 2 on the other.

    In order to accept the massive transfer of privilege from one group of people (producers) to another (non-producers) based on “global warming”, you have to believe three things:
    1-Non-cyclical global warming is occurring.
    2-This is a bad thing
    3-There is something that can be done, not theoretically but in the real world, to stop or mitigate its harm.

    No. 1 is unproven as far as I am concerned. The IPCC lies and says that the equations and evidence are certain. They are not, any real climate scientist knows that the feedback mechanism is too poorly understood to try and match atmospheric CO2 ppm to climate, at least in the narrow range of increase we are talking about.

    No. 2 is unproven. Canada gets warmer, Russia gets warmer. More CO2 means more vegetation. Vegetation produces oxygen and food. More people die from cold in the world than from heat.

    No.3 Does anyone really believe that America, a democratic country whose people happily put its children and grandchildren in debt to enhance their own lifestyle will get by with less and pay real money so that fifty years from now a hypothetical Indonesian fisherman won’t have to lose his home?
    It. Will. Not. Happen.

  2. Happy New Year, Terry!

    Great points!

    The funniest part of that drunken orgy, I mean global warming summit, that took place in Cancun, is that all of those “poorer countries” that they are supposedly lobbying for, have governments that are rife with corruption, so that money will only line their pockets! The peons won’t benefit a bit!

  3. RatioRinkyDinkRickDFL to cue in with wikipeadia facts supporting AGW in three, two, one…

  4. ‘Okay. Farther South.’

    Imagine the irony if this cold snap kept up for a decade and Mexico ended up building a border fence to keep all the illegal immigrants from going back over the border.

  5. Great lead-in, Roosh, let’s take the analysis a bit further.

    The United States are headed for a mini-ice age. Millions of us will want to move to warmer climates. Mexico has a warmer climate. Mexico says it wants an open border with the US.

    Perfect. Let’s all move there. To the extent they resist – shift troops from Af and Iraq. And send a couple of Gitmo Marines over to Havana to let Castro know the party is over, we’re taking that island, too. He can move to another worker’s paradise with his ill-gotten billions; Switzerland, maybe.

    I mean, if global climate change is inevitable and if we’re dead-set on conquering other countries, we might as do it someplace useful.

  6. Is it arrogance or ignorance?
    It’s a religion. Marxists are using it as the means to bring about global wealth redistribution and global governance.

  7. I knew that global warming was so much globaloney. Still, I found it curious that nobody took the theory to its logical conclusion: If we can alter global temperatures by our activity or lack of it, what temperature are we shooting for? I assumed my fellow Minnesotans, given the chance to vote on the matter, would vote to either maintain the status quo, or, like me, vote to raise temperatures 2-2.5 degrees (my preference was 2.257 degrees).

    Since I haven’t been able to vote on it, I’ve done my part over the years as best I can. I’ve maintained a stock of “Right Guard,” the aerosol kind you spray your pits with–I think I did some good by sprinkling the ozone layer with the overspray. And I keep a stock of incandescent bulbs and I even use higher wattages than I should on occasion (please, nobody inform on me).

    Seriously, the global warming pushers are in serious trouble and know it. They’re taking the obvious path: morphing global warming into climate change. But sooner or later an enterprising global warmer is going to take credit for global cooling–the efforts at reducing global warming worked! They’ll acknowledge that while they may have gone too far as the effort overshot the mark and we now have polar bears on ice flows in the Mississippi, but if you give them power over all human activity, they’ll regulate the climate in a beneficial way. Oh, you won’t get a vote on what the correct movement in the climate change should be–that’s a matter for experts, but you will be able to weigh in via polling done by the establishment media.

    The shape of things to come?

  8. But what is good about this winter? Dave Thune (aka, the Phylis Kahn of St Paul) bought himself a new snowblower. He left it out in his driveway overnight and some one stole it. Ba hahahahahhahahahahahaha.

  9. Scientists say Minnesota’s limestone came from shell deposits on the bed of a giant inland sea and dinosaurs lived in the swamps of western North Dakota. Dinosaurs being cold blooded, the world must have been much warmer, then.

    How did the world cool off? Fred Flintstone dump his SUV?

    Oh, that’s right, a meteor hit the earth and the dust cloud caused an ice age, from which we’ve only just emerged. But that would mean the planet ought to be heading back to its “normal” temperatures – its pre-meteor much warmer dinosaur temperatures. Human carbon monoxide output would only help that natural trend. So why would we want to interfere with Nature’s effort to return to normalcy, just to keep the planet artificially cool?

  10. How did the world cool off?
    Nate, the Earth’s axis shifted when the north and south poles reversed. The continent of Pangea split, and the oceans shrank.

    It was, of course all Fred Flintstone’s fault. All those bronto burgers gave him gas.

  11. Chuck;

    Seriously?! I’m LMAO. It was most likely one of the illegal immigrants or other lefty that voted DFL!

    “How did the world cool off?”

    Then, as now, volcanic activity had some part in it.

  12. Kermit and Boss – thanks for the assist in making my point: the world’s “normal” temperature should be dinosaurs-in-North-Dakota warm, temporarily reduced by magnetism and volcanos. Global warming is recovery to the norm.

    Anything we do to fight that trend is working at cross purposes to Mother Nature.

    It’s not nice to cross Mother Nature.

  13. the world’s “normal” temperature should be dinosaurs-in-North-Dakota warm

    No. Earth core is cooling irreversibly. There is a lot less volcano activity now than there was during dinosaur age. That, and Sun had a lot more energy then than it does now. There will be no return to “dinosaurs-in-North-Dakota warm”. Hate to disappoint you, natesayer.

  14. So why would we want to interfere with Nature’s effort to return to normalcy

    For one, as you just said, most of our homes would be under a big sea. That would solve my selling problem, I suppose.

  15. Well the Sun is coming out of a twelve-year quiet cycle. I can’t wait for Al Gore to get out there in the stratosphere with his anti-carbon shield and protect us from that first coronal mass ejection.

  16. Terry- I think you left out one point in your “global warming- you have to believe in three things.” 1. Non-cyclical global warming is occurring. 2. This is a bad thing. 3. There is something that can be done… to stop it’s harm. And- 4. Man is causing the warming.

  17. jimf wrote:
    And- 4. Man is causing the warming.
    I thought about that, jimf, but I don’t think that you have to accept that humans are the cause if you believe that global warming is happening and that we should do what we can to halt it.

    The “anthropogenic” part of AGW is added by the left because of this weird psychological thing they’ve got where they believe the problems of the world are due to behavior they have not had a chance, yet, to regulate.

  18. I have been “skeptical” of global warming ever since I “studied” it’s origins soon after Algore’s largely “discredited” but “hugely profitable” movie An Inconvenient Truth was “foisted” on an “gullible” “liberal” public.

    Just helping you out.

    So was this before or after you got your marching orders from the teanut establishment? Or should that be “wingbag” establishment? Cause all you kooks think the same way, for some reason. With no “science” to “support” you.

  19. What is wrong with you, Angry Clown?
    You didn’t mention Sarah Palin riding a dinosaur with Jesus and seeing Russia from her house.
    I always imagine Sarah in some Frank Frazetta-esque barbarian fur bikini when she is riding her dinosaur. How about you?

  20. That is really, really hot, Blofeld. Sara’s going to hit a wall one of these days, but Angryclown would hit that like a hanging curve ball.

    How’s things in the volcano lair? Sux in NYC. The Jets are fading and the streets aren’t plowed.

  21. Cause all you kooks think the same way
    Yep. It’s called “common sense”, based on logic supplemented with these things called “facts”.

    I know, we could all use some Hope and Change(tm), but that just isn’t really panning out, now is it?

  22. Did I mention the polished brass accents on Sarah’s fur bikini? Heavens, without those bits of metal the whole thing would fall right off.

  23. angry

    “Sux in NYC. The Jets are fading and the streets aren’t plowed.”

    Thanks to union controlled gubmint workers! I can hear the union goon leaders now “Slow down on the snow removal boys! We have to protest the budget cuts and layoffs. Let’s not consider the fact that customers can’t get to the small businesses because of it, so their revenues go down, hence less sales taxes collected, therefore less money comes into the corrupt NYC coffers, reducing the budget, which leads to more layoffs and budget cuts.”

    Yup! Perfect liberat/union logic! You sheeple in dumbocrud controlled NY are reaping what you have sown and I can’t help but LMAO!! Happy New Year!

  24. 2008: Angryclown “Sara’s going to hit a wall one of these days, but I would hit that”
    2008: Palin does not hit a wall, Clown shut out. .

    2009: Angryclown “Sara’s going to hit a wall one of these days, but I would hit that”
    2009: Palin does not hit a wall, Clown shut out.. .

    2010: Angryclown “Sara’s going to hit a wall one of these days, but I would hit that”
    2010: Palin does not hit a wall, Clown shut out.. .

    2011: Angryclown “Sara’s going to hit a wall one of these days, but I would hit that”
    2011: Oh, heck. All things are possible.

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