Are you even listening to the words coming out of your mouth?

The Minnesota Lame-ber of Commerce is joining the minority and declaring it’s time for a new Vikings football stadium.

Vikings stadium supporters, despite the state’s looming $6.2 billion budget and widespread public opposition, will push hard for a public subsidy package during the 2011 legislation session beginning Jan. 4. [emphasis mine-JR]

Two thoughts:

1) How stupid does that sentence sound given our current economic conditions

2) Let’s wait until after Sunday’s Chicago game to see how much support there is for an outdoor stadium.

…or the Vikings for that matter.

PS:  GOP –  remember why we sent you

16 thoughts on “Are you even listening to the words coming out of your mouth?

  1. Come on, what an extra couple hundred million bucks? Hey, we could name it Education Minnesota Field! A win – win!

  2. I wish more people had less patience for well dressed pan handlers. It might solve many problems.

  3. I remain modestly hopeful that if we tell these f*cking imbeciles not just “no” but “HELL NO” they might snap out of it.

  4. If the Vikings can play next Monday nights game at the “Bank”, give them the keys and they can play every future game there.

  5. I would be discouraged about the tolerance among GOP legislators for this debacle, were it not for three words-

    Representative King Banaian

    Common (conservative) sense will prevail.

  6. I started this comment by writing this:

    $1.1 trillion spending bill collapses as GOP senators yank support

    The CCM needs to get with the program.

    Then I remembered that this was reporting by the ol’ Star and Sickle. I checked the MNChamber website. Nothing about it. Read the Strib article. Poorly sourced, headline outrunning reality, etc.
    If I write “Pfffft!” am I violating Swiftee’s copyright?

  7. With a new stadium we will getting a thirty-year lease from the Vikings.

    Gosh! If we don’t spend money on a new stadium we will have more money to make Minnesota the “welfare magnet to the world”!

    I say cut a deal with trade labor unions for wages 25% below prevailing wage and a no-strike clause for the project with no money to union political advocacy.

    Minnesota among highest in welfare spending

  8. “I would be discouraged about the tolerance among GOP legislators for this debacle, were it not for three words-”

    I also would be discouraged if not for these three words:

    Not. Seated. Yet.

  9. What Foot said.

    For the next two weeks, the legislature is still an overwhelmingly DFL group. On January 3, it won’t be.

    Of course, we still get to hold their feet in the fire…

  10. Terry, my “Pffft” is a carefully guarded trademark, however I give leave for individuals of quality to use it occasionally.

    Just as long as it’s used tastefully, which it has been in this instance.

  11. Did I miss something? Is the GOP Gov. Pawlenty calling a special session of the lame-duck DFL legislature to deal with stadium?

    Unlike the US Congress, the state legislature is not continuously in session. Thanks be to God!

    Now if we could just limit the US Congress to 90-120 days, everyone’s wallet would be safer.

  12. Kermit, cute, but unless Education Minnesota or their DFL minions are pushing this, I don’t see how the name fits. Unlike the Twins stadium deal, it will take more than a few GOPers to look the other way to get a Vikings stadium.

    Soliah, how about if the NFL owners and players also agree to a no-strike, no lockout deal, too?

    Remember how the X opened, and then the NHL skipped a season due to a lockout?

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