Moral Quandary

Yesterday, I noted that in the wake of Karl Bremer’s rapier-like assault at the heart of the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers’ content-management and enforcement policies, King Banaian had assumed an unconscionable amount of power unto himself, and declaring himself superior to the Northern Alliance’s “advice and consent” role.  In effect, he has declared himself absolute dictator of the MOB.

He was given a chance to fall into line and obey the constitution – an imperative that he swept aside like Caesar crossing the Rubicon.  King Banaian rebuffed my efforts to broker a settlement.

It would seem the MOB – heretofore a placid, unified front in the blog wars – has been rent asunder. 

Though it pains me, there comes a time when a guy has to make things perfectly clear:


I call upon King Banaian to relinquish control over the MOB’s policy-setting apparatus and, above all, the “Blue” and “Red” lists of blogs’ standings in the MOB.

I’m maintaining my calm – but it can’t last forever.

4 thoughts on “Moral Quandary

  1. How unfortunate. Where else have we seen members of a group overstep their “advise and consent” role? Hmm? Thnk hard.

    A virtual snickerdoodle for the first correct answer.

  2. I’d say, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez on the conduct of specious voter fraud investigations. Maybe Pete Domenici around the same point. MAYBE the Vice President intruding upon the process of gathering and evaluating intelligence information leading up to the invasion.

    No? Well, that’s the difference between the color of the sky in your world and mine, and that’s about all.

  3. Wrong. Hardly surprising. I don’t believe any of your three examples contained a group that held an ADVISE AND CONSENT role.

    No, the correct answer, boys and grrrls, was the senate in torpedoing Bush’s judicial picks, and that ridiculous gang of 14 that McCain headed up.

  4. Actually Bill,

    They did.

    The Vice President is NOT supposed to go about strong-arming results out of the CIA, in fact, doing so for political purposes, would get very near to a crime, if not a crime.

    Domenici’s interference in an investigation where he, at most, is to be kept advised, crossed the line of advise, and since he has to approve funds, he is granting consent.

    Let’s go further on, the Republican controlled Senate held up 48 of 108 (airc) Federal bench appointments during Clinton’s terms. The rate of refusal was almost half. Conversely, Bush had seen (through his first term, something like 4 of 50). I’ll go get the numbers if you like – but the point is that this cuts both ways.. and the political hacks that now run this administration go WAY beyond the authority of their office to inject politics into relationships that are supposed to be sacrosanct from such influence and activity.

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