Psychology of MOBs

Go over to Kool Aid Report and vote in the annual Mayor of the MOB election.

With incumbent Andy Aplikowski running a fairly low-key campaign (AKA “Throwing the Election”) and prior incumbent Doug Williams having disappeared, Hoffa-like, from sight (as in “getting kinda worried here”), it’s the most wide-open field since last year.  And the candidates are all good, except for Bobo the Chimp.

Voting is on through Friday; vote daily.  The front-runners right now are Tracy Eberle, Atomizer, King Banaian and…the aforementioned chimp.

(This blog only endorses candidates that shamelessly pander to me – at least in the MOB polls)

6 thoughts on “Psychology of MOBs

  1. “”This blog only endorses candidates that shamelessly pander to me””

    No need telling us that which is crystal clear, here!


  2. The humidor at the Mansion has been restocked. Graft will once again rule the MOB. Vote the Douche ticket, early and often.

    I am, disappointed there will be no debate with Bobo. That may have swayed my vote.

  3. Mitch,

    I believe I have lobbied your support by buying you a round or few in the past.

    Teh Mayer

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