Come to Cah Lee For Nee Uh

…and sample The Great American Liberal Experiment. How’s that going for you by the way?

You’ve racked up nearly $70 billion in general obligation debt, and that doesn’t include your $500 billion unfunded pension liability. Your own analysts predict you’ll face a hole of at least $80 billion over the next four years.

Your government’s run by a brothel of environmentalists, lawyers, public-sector unions and legislative bums. When they’re not taxing or spending, they’re creating regulations and commissions like the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology and the California Blueberry Commission. Many businesses would leave if it weren’t for your sunny climate.

Which may explain why you’re so obsessed with climate change. If your climate changes, no one, including your Hollywood friends, would tolerate you anymore. So you’ve created a law to tax carbon emissions—no matter that it will kill jobs.

California is broke. Broke broke broke (That’s Renée Zellweger in Jerry Maguire). Most Californian’s think their elected officials are to blame so you’d think a change of course would be in the cards, like the rest of the country…right?

Not a single incumbent state legislator lost re-election this year, including one Democrat who died a month ago (no joke). What’s scarier is that you’ve just given almost all of the keys to statewide offices to Democrats.

So if you want to peer into the future of America, had most if it not changed course last Tuesday evening, you needn’t look so far away to Greece. Go west to “Cah Lee For Nee Uh!”

You think it was fun watching Washington bail out a whole industry? Wait until it’s a state whose economy would be in the top ten if it were a country.

They have a new State Motto: America’s Cautionary Tale.

11 thoughts on “Come to Cah Lee For Nee Uh

  1. We might get lucky. The big 8.0 might hit and slide that whole disaster into the Pacific.

  2. Here is a likely real-world consequence of Cali’s looming money crisis:
    UC has invested heavily in the Mauna Kea observatories. For about $10 million/year, UC astrophysicists get access to the world’s most sophisticated, state-of-the-art telescopes. On Mauna Kea the next generation of UC astronomers is being trained by actually planning and running observing programs and publishing the results. UC’s astrophysics program is a world leader. In terms of papers published it is in the same league as the astrophysics programs of many European nations.
    In 2017 UC’s contractual obligation to fund their major recipient observatory will end. It highly unlikely that they will renew their commitment. They may buy into the new TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) that is being built on Mauna Kea, but the TMT will not be a teaching telescope; its time will be too expensive and the management system too cumbersome to allow undergrads the luxury of planning and running their own observing sessions.
    If, today, you were a genius wannabe-astrophysicist with a fresh Bachelor of Science degree., where would you plan on going to grad school?

  3. As a native Californian (I moved away when I was 4) this embarrasses me. Both my parents lived there during Moonbeam’s first run and they still can’t believe people in the state elected him AGAIN. My Dad’s theory is that people have either forgotten or are too young to remember his first wrecking of the state. Old State Motto: Welcome to California, now go the fuck home. New State Motto: Welcome to California, we NEED YOUR FUCKING MONEY NOW!

  4. Was it Powerline? Someone talked about who makes up California today:

    Ultra wealthy, ultra liberal Hollywood and Napa Valley types.
    Latino/a activists
    Enviromentalists/earth worshippers
    Government employee unions

    Anyone else is fleeing the state in large numbers. It is a time bomb waiting to happen. The good news? I can’t imagine the rest of the country supporting a bailout.

  5. I can’t imagine the rest of the country supporting a bailout.

    I wish I could also not imagine that but California “may be too big to fail” in the eyes of the federal government

  6. I wish I could also not imagine that but California “may be too big to fail” in the eyes of the federal government

    A direct bailout of California would require some bipartisanship now. In the last Congress they would have stood a chance, but where’s the GOP’s skin in the game now? CA is so thoroughly gerrymandered that there’s no way the GOP can ever hope to do well there, so what will the GOP get out of bailing out California other than grief from the Tea Party activists?

    I left California in the 80s. As happy as I was to get out, I’ll never miss their tax forms again. There have been two occasions in my life I’ve had to get professional help for my taxes, and a partial year California tax coupled with going to grad school made me run off to a professional for help. And that’s something considering that my income at the time had gone down by a factor 5 to go back to school, and yet I still had to get help.

    I still go back frequently, and I’m still happy I left. It’s a fun state to visit, but you’re nuts to work there and even crazier to try and raise a family there (at least in the big population centers — the inland can actually be moderately sane).

  7. My daughter lives there and I have absolutely no idea why. We visit there frequently but try to keep our time in San Diego to a minimum. It’s a pity that a state with such varied natural beauty should be so difficult to live in.

    There are too many people too close together and it’s too expensive. And Kermit – please don’t pray for the big 8.0. It looks like Caifornians can destroy the state by themselves. We wouldn’t want FEMA to become involved.

  8. You know, when Germany and China both state publically that our country doesn’t have a clue, related to Bennie Bernake’s recently announced monetary policies, then something is bad wrong!

    Like I have told Erik Paulsen on several occasions, everyone of us needs to contact our representatives and tell them NO FREAKING BAILOUTS for any state that has been run into the ground by liberat idiots! Make sure that they respond the the requests for such, loudly and clearly: “You made your mess, you know how to get yourselves out of it, now man up, cut the entitlements and oh, pound sand!”

  9. The only hope for Cailfornia is the citizen based redistricting, Previously the district lines where drawn by the legislature and have been gerrymanded to the point where no legislator needs to fear re-election. Putting goverment back into the hands of the governed should produce some interesting results but it will take a few years.

  10. There are too many people too close together…


    Too many rats packed into a cage will enevitably start killing one another off; even if there is plenty of food and water…see John B. Calhoun’s overpopulation experiments.

    And yet, just this sort of rat pack living is a stated goal of the Democrat party…

  11. The Fed is printing money, Cali will get bailed out. Then they will spend themselves into the abyss again and we will print more to bail them out again. Cali is going to pull us all into the abyss eventually.

    It seems the Weimar Republic (sp?) is becoming more and more of a reality.

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