MNGOP: Come Back With Your Shield, Or On It

Joe Doakes from the Como Park neighborhood for Saint Paul write to the new MNGOP majority in the Legislature:

Looks as if you’ll control the state House and Senate, but Dayton will be governor. Obviously, his tax-the-rich plan isn’t going anywhere in the Legislature. But how will you get your austerity budget signed?

Remember when the Democrats sent Pawlenty a tax-increasing budget on the last day of the session and he vetoed it, thinking he could use the unallotment process to balance the budget? Democrats rushed to Court to get Pawlenty’s actions declared unconstitutional. Their argument was he should have vetoed the budget and shut down the government.

It was the great political food fight of the past biennium.

Back to Joe:

Learning from your mistakes is a sign of wisdom. Now that you control the Legislature, pass a slash-and-burn budget on the last day of the session and force Dayton to either (1) sign it, thereby pleasing your constituency while infuriating his; or (2) veto it and shut down the government, thereby mildly annoying your constituency while infuriating his.

Sure, he can call you back for a special session. Doesn’t mean you have to pass anything different the second time around. Keep sending him the same deal until he takes it. Remember, he can’t unallot – they made sure of that – so you’re in the driver’s seat.

This last bit is what’s important:

One more thing : buy some earplugs. The weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth by the unions, welfare recipients and drive-by media will be deafening if you don’t. Ignore them and do the right thing. Your kids and your grandkids will be glad you did.

And if you don’t, you’ll have a great time telling those kids and grandkids about your one term in Saint Paul.

Because you have a mandate. You rode to Saint Paul on a wave of energy, passion, enthusiasm, anger and determination like this nation has not seen – ever! Last night’s victories, in Minnesota and nationwide, were not part of a centrally-orchestrated campaign; this was the sound twenty million newly-minted conservative activists make when they realize that our government is out of control

You are where you are because of us.

You must not seek accomodation with the DFL, or with Governor Dayton.  Politics is about compromise, of course – but unlike GOP caucuses of the past, you must obtain those compromises by squeezing the DFL for their fair share and then some.

We won.  The MNGOP over history has found a million ways to make that phrase ring hollow.  That history must end today.

We didn’t send you to Saint Paul to play kissyface with Lori Sturdevant and Rachel Stassen-Berger.  We didn’t send you there to become popular with Larry “The Stats Masseuse” Jacobs or the Strib Editorial Board.

We sent you there to kick the DFL’s ass.  We sent you there to tell this state’s preening, self-appointed elite that no, we are not “happy to pay and pay and pay for a better Minnesota for the AFSCME and the SEIU.  We sent you there to change Minnesota

Get to work.  We’re watching.  We put you there, and we’ll be more than happy to bring you home.

4 thoughts on “MNGOP: Come Back With Your Shield, Or On It

  1. Uni0n “Card check” thuggery? Smack!

    Teh gay nuptuials? Smack!

    EdMN? Smack!Smack!

    Porkulous II? Smack!

    ObamaCare? Smack!Smack!Smack!

    Pelosi’s jet? Smack!

    Teh Choo-choo trainz? Smack!

    Moonbat Centerists? Smack!

    LGA for Mpls&St. Paul? Smack!

    Whew…my arm is getting sore…..

  2. Preach it, Joe, and keep laying it on, Mitch! Your path is the best path to salvage this state.

    But we should have a fall-back position, in case some new members lose the path. If Republicans feel compelled to get along with their Democrat colleagues, perhaps they could start practicing diversity and inclusiveness, learning from the wisdom of our Asian neighbors and taking the advice of our political opponents, such as Democrat Cy Thao.

    To prove Republican commitment to these values, get some cards printed up to hand across the aisle to your Democrat colleages, cards that say:

    “When you win, you take our money. When we win, we keep our money.”

    That should do the trick.


  3. Yes, swiftee. You personally stopped the commie-nazi-socialist-fascists from forcing us all to take light-rail to get gay-married in muslim mosques before facing the death panels. You are very influential.

    (This seems to be one of those delusions we should probably just go along with)

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