As you read this, I’m heading over to my polling station to get in line to vote.  I may not be the first in the door, but I’ll be close.

My slate?

  • Governor/Lt. Governor: No surprise here.  Emmer/Meeks. I believe I’ve made my reasoning amply clear both recently and over the past six months.
  • Congress: Teresa Collett.  For all sorts of positive reasons – she is brilliant and has the best vision – and, regrettably, negative ones as well, given Betty McCollum’s crushing vapidity.
  • Secretary of State: Dan Severson. Our election system is a disgrace. We need to put the grownups in charge, and eject the Soros-sponsored ACORN effluvium Richie.
  • Attorney General: Chris Barden.  It’ll be so much easier to untangle the corruption of the Hatch years if his successor can’t claim executive privilege.
  • State Auditor: Pat Anderson.  She’s qualified, she has experience, she has integrity.  Otto has experience, sort of.  No brainer.
  • SD66: Greg Copland.
  • HD66B: Bob Koss.
  • Ramsey County Commission, District 4: Rory Koch.
  • Appellate Court: Dan Griffith
  • Minnesota Supreme Court: Greg Wersal and Tim Tingelstad.  It’s time to start tossing incumbents.
  • Ramsey County Sheriff:  Matt Bostrom will be the first endorsed DFLer I will have voted for since 1998.  He may well be the last.  Let’s make it count.
  • Ramsey County Attorney: Dave Schultz.  Not because of anything he’s done, necessarily, although he is fully qualified to do the job. I am voting against the DFL machine; John Choi is just another cog in that machine.  I can not in good conscience support him.
  • An unopposed RamCo judge position: For three of them, I will be filling in family pets.  I do this to ensure my vote is counted.  One of those pets will be Nosemarie, my cat.  But whenever I write this, Nose usually gets between 3 and 7 other write-in votes.   Which is fun, and let me assure you, Noser appreciates it.  But it defeats my purposes to an extent; I can’t tell which one is my ballot.  So two of my other pets, who shall remain anonymous, shall also receive votes for unopposed judicial seats (for judges with terrible records on father’s rights, usually).  When I check back after the election for vote totals, and see them on the register, I know Mark Ritchie failed to disenfranchise me for yet another cycle.

23 thoughts on “Voting

  1. Broken scanner reports being called in to Chris Baker’s show from all over the metro! So far, Denmark Township, Golden Valley, Prior Lake, and Minnetonka!

    Do not let them scan your vote!

    The person that called in about Minnetonka said that he would just hold his ballot and wait there until it was fixed. Mysteriously, it was working about 5 minutes later!

    Mark Ritchie needs to be tarred and feathered, then run back to Iowa on a rail!

  2. I voted. Teresa Collette and Tom Emmer are both 1 vote closer to victory now.

    No matter what happens nationwide, if either or both of those don’t win, it will be harder to celebrate the other victories tonight.

    If anyone is looking for me around 5:30, you can find me at Bigtop Liquor on University/Snelling. I’ll have the “Busniess for Emmer” button on.

  3. I was # 8 in line at my precinct in Robbinsdale this morning. It was a lower turnout than I anticipated, but since it’s Robbinsdale, I assume that indicates a lack of enthusiasm on the Democrat side.

  4. Update:

    Six of my co-workers voted on their way to work this morning. Two White Bear Lake, two Lakeville, one Eagan all had “scanner doesn’t work” situations. Something smells fishy here.

    I will be heading back to Bloomington to vote shortly, in a primarily GOP precinct, so will report later.

  5. Fellow in my office said that he’s not going to vote this time around because he doesn’t understand the issues or the candidates. Too bad he didn’t feel this way two years ago. This is a positive sign. Also, have died-in-the-wool DFLer neighbors who always have lawn signs. Not this year. The micro-indicators are positive.

  6. One thing I noticed is that the state senator..Democrat incumbant…..has been campaiging very hard. It is very difficult to unseat a, for the most part, moderate Democrat incumbant. But he has done about 4 lit drops in the past 2 weeks. Along with mailings and ads. He must be a bit concerned. He must also have some money to spend.

  7. File this under “they still don’t get it”. Talked to a liberal Democrat acquaintance yesterday. She said two things: “We just need to get our message out”. And “The problem with Democrats is that we are too nice”. She claims she hasn’t seen the Emmer-bashing ads on TV, not was familiar the Catholic bashing mailings that occured recently.

    And today I see Democrats and MSM are still saying that Obama’s problem is that:
    A) He inherited a mess from President Bush
    B) He needs more time to accomplish more.

    Know what? You guys keep thinking that and you’ll see what happens in Nov 2012.

  8. My franchise has been exercised for the year.

    I noted that my son, who moved to Minneapolis this summer and registered there, was still in the book.

  9. When I voted at NorthDale Rec at 7:30, I was voter 128 (so I suppose that’s 206 votes for Dayton already).

    Short line, no problems with the scanner but I could only remember one of the candidates endorsed by Fraters for Soil and Water Commissioner so I had to leave the other one blank. Sorry, and best of luck to you, Ms. Wein.

    On the way to work, I heard a Terryl Clark ad on KS95. 7:58 am on Election Day and she’s still running ads? I know they can’t campaign within 100 feet of a polling place but when do the media ads stop?


  10. Everything you said about the 4th District race I believe to be true. While this DC is a sure lock for DFL due to the local Demographics it has attracted some very fine and intelligent candidates, Teresa being the latest. Back in around 1988 or ’86 another candidate challenged the then impregnable Vento named Ian Mateland, if I am not mistaken. He was from the Carlson School of Management. I think he broke the 40% mark in a Republican tidal surge. Unfortunately, part of his draw back was his English accent campaigning in that blue collar, government employed neighbourhoods.

  11. Well gentlemen, I am leaving shortly to go vote as well, but not for perhaps the same candidates as some of you.

    Motivated by Mitch, I spent a good bit of my time the past few weeks working phone banks, talking with people, and of course spreading the political gospel of fact check fact check fact check. I also spent a good bit of my time volunteering on the phones to help get out the vote, making sure people knew where their polling places were — and finding the correct polling place for a few who had moved but were still on the voting records under their old address.

    I’m pleased to report that I helped even a few conservatives find their polling places, and encouraged them to vote as well.

    So, Mitch after the polls close tonight, I’ve been invited to celebrate with some of the other volunteers and candidates. Wherever you are, I will drink a toast to you for inspiring me (in part) not only to blog, but to do even more this campaign than I have before as a volunteer. It’s been fun, and a bit of an adventure in political participation — for that, whether we agree, or disagree cordially, thanks old friend. Have a good time tonight watching the results come in!

  12. She claims she hasn’t seen the Emmer-bashing ads on TV
    Then she A) doesn’t watch TV, B) is deaf and dumb, or C) is a liar.

  13. Dog Gone said:

    “spreading the political gospel of fact check fact check fact check.”

    Too bad a similar amount of time could not be spent considering the source of these “fact check” gospels as gulping them down. 😉

  14. You’re mistaken, Kermit; she’s completely sincere.

    In her world, “bashing” is what the other team does to your guy. Your guy’s ads are “telling the truth” and that’s a good thing.

    Even if the ad isn’t true in the strictest senst of the word, it can still be “false but accurate” and that’s also a good thing.

    Or just plain “false but supports Our Guy” and tha’s a good thing, too.

    So in her mind, there has been no Emmer bashing in this election done by her guy, only bashing done by Emmer. How could it be otherwise?

    And yes, she really, truly, actually, sincerely, honestly does believe it.

    And her vote counts as much as yours. More, by the time Ritchie finishes.

  15. “Wherever you are, I will drink a toast to you for inspiring me (in part) not only to blog…”

    Instead of toasting all of you who inspired DG to blog, I will be burning you in effigy.

  16. “false but accurate”
    Repeating the ad with the mom whose son was killed by a drunk driver and then accusing Emmer of having 2 DUIs was the sleaziest thing I’ve seen in Minnesota in a long time.

    Your liberal Democrat acquaintance is criminally stupid. In other words, an average DFL voter.

  17. The problem with outfits like is not their liberal bias, but their efforts to turn differences of opinion into right-or-wrong “facts”.

  18. Dog Gone said: “… making sure people knew where their polling places were — and finding the correct polling place…”

    Was that you driving the bus in Brainerd DG???

  19. The liberal gal I know… take is that she doesn’t see a problem with an ad bashing Tom Emmer, so when I brought it up, she suddenly realized that “oh yeah, I guess we do nasty things, but I can’t admit that”.

  20. “ is an outlet of the very liberal Annenberg Foundation.”

    Why, is that the same Annenberg Foundation tied to domestic terrorist Billy Ayres?

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