Tailgunner Betty

I didn’t pay much attention to last week’s video of Betty McCollum conspicuously avoiding saying “Under God” when leading the Pledge of Allegiance back in 2002.  The shelf life had passed for quite some time.

But McCollum’s reaction?  From Taranto in the WSJ, this was in her press release.  Emphasis is added:

Conservatives are using an eight year old video clip to incite hate, racism, and intolerance among Tea Party Republicans. This right-wing effort to call into question Congresswoman McCollum’s Christian faith, her belief in God, and her patriotism is blatantly anti-American and all too similar to the extremists who earlier this year mailed a soiled American flag to her Congressional office and threatened the Congresswoman with violence.


Here’s Betty McCollum:

Rep. McCollum

Rep. McCollum

She’s as much a cracker as I am.   Or is she claiming reverse-racism from a Tea Party that is a whooooole lot more ethnically-mixed than current lefty chanting points would have you believe?

We just don’t know.

And “Un-American?”

I can see Rep. McCollum leading a “House Unamerican Activities Committee” hearing in 2011; “Are you now or have you ever been a member of a Tea Party affiliated organization?”

One good way to prevent that, of course, would be to eject her from office tomorrow.

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  1. She also had a staffer spamming blogs with links to that screed. I wrote about it on Saturday over at my place and on True North. Nice use of taxpayer resources.

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