Ellison: “I’ll Answer Questions To The Press

Keith Ellison crashes the Minnesota Majority’s “Election Integrity Watch” press conference.

(Note:  Lefties are repeatedly getting this video taken off Youtube by reporting it as “abusive”.  Why do they hate the First Amendment?  Why do you hate keeping “representatives” accountable?)

He gets busted in a lie – at 4:03, about his appearance in a video at 3:45.  Someone at either his office, the DFL, the Uptake or one of their affiliated groups doctored an Election Integrity Watch poster to make it look like an anonymous posting intended to intimidate.

And starting at 4:12, you can see what a brittle, cranky little fella the Congressman is.  Someone asks him “who stands to benefit from not having photo ID”.  Ellison answers “Well, my press conference is now over”.

“You’re my congressman! I can’t ask you a question?”, she continues.  Someone else chimes in “You get to decide which questions we can ask?”

Ellison stalks off the mic. “To the press”, he responds.

This is your “representative” in the Fifth District.  Someone who can’t handle a tough question – as I found out  last year when I asked him if he repudiated the parts of the Hamas charter that called for destroying Israel and exterminating the Jews.  His first response was “how many Palestinians do you know” (five, if you go back to college), and it went downhill from there.

Someone who needs to scamper back to the welcoming, friendly arms of the in-the-bag press when things get tough.

What do you call someone who takes his swings at people, and then scampers away when they can hold him accountable?  A bully?

The Fifth District deserves better.

9 thoughts on “Ellison: “I’ll Answer Questions To The Press

  1. Actually, the 5th doesn’t deserve better.

    The 5th is populated with the lowest bottom feeders teh Democrat party has to offer, and I can’t think of a scumbag better equipped to represent them than Hakim X Ellison.

  2. I’m going to have to agree with Swiftee on this one. I live in the 3rd but go to school in the 5th. These idiots and student activists and bikeriders (sorry Mitch) deserve him. Demos will be lucky to get 30%

  3. I dunno about that. In my neck of the woods, there are LOTS of yards with signs for Ann Rest (SD45) and Lyndon Carlson (HD45B) right next to each other (gee, almost like they campaigned together…) and then another sign planted farther away for Joel Demos. So I must live in a suburb filled with anti-muslim bigots who still vote Dem for local races, I spose.

  4. No Bill, they’re racists. Ann and Lyndon are nice, white Democrats. Just like 95% of their caucus in St. Paul.

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  6. Congressman-for-Life Ellison appreciates your interest and expresses his heartfelt desire that you go fuck yourself.

  7. It’s a matter of frequent humiliation to me that Keith represents me in Congress.

    But I deserve it — I haven’t, yet, worked hard enough to replace him with a decent human being.

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