“Oceania Has Always Been At War With Eastasia”

I was bopping around Twitter last night, and I read this tweet from Nick Coleman, who has somehow managed to blend his leaden, lumpen, thudding oeuvre with Twitter’s 140 character format and end up with the worst of both worlds:

@NickColeman: Juan Williams a liberal? No stinking way, according to this

Read the linked piece.  It’s a Newmax article from Ron Kessler, that describes Williams as – this has to hurt people like Coleman – someone who’s willing to consider all points of view on an issue, and maybe even admit to the cognitively-dissonant concept that other peoples’ points of view aren’t always stupid!

It’s about here that I’d snark “so of course he’s not a liberal”.  But I am  better than that…well, no.  I’m not.  What I am is a former liberal, who grew up with parents who are still liberals.  For that matter, I’m someone who tries to uphold the traditional meaning of “liberalism” – all people are created equal, our rights come from our Creator and not man, we must be a society ruled by laws and not the passions of men, our nation is a free association of equals, etc, etc.

So it seems that Juan Willilams is the real liberal.  And so am I.

Because in this age, it’s we limited government conservatives who are the real, small-l liberals.

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