Berg’s Seventh Law Never Lets You Down

A few years ago, I codified “Berg’s Seventh Law“, an iron-clad law of political behavior:

When a Liberal issues a group defamation or assault on conservatives’ ethics, character or respect for liberty, they are at best projecting, and at worst drawing attention away from their own misdeeds.

Now, when I started seeing the usual flock of DFL spokesbloggers warning that the GOP was sending “an army of thugs” (that’d be the Minnesota Majority’s $500 reward for info leading to the arrest and conviction of people intimidating voters), I figured it was something of an argument after the fact; Mark Dayton’s entire campaign so far has been an exercise in rhetorical voter intimidation.

Think about it; how do you get someone like Mark Dayton elected?  He’s a terrible candidates; stiff, brittle, a trust fund baby with an awful record and amessage that is diametrically out of tune with  a huge swathe of the post-Obama electorate.

The only way to get him elected is to make Republicans stay home.

And that’s really been the crux of the entire Dayton campaign; there has been precious little talk of “why Dayton would be a great governor”, because nobody, even a large part of the DFL (remember, Dayton only won the primary by a cat’s whisker) believes it.  The entire DFL campaign has been negative.

Still, trying to convince people to stay home is one thing.  Actively attacking your opponent’s campaign is another.

In Saint Paul, Republicans have long believed that the DFL was sending people out into the streets to vandalize, steal and destroy Republican campaign material, especially lawn signs.  I think I’ve had one lawn sign survive a campaign – and while I’ve been perfectly willing to chalk it up to bored kids vandalizing things (and even just to bored , DFL-voting Hamline University kids, since often my GOP signs would be stolen or destroyed, while my neighbors’ DFL signs would remain untouched), somtimes it did seem a little too systematic to be completely random.

And while I don’t believe this is necessarily evidence that the DFL is systematically trying to destroy Emmer signs, it certainly does show that some DFL activists are not above mere vandalism, but serious overkill.

A DFL activist, Frank Dolinar, was arrested yesterday for burning Emmer signs:

The man in question is Mr. Frank Dolinar. Mr. Dolinar is a former Professor at Saint Cloud State University. His LinkedIn page says his one interest is “electing DFL candidates.”



Just remember – whenever the DFL starts babbling about Republican “thugs” and “voter intimdation”, start looking for DFL thugs trying to intimidate you.

Because it never, ever, ever fails.

21 thoughts on “Berg’s Seventh Law Never Lets You Down

  1. He looks tired. He must have been up all night burning Emmer signs.

    Funny thing is…….Emmer yard signs. Geesh. It’s not like there aren’t millions of Emmer and Horner and Dayton signs out there anyway. This isn’t going to give his guy much of a boost.

  2. From his Linkedin profile:

    Frank Dolinar’s Summary

    After 25 years in public education, including my years as university instructor, and several years as consultant for two educational software companies, I retired and now work part time for Apple.

    Frank Dolinar’s Specialties:
    Computer generalist, training/teaching Political moralist.

    Additional Information
    Frank Dolinar’s Interests:
    Electing DFL candidates

    Frank Dolinar’s Groups:

  3. I bet he’s a child molester. I don’t have any proof that he is but until otherwise I will spread this rumor.

    Don’t you love using Democrats logic against them?

  4. “Political moralist”

    Just think about that; the denial; the twisted sense of self.

    Donn’t anyone ever tell me liberalism isn’t a disease, ever again.

  5. Hey swiftee you plan on going to the GOP victory part at the Radisson in Bloomington on election night? Were going to party it up there and Mitch will be there too, but probably on the radio.

  6. Ben, Mr Dolinar has yet to prove that he is not a kiddie molester.

    Yes, next Tuesday night. We are going to party like it is Nov 2012.

  7. Ben Says: “Speaking of that, do we know what meds Marky is on? ”

    Not sure, but there’s considerable doubt that they’re effective.

  8. I haven’t received my gold plated invitation yet, so I haven’t contacted the limo service.

    Besides, I think it would be way more fun to drop by the various Democrat pits of despair to just soak in the misery…and mock, tastefully and when appropriate of course.

  9. He looks exactly like John Marley, who played film mogul Jack Woltz in “The Godfather.” Remember the horse’s head scene?

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