If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat

That’s what my friend and radio patriarch Hugh Hewitt says.

But it’s going to be close, and you can count on the DFL cheating.

Minnesota Majority is taking the bull by the horns:

“We are putting a price on the heads of anyone who would attempt to organize people with the intent of cheating in our election,” explained Jeff Davis, president of Minnesota Majority, a coalition member organization. “We’ve received reports of organizers enticing people to vote fraudulently with small financial incentives such as gift cards. We’ve also seen evidence of this illegal practice in the official incident logs from the 2008 election. We will now offer individuals a more lucrative incentive for turning-in these organizers of voter fraud.”

The group launched their Election Integrity program last week to engage citizens to help detect and deter voter fraud. The program includes training people on how to spot fraudulent activity and a call center to handle reports of fraudulent activity by the public. Radio ads are now running to expand awareness of the program and recruit more “fraud spotters.” Another ad is planned closer to the election warning of the consequences of voter fraud and encouraging people to report suspicious election activity to a toll free number. Volunteers will log incidents in a database and refer to law enforcement as needed.

“We’ve got a really robust program here,” said Randy Liebo, an organizer with the North Star Tea Party Patriots who are also participating in Election Integrity Watch. “With a strong public awareness campaign that involves several media outlets and grassroots networking, we’re building a team of informed fraud spotters. Offering rewards for the identification and conviction of organizers of voter fraud strengthens our program even more. This is like a “wanted” poster placing a bounty on fraudsters. If you do the crime, somebody’s going to turn you in.”

We’ll be talking about the program with Dan McGrath on the NARN on Saturday, during the 2PM hour.

If all goes well, it could singlehandedly revive the economy in Ramsey county.

19 thoughts on “If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat

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  2. “But it’s going to be close, and you can count on the DFL cheating.”

    Bullshit, my dear Mitch.

    This is an unsubstantiated, Moral Panic-style myth that has been systematically promoted by the right without any basis in fact. The stupid claims – oh, like the one about felons voting illegally for democrats – is bogus. Totally, utterly bogus.

    There have been some pretty interesting RIGHT attempts at voting hanky-panky, btw. But absolutely NO proof ANYWHERE that any voting irregularities have been sufficiently large scale to alter the outcome of elections, or that any mistakes were pro-democrat. Most of all there has never ever ever been any proof, any evidence, any factual support for the idea that the democrats are stealing elections.

    Check your facts Mitch. This is the kind of false statement that alienates independents and that sharpens poitical divides, not bridges them.

  3. This is an unsubstantiated, Moral Panic-style myth that has been systematically promoted by the right without any basis in fact

    Counted the number of election fraud cases that Minnesota Majority has seen through to conviction, yet?

  4. Doggy;

    Sorry, but you are wrong, AGAIN! There are charges pending on the felons that voted illegally and the evidence that was collected by Minnesota Majority has substantiated, at least enough to warrant further investigation.

    Your blind trust in the government (well, the far left of it anyway) is absolutely appalling. If you really believe that votes can be “forgotten” in a car trunk or that it is possible for 17,000 votes to be cast in a district of with a significantly lower amount of registered voters within it, then I have some swamp land in New Mexico that I would like to sell you! Further, at least three professors of math, including one from MIT, observed that the swing in votes from Coleman to Stuart Smalley, with none of them being cast for Norm, as being astronomically large.

    I guess that you also missed the fact that $18M in stimulus payments were sent to dead or incarcerated people. This is from a government run by liberal lefties.

    So, spare us your “bullshit” postings of self righteous indignation. You are nothing but another useful idiot for the demonrat party. The trouble is, you don’t even realize it! Fool!

  5. By the way, DG, I used to be fairly moderate on this issue. I used to figure the smoke I saw was ambiguous rather than a sign of fire. I advised caution.

    Not so much anymore. The left’s been trying to get everyone to softpedal this story, and many like it (for example, there ARE signs of an administration coverup on the Black Panther voter intimidation case that you so stridently wrote off over the summer, among others; I didn’t say ‘bullshit”, but I sure could have!).

    But I’ve been doing a lot of talking with MN Majority (and will again tomorrow), and something IS burning. It’s burning in the system, and in the AG’s office, and the SOS office. The issue with the military absentee ballots alone deserves a serious investigation. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    Sorry, DG, but we “popsy” peasants are getting uppity. We’re going to question our self-appointed lords and masters, and we’re going to jack up that man behind the curtain, by your leave or not.

    There’s a fire down there. And any “independent” that doesn’t have the attention span to give this issue some adult rational thought deserves to have their ballot disappear down the memory hole.

  6. If it’s not close, they can’t steal it? Nonsense. The Democrats will do everything in their power to steal it. George Soros didn’t pay all that money to put Mark Ritchie in office for nothing.

  7. Minnesota Majority has been less than accurate, including cases where they claimed there was illegal voting in both MN and WI— which turned out to be examples of a son and his father, not duplicate votes.

    I read every investigation, every record of prosecution, every academic study I could get my hands on – including those by Yuggen, head of the sociology department at the U of MN. Yuggen is not only the most respected expert on the subject in MN, he’s one of the most respected in the country and the entire world. He demonstrates clearly – voting fraud – not questionable voter registration but actual illegal voting is VERY RARE.

    Yugge is also pretty emphatic, and does a damn fine job of documentation, that far more low income, and/or previously disenfranchised voters who would more likely vote democratic have been WRONGLY denied their voting privileges than any dubious number that the extremely partisan Minnesota Majority has provided. It is Minnesotans who would vote democrat that are having their votes incorrectly represented not the other way around.

    I went state by state, looking at allegations of voter fraud – and some of those AGs were Republican, btw – there aren’t any. The feds asking Ritchie for documentation is a damn far cry from having either proof or a conviction of anything. I asked my colleague ToE to assist me – nothing of any substance turned up. Lots of court cases though, supporting the contention of Yuggen about democrats denied the right to vote.

    Minnesota Majority is highly partisan, and not highly reliable. You need something better than that to weigh in against all the years of evidence to the contrary.

    Nor have you shown a connection between any voter irregularity and an organized attempt by anyone to alter the outcome of an election. Until you have that, with SOLID proof that holds up in a court of law, you are making wild accusations that are not supported by fact.

    It’s not like I’m expecting a different or more demanding level of proof here for the accusation. I have recently made challenges over unsupported accusations against Favre – nothing is proven there (and I’m not a football fan, I don’t CARE about the Vikings one way or the other), ditto supporting James O’Keefe whom I believe in other events with documentation is a really disreputable individual – but I won’t go along with accusations about the CNN reporter without an actual investigation and solid proof (too many other explanations are possible); and I’ve made myself unpopular over on Fecke’s blog for challenging him about being too quick to consider Gore guilty before the investigation was complete, on the basis of one-sided accusations – the cops found him credible, the claimed forensic evidence wasn’t what it was claimed to be, the accusation of the woman appeared to be bogus when it was put to the test.

    So….I’m being consistent here. Come up with something better than the dubious Minnesota Majority, and show me proof the democrats are organizing any irregularities.

    I don’t think you can. If you can’t, you shouldn’t make the accusation.
    But good for you for promoting poll watchers; on that we DO agree.

  8. We’ll be cuttin’ into Deegee’s Victory Gin cash, Mitch. A moonbat in DT’s isn’t pretty.

  9. Dog scoffs at the mere idea that the Left would cheat. She even claims there is no proof… yet her unfounded claims stand without proof.

    Maybe she has it somewhere. We certainly don’t know.

    She’s saying she’s believable in all of this… and it’s kind of like what Margaret Thatcher said about being powerful.

    She said, “Being powerful is like being a woman. If you have to tell people, you’re not.”

  10. Minnesota Majority has been less than accurate

    But they’ve been way, way more than wrong. They are right to surface their suspicions – and the peevishness and anger of the left’s reaction bespeaks contempt for citizen oversight at best, something to hide at worst.

    And they don’t have to be 100% accurate. Indeed, if all their efforts unearth ONE legal vote being quashed, or ONE person being vouched in at more than one precinct, then it’s mission accomplished.

    But they’ve been right a LOT more than that, as the investigations in Ramco show.

  11. A Democrat cheating? Couldn’t possibly be true! Although “Slide of Hand” Marc Ritchie is to an honest election, as Rosie Ruiz is to winning the Boston Marathon!

  12. The NY Times has noticed that immigrants — not citizens — are voting, and that there are few safe safeguards to prevent them registering and, once registered, there are few safeguards preventing them from voting:

    Some choice quotes from the article:

    “In the United States, only citizens are allowed to vote in national and statewide elections. And while immigrants who are granted permanent residency — a green card — enjoy an array of privileges, including the right to work, they can lose them all and be expelled from the country if the authorities discover that they have even registered to vote.

    Uncovering an immigrant’s voting history is not always hard. Many proudly acknowledge having voted when applying for American citizenship.

    “I thought that was expected of me,” said Mr. Joseph, who volunteered the information on his citizenship application in 2008 and during his naturalization interview in 2009. “I felt like I was part of the democracy.” ”

    Advocates for immigrants said that in most cases, those who violated the voting law did so unwittingly.

    An especially good one:

    ““It really annoys me that they’re just trying to do their civic duty for no pecuniary gain at all, yet they wind up in removal proceedings,” said Jeffrey N. Brauwerman, a lawyer in Coral Gables, Fla., and a former immigration judge, who has represented four immigrants that the government tried to deport for registering to vote. ”

    “Civic duty”? Why does a former immigration judge think that non-citizens have civic duties that involve breaking the law?

    “Mr. Joseph, 53, said that when he encountered the registration volunteers in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, in 1992, he told them he had a green card. “They said that if I’m paying taxes, I have a right to vote,” he said. “

  13. The one know proven case of a Felon voting in MN voted for Coleman. He has been prosecuted, but his vote was counted for Coleman. I guess Felons not only ARE Republicans. they vote for them to!

    Convicted felon voted, and there’s no turning back

    Once the Warroad man put his ballot – marked for Coleman – into the machine, there was no retrieving it.

    Should it come to pass that Norm Coleman wins his overtime U.S. Senate battle with Al Franken by one vote, the incumbent can thank a convicted felon who illegally cast his ballot in Minnesota’s northern reaches.

    Eric S. Willems, of Warroad, broke the law Nov. 4 because he voted while being a convicted felon and on supervised release.

  14. Regarding Doggone’s comments; what Minnesota Majority has done, more or less, is simply to catalog voter identifications that seem to correlate with the names and addresses of known felons, and also have come up with thousands more voter registrations with invalid addresses and other issues–in other words, “Daley voters.” Finally, they’ve come up with a list of close to 400 names of known felons having voted in 2008.

    That’s partisan? Hardly. There might be plausible reason for what went on, but reality is that voter rolls need to be cleaned up to prevent double voting and other vote fraud issues. It was noted in 2008 that entire counties/cities had more registered voters than adult residents–which is a clear indication that one side was cooking the books. Not coincidentally, ACORN and other like-minded organizations just happened to be working there….

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