The Dayton Dustbowl 2.0: Not Ready For Prime Time

After four months of demanding “details” from Tom Emmer, and a month of carping about the details that were actually released, Mark Dayton had to…

…um, scrap his first budget and start over.

The second try isn’t a whole lot better than the first.

I’ll do a much more detailed analysis later, but at first blush, Dayton Dustbowl 2.0 isn’t much better than the first.

Some key points:

Shift This: Remember when Democrats, leftybloggers and the media (pardon the redundancy) excoriated Emmer for delaying repayment of “the shift” – the 1.4 billion of education budget pushed to future biennia in the last budget?  And now Dayton would never ever ever do that?  Either do they; Dayton now puts delaying “repayment” on the table.

It’s Racist: We honkies took Minnesota from the Native Americans.  To give them a leg back up, the State of Minnesota has granted them an exclusive franchise on casinos.  Dayton wants to build a “racino” – a casino at the Canterbury Downs racetrack. In addition to breaking the state’s promise – “reparations”, if you will – with the victims of cracker perfidy, it’s likely the proposal to create such a casino would face huge legal and legislative hurdles.  It’s not so much a “plan” as it is “hope”.  Hope is not a plan.  And Dayton banks a lot of money on this.

All Of The Worst Parts Of 1.0 – Still Right There!: It’s still going to jack up income taxes on upper-middle-class wage earners to almost 11 percent.  Not the “rich”, mind you – there’s nary a reference to trust funds anywhere in the budget.  It’s going to send more job creation out of state.  It’s going to send more than a few Minnesota businesses packing for more hospitable states.  It’s going to be a boon to South Dakota.

Some Of The “Savings” Aren’t: Dayton still claims that cutting state contractors will save hundreds of millions.  Of course, much of that work will sooner or later go to state employees, especially unionized ones.  Maybe not in the next biennium (maybe), but certainly the next one.  Today’s “cut” becomes tomorrow’s eternal entitlement.

It’s Still DOA: The legislature, as Phil Krinkie said, will never pass it.  In the last biennium, the legislature could only pass the current budget by one vote – that of Tarryl Clark. This with the DFL in control of two chambers of the Legislature, at the height of Obamamania. The next Legislature, with a chamber likely to flip and with the wind blowing against profligate spending an taxing…

…well, you fill in the blanks.

And finally, It’s Still A Billion Bucks Short: He’s a billion short!  A freaking billion short! A billion!  A million large! What the flamin’ hootie-hoo – a billion!

When will the media admit to the people of Minnesota – Dayton is not ready for prime time.

More – much more – later.

15 thoughts on “The Dayton Dustbowl 2.0: Not Ready For Prime Time

  1. And, if I’m not mistaken, the racino/casino/slots idea has been bouncing around for years to fund various projects, largely championed by the GOP.
    In fact, didn’t Dick Day resign his post as a State rep, to avoid conflicts of interest and lobby for them?

    Unfortunately, this has caused him to endorse Tommy Boy Horner, because of his position on that same topic.

  2. My take:

    1. For tax increase, $130k for singles, $150k for couples. Seems that not only does Dayton not like the prosperous living here, he also likes the marriage penalty.

    2. 2% surcharge on property tax for million dollar homes. Between this and the income tax hike, the rich will be able to recoup moving expenses to leave the state in less than a year.

    3. Zoo of America casino; yeah, that’ll help the family friendly image, and it actually turns out that gambling costs government more than it is worth. Never mind breaking agreements with the tribes….

    The bright side is that if Dayton got his way, he’d have far less traffic on his way to society events.

  3. Yea, and don’t the tribes contribute to the demonrat party?

    If so, they are learning a lession from Mad Mark.

  4. Not only has Scary Eyes presented budget FAIL, twice, he’s been forced to admit Emmer was right about the state’s inability to pay off the “shift” to government schools.

    Brave Sir Mark sucker punched himself!

  5. Funny, the way they’re selling the income tax is that property tax rates will rise if they don’t.

    Anyone want to take bets on whether trust fund babies like Dayton pay more taxes on their mansions or their income-tax free muni fund dividends?

  6. 3. Zoo of America casino; yeah, that’ll help the family friendly image, and it actually turns out that gambling costs government more than it is worth.

    My libertarian tendencies are in principle that consenting adults should be able to do pretty much what they want so long as they accept the consequences and do not infringe on the rights of others in the process. Realistically though, we don’t live in a libertarian society and the consequences usually get put on the backs of responsible people by the Nanny State in the name of “social justice.” Also just as with alcohol and drug abuse, there is a lot of collateral damage inflicted on other innocent parties (e.g. their families and children) by addicts and expanding their ability to imbibe their vice is pretty far down near the bottom of my list of priorities.

  7. I’m a small-l libertarian as well; I have nothing (on a policy level, as opposed to personally) against gambling – or drugs, for that matter. On a practical level, of course, addiction causes all sorts of problems. Gambling too.

    But as re the state budget, it really comes down to the compact with the tribes. We took their land; their “reparations” are the gambling franchise. Leave it alone.

  8. Off topic, but given that tribal casinos tell young people that prosperity means “snag the most you can from gullible gamblers,” I’m thinking that allowing tribal casinos isn’t much of a reparation, to put it mildly. It furthers the disfunctions that plague too many families on the reservations.

  9. Which is worse, a racino or state subsidies for the ViQueens?

    The whole subject is depressing.

  10. StarTribune did a pretty good job of shredding his proposal. This was in this mornings dead tree addition, been too busy today to compare to the on-line version. Brave sir Mark, claims a billion from several tools, tax loop hole closing, catching cheaters etc. the state agencies disagree with him. So his billion short is actually closer to 2 billion.

  11. The casino thing is interesting….the Democrats get HUGE money from the casino cartels to keep their monopoly. Wonder what think about Dayton?

  12. “Wonder what think about Dayton?”

    Answer: Great! Another broken treaty by the white man!

  13. Chuck Says: “The casino thing is interesting….the Democrats get HUGE money from the casino cartels to keep their monopoly.”

    Democratic Creed: Promise something (anything), but deliver something completely different.

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