For the past two months, we’ve had the Big Left – the DFL and media – asking “When is Emmer going to come out with the details of his budget plan?  We need details!  Gotta have details!  Where are the details!  He owes us details! The people need details! Bring the details!  Where’d he put the details? Does he have any details? Can’t run a campaign without details! I’ll bet he has no details! The other guys have details!  Cough up the details!”

I pointed out, quite correctly, back in June that it’d be stupid for Emmer to release the details, because it’d merely provide the DFL and media a chance to frame Emmer’s proposals long before the vast majority of voters started to even care about the race.  Emmer is operating at a serious financial deficit compared to the deep pockets of the Dayton family and their union sycophants, so he had to husband his sunday punch – The Plan – until the Minnesota Street actually started to give a crap about the election.

Well, now people are starting to pay attention.  And Emmer has dropped his entire plan.

And Emmer has made public more details than the other two candidates put together.

And as we saw earlier this week, lots of Dayton’s details just don’t add up – and Horner’s not even going to put his plan through the MN Dept. of Revenue vetting that was seemingly so vital to the Left and Media (ptr) when Emmer’s vetting was still ambiguous.

So – now what?

(Fearless prediction:  “high-level conceptual elegance, and trust in the native intelligence of Minnesotans to understand a plan on their own” will replace “details” as the supreme virtue of budget plans).

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