Documenting The Climate Of Hate

One of the left’s favorite shrieking points – like a chanting point, but delivered in an insistent, high-pitched, angry squeal – was that the right, especially the Tea Party, was/is involved in delivering an “avalanche of violence” upon their opponents.

But any sort of detailed investigation shows that, in fact, the prohibitive majority of political violence in this country is left-on-right.

One of my many small projects has been to create a page – an online museum, if you will – commemorating each act of left-on-right violence in recent years.

For purposes of this page, “violence” is defined as physical violence resulting in injury or death, and property damage at a felony level.

And I’m going to throw it open to you, the audience, as I give the Shot In The Dark Climate of Hate” page its formal debut.

Please send me any examples of significant left-on-right political violence in the past decade.  Remember – injuries and/or felony property damage. Links are appreciated – unlike the left, we on the right need to substantiate our accusations.  I’ll give you credit (unless you disclaim it) in the museum.

25 thoughts on “Documenting The Climate Of Hate

  1. I saw Margaret Anderson-Keliher at the fair yesterday while I was trying to eat something. Does that count?

  2. As we speak..there is a gunman in the Discovery Channel holding hostages and possibly has an explosive device. Seems he’s a save-the-planet kook who has a grudge against Discovery. Better follow this one to the conclusion.

  3. The attack on Coulter was slimy – but there were no injuries, deaths, or felony property damage.

    Gladney – I lumped that into the Tea Party violence – but good point. I’ll highlight it.

    DC sniper was not specifically a leftist.

    Kermit: Sadly no.

  4. Mitch;

    We had a lot of examples right here in the land of 100,000 liberals.

    During the RNC in St. Paul in 2008, there was the miscreant that threw the bag of cement off of the I-94 overpass and several others that were clearly there to cause damage and possibly hurt or kill people. Of these, were a people carrying molotov cocktails, rocks, pipes and other miscellaneous weapons. There was also video of one clown deliberately knocking a distracted St. Paul police officer to the ground.

    Further, on a fairly minor note, but it still vandalism, were the following: Norm Coleman’s house being pelted with eggs. Since raw eggs are slightly acidic, they can stain painted surfaces, so Norm may have had to repaint his house and the people that vandalized the “Miss Me Yet” sign up in Wyoming. The local sleaze media was practically giddy as they reported it, showing the sign with the red “NO” painted on it. Once again, the “Good Neighbor” station encourages crime.

  5. Boss,

    Covered the RNC stuff.

    The egg incident was not felony level – but I remembered another one.

  6. It’s not as recent, but you’ve got to remember Bill Ayers, the Weather Underground, and the Unabomber. Remember the delightful quiz challenging us to figure out which was Al Gore, and which was Ted Kascynski (sp?)?

    More recently, the “progressive” groups with urine bombs and Molotov cocktails trying to shut down Group of Seven meetings, as well as both GOP and Democratic party conventions in 2008 and at other times. Also, radical environmentalists burned down a house in Niwot, Colorado (I saw that one personally in 2002), put spikes in trees to injure loggers, and such.

    Animal Liberation activists destroyed laboratories at Michigan State back in the 1990s, ironically destroying work which would have reduced the need for animal research and getting all the animals killed. “oops”. Other PETA types are known for throwing red dye on fur coats and harassing the wearers of fine winter fashion that way.

  7. Lets not forget the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago – that wasn’t Republicans getting tear gassed by the cops. That’s when the extremists effectively took over the Democratic party and made it the Stalinist organization it is today.

  8. It’s DiscoStoo’s 23rd rule, so it is clearly true.

    That’s how he signs every report he hands into IAD, and every affidavit he gives the court.

  9. All,

    I’m keeping it to the past decade; I’m writing a blog page, not an encyclopedia.

  10. You mention RNC 2008. but to be more specific, the leader of the St Paul Democrats, Dave Thune, was one of the organizers of said violence.


    Lee said at the time that he experienced an ‘‘awakening” when he watched former Vice President Al Gore’s environmental documentary ‘‘An Inconvenient Truth.”
    While his main domain,, is now a single page presenting his complaints, archives show that in the past he has used it to promote a contest to give away money and property in Hawaii “for the best TV show idea to save the planet.”

  12. There was the Democrat that flew his plane into the IRS office in TX.

    Although disaster was averted, there was the Pakistani that left the truck bomb in Times Square. That one was great in that RINO butt head Bloomberg and the rest of the left media ended up looking like the idiots that they all are, when, after all of their prognostications that it was probably a Tea Party activist, etc; it was a Pakistani.

  13. Tony Blair cancelled his book tour. Nobody got hurt–but it doesn’t mean they weren’t trying. I guess I could be snarky and say that’s because lefties in general are lousy at sports that involve throwing things.

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