You Know Them By Their Enemies

Watching this piece from “UN Watch” – in which a retired British army officer defends the IDF’s relentlessly-scrupulous efforts to avoid civilian casualties during their last counter-terror assaults against Hamas in Gaza…

…I’m reminded of my conversation with Keith Ellison last year on Marty Owings’ “Radio Free Nation”.

ME:  (after reading the part of the Hamas Charter that calls for the destruction of Israel and the extermination of Judaism); “So, Representative Ellison; do you repudiate Hamas’ call for the extermination of the Jews?”

REP. ELLISON:  “How many Palistinians do you know?”

Thanks, Minneapolis.  You done Minnesota proud.

5 thoughts on “You Know Them By Their Enemies

  1. I would ask Ellison, “Hey, how many Palistinian-Arabs do you know who aren’t anti-Semitic?”

    I do know a couple of Palistian-Jews.

  2. “If I personally knew one thousand Palestinians, or I was adopted by Palestinian parents, how would that stop you from answering my very simple question, Representative Ellison?”

    As usual, snappy comebacks occur to me years after they would have been useful. 🙂

  3. “…thank you Mr President”.
    “Thank you”.
    Duly noted. Subsequently ignored.

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