It Was Twenty Years Ago Today, Part CXX

It was Friday, August 24, 1990.


I was still working for the sleazy DJ service.

You heard that right.  In the fifteen months since my last update to this series, nothing much had changed.  I was still spinning records in bars.

And my ritual every other Friday was always the same; drive from my place in Northeast Minneapolis to Sleazy DJ Company’s headquarters in Eden Prairie.  Aim to get there around 2PM, when the checks might occasionally arrive.  Wait around with the rest of the guys – usually five or six of us would be gathered in the office, waiting.

This we did because the spiky haired boss never put the checks in the mail on time.  They’d ride around in his car for days, eventually getting popped in the mail over the weekend sometime, sometimes arriving at our places by mail a week after payday, postmarked the Monday or Tuesday following payday.

So those of us who didn’t have day jobs would trek out to Eden Prairie and wait.

And wait.

And when the waiting got oppressive, we’d grab bags of rubber bands and have epic rubber band fights around the office.  I had the “sniper” thing figured out, scoring solid hits all the way down the office’s smudgy hallway.

There were some payday regulars:  Scott, the former radio guy and assistant manager; Robbie, a pudgy white guy who looked a little like David Johannson but tried to sound like Flavor Flav,  and was mortified when we found out that his mother ran a temp  service in Edina for which he eventually wound up working as office manager; Ryan, a nerdy guy who resembled Alan Ruck from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and who was planning on going to aviation school in North Dakota; Jeff, a movie-star handsome guy with a wrenchingly cute blond girlfriend who was seen without him only at these Friday paycheck stakeouts, whose stated goal was to become an Army helicopter pilot;  Kevin, a tall, skinny guy whose claims to fame were being an incredibly talented beatmixer and having a knack and preference for picking up the biggest, most obese women in any bar he worked.

And Spiky-Haired Boss usually came dragging in between 4:30 and 5 with the checks.  Just like every payday.

But I kept showing up at 2.

I had Fridays off; being the #1 jock in the place, I had the pull to get a prime weekend night off.  Fridays, I usually went to “Little Tin Soldier” to play, depending on the weekend, either “Clear for Action” (or some other naval wargame) or “Twilight 2000”.

And this night was going to be no exception.

It was a Friday pretty much like any other over the previous three years.

Not much to recommend it, really.

Oh, I’d been engaged for about six months. I forgot to mention that.  But the engagee has asked that I not write about that.  So I won’t.

11 thoughts on “It Was Twenty Years Ago Today, Part CXX

  1. Ahhh, yes, 20 years ago…
    I was finishing up on my first successful big project. At a brewery no less! I developed a recycling program for Stroh’s at the old Hamm’s brewery in St. Paul. I cut their trash bills from over $10000 per month down to about $4000 per month along with generating additional return from recycled materials.
    I was “green” before it was a buzz word and I did it for the right reason$. 8)

  2. Shirley you jest; never have I been a lib. Even in my yout I knew better.

    Capitalist profit was the motive and the market was the guide.

  3. NO way to play the “Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.” gambit to shield the engagee? Seems to me we’re missing a big part of the picture. And we’ve been waiting 15 months…. Crikey, it’s like watching LOST and trying to piece the plot lines together.

    It won’t be long before we’ll have 20 years invested in following the story!

  4. It won’t be long before we’ll have 20 years invested in following the story.

    Heh. It sorta blows my mind that I started the series five years ago next month.

  5. You know, you could just steal some scenes related to your romantic life from something in literature. Maybe Casanova’s autobio: 12 volumes of stuff to choose from, public domain and I bet some of it gets pretty close to the truth, as long as you change the horses to motorcycles and the swords to 9mm.

  6. Heck, Marty, Mitch does just fine with his own romantic / erotic fantasies, he doesn’t need to plagarize. His writings about Scarlett Joahnnsen (sp?) a case in point. Back in the day of his XX years ago, I seem to recall he appreciated a different stunning blond star of the silver screen, Daryl Hannah…

  7. Sorry, DG. Was never much into blondes; you’re thinking of someone else.

    Now, Dana Delaney? HER, I’d have been jonesing over 20-odd years ago.

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