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The whole point of the astroturf campaign against Target’s donation to pro-Republican PAC ‘MNForward”was to try to make it too painful for corporations to exercise their right to donate money to campaigns (which, need we add unions and the Dayton family are doing pretty promiscuously already).

It isn’t working:

Graco Inc., headquartered in Minneapolis, contributed $50,000 to MN Forward at the end of last week. Graco Inc. is “a world leader in fluid handling systems and components,” according to the company’s website.

Now that we have an actual campaign, the fact that Dayton will be a disaster for business should start to play a role.

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  1. Yea, but the moonbats at and Human Rights Organization or whatever the hell it’s called, seem to think so. In fact, those two subversive (ooo! don’t see that term used too much anymore) organizations are trying to get Target to cave in more than they already have, stating that the apology from Steinhafel isn’t enough and give money to the Dims.

  2. Oh crap!

    Now teh moonbats will buy their precision, high solids fluid metering pumps from somewhere else!

  3. But Mitch, it is every citizens right not to shop at Target if they don’t like some aspect of Target. Or Best Buy. Or anyone else.

    Are you favoring corporate rights over the rights of real people? How very Republican of you.

    Graco sells primarily business to business; they are not in the same kind of retail business at all, so there is no way they are going to have to worry about any fall out. This is true of many other businesses as well.

    Being able to exercise a right is not the same thing as it being every exercise being a good or wise exercise. Target and Best Buy have to cope with the reality of retail business, and that is a good thing.

    You also leave out that the leadership and founders of Graco have been heavy duty personal contributors to Bachmann and other right wing candidates all along. This is just their using their corporate pocket as much as they use their personal pockets to favor their own candidates. This is old news, just not as well known old news.

  4. The irony of Target donation vs unchecked union and similar donations by corporations to Dimwit’s causes is completely and utterly lost on DogPrescottPile. I am not surprised, however. Bias? What bias?

  5. DG, your libearatism is showing again!

    You morons always go off half cocked with your reactionary stance on everything that you perceive as an affront to your programmed mentality. boasts that they have like 30,000 signatures supporting a boycott. Who cares? Even if it is 200,000 it won’t make a bit of difference. So, let ’em shop at the dollar store or wherever else they want to go!

    At least their gay/lesbian employees look past what the oblahblah propaganda system is spewing. I know gays and lesbians that work at Target corporate and they are as pissed off as we are over the actions of their radical fringe.

    Finally, as a stockholder and someone that supports traditional marriage, I’m not too happy that they support pride events, but however wrong I feel that is, they feel that it helps the community. They also support the arts community and again, even though I don’t often attend events of that type, I’m for any support of the private sector that doesn’t involve the government or taxes. I’m not screaming boycott, but as I posted last week, I have suggested to the BoD that maybe they should “be fair” and just not give anything to anyone, so they should be careful what they wish for…

  6. Dog, do you read what you write before hitting the Submit Comment button?

    Seriously, “Are you favoring corporate rights over the rights of real people? How very Republican of you.” Is stupid on top of stupid. You call yourself a friend of Mitch, yet you feel comfortable putting words in his mouth, distorting his remarks and then smearing his character.

    May God protect me from friends like you.

  7. Are you favoring corporate rights over the rights of real people?

    Not any more than the rights of the Dayton and Rockefeller family over “real people”.

    Heck, Target Corp. has just as much right to attempt to influence an election as General Electric’s MSNBC, does. It’s not as simple as “corporations versus the proletariat”, DG- more like (the prior) favoring one group over another. In that sense, the recent strike-down of McCain-Feingold made the playing field somewhat more “level”.

  8. I hope EVERYBODY on the left boycotts Target. Because their only serious competitor is the business adored by Liberals everywhere . . . Wal-Mart!


  9. “over the rights of real people”

    Just think about this comment for a moment… Clearly shows the mindset of the Dimwitted class. The delineation of us vs them – ie anyone who does not toe the line is the enemy. Very dangerous road indeed. History is ripe with examples where this road leads – none of it is good.

  10. It is everyones right to individually or collectively boycott businesses or organizations whose product, policies or actions they disagree with. Witness the death spiral left wing media organizations such as the Star Tribune and Washington Post Co. currently find themselves in. When radio stations stopped playing and promoting The Dixie Chicks, after one of the members of the group spoke out against President Bush, the Left Wing and other Regressive media went apocalyptic in their claims of censorship, even though only the state can truly censor someone. Free speech comes with consequences for the speaker. As it has been properly ruled that money is equivalent to speech, by all corporations, not just media corporations like the NY Times Co and the media properties of General Electric (btw – new stories are out about how GE CEO Jeff Immelt scolded his CNBC staff about critical stories on the Obama Administration and Global Warmist Mythology), expect to see corporations, which are made up of individuals such as employees (“workers” for you Regressives), stockholders like your Grandma and the fat cat CEO.
    So as much as I hate to admit it, you are right DG. Graco may pay a price for supporting Center and Right-of Center candidates. Target lost a customer – me – when they capitulated on a pro-business donation. Kermit is also right, you say some awful things about Mitch for a person who considers herself a friend beyond reproach. But hey, Mitch is a big boy and I’m sure he knows that Liberals and Regressives are nasty, awful people and accepting your friendship must come with consequences he is prepared for and can handle.

  11. Kerm, DG brought so much stoopid to yesterday’s Flush fest that it’s overflowing in here.

    And you’re right, it’s really impossible to be “friends” with leftists, not only because they’re not very bright, but because the cluelessness that accompanies teh stoopid is fingernails on a chalkboard to anyone with an IQ over 20.

    DG isn’t being mean, or disrespectful, she’s not smart enough to pull that off. It’s just another day of putting round pegs in square holes in the feverswamp.

  12. seflores

    Last month, GE was playing radio ads asking that we contact our representatives and ask them to vote for “fair competition” on a next generation jet engine for the F-35. GE had allied with Rolls-Royce to build an alternative engine. The engine that the Pentagon chose, is made by Pratt & Whitney and is ready to go. Both the Pentagon and SoD Gates have said that they don’t want the alternative engine, they don’t need it and it is not worth the expense of development, that, of course, GE wants the government to fund. GE claims that gives P&W a monopoly and that their engine will save taxpayers multiple millions over the life of the program, yet conveniently leave out how much it will cost in the first place.

    And, I hate to break this to you, but Graco won’t suffer at all. They are the predominant player in their industry. Anyone that decides to boycott them would pretty much have to do all of their own work on their cars, as 99% of all auto/truck shops use Graco equipment.

    As I posted earlier, the lefty anti-business campaign may end up costing Minnesota more jobs. With the fact that many of our home firms have expanded in other states over the years, they have already cost several hundred thousand of them.

    I would also be curious as to how strong your convictions are. If your employer made any political contribution, would you quit over it? Apparently, the supposedly aggrieved parties aren’t willing to do so either, as I haven’t heard of any mass resignations by Target employees.

  13. But Mitch, it is every citizens right not to shop at Target if they don’t like some aspect of Target. Or Best Buy. Or anyone else.

    Well, sure. (Except for the punctuation.)

    Are you favoring corporate rights over the rights of real people?

    I’ll take slight chance of being properly upbraided by Mitch for speaking for him: he’s utterly opposed to any legislation or other governmental authority which would attempt to force citizens and/or noncitizens to shop at Target, whatever their reason for not shopping there might be.

    Me, too.

  14. Dog Gone Says:
    August 11th, 2010 at 9:17 am

    But Mitch, it is every citizens right not to shop at Target if they don’t like some aspect of Target. Or Best Buy. Or anyone else.”

    Exactly why Citizens United isn’t going to be anything like the far left believes it will be. Corporations don’t like unnecessary conflict with their customers even if it just a subset of their customers.

    As opposed to public sector unions who just don’t give a hoot about their customers (taxpayers).

  15. Yup. Just to pick an example: the reason that almost all of those silly NO GUNS signs went down isn’t because something like 99.99% of store owners are pro-gun, but because very few of them want to give any of their customers a reason to go elsewhere.

  16. Exactly, JP.

    The market – including the PR market in leftist cesspools like Minneapolis – will moderate corporate behavior, for better or worse.

    AFSCME, the MFT, SEIU and EdMinn are immune to those same market pressures. And the Dayton/Rockefeller families don’t have to care.

  17. “it’s really impossible to be “friends” with leftists”

    Au contraire. Just do not bring up politics – EVER. It can be done.

  18. As opposed to public sector unions who just don’t give a hoot about their customers (taxpayers).

    There’s something called Civil Service that offers them far greater protection than anything a corporation gets. I’m very, very much for CS reform but I doubt we’ll ever see it.

  19. the reason that almost all of those silly NO GUNS signs went down isn’t because something like 99.99% of store owners are pro-gun, but because very few of them want to give any of their customers a reason to go elsewhere.

    That, and the signs have no legal authority.

    As opposed to public sector unions who just don’t give a hoot about their customers (taxpayers)

    Union members’ customers are taxpayers. A union’s customers are its members.

  20. justplainangry:

    Depends on the leftists, I think. While, generally, I find that my conservative friends are very tolerant of my discussing issues where I disagree, only a few of my friends on the left are. Arguably, that’s because I’m closer to conservatives on a lot of issues — but since I don’t think I am on SSM or early-term abortion choices, or governmental prayer in schools, there’s plenty to disagree about.

  21. I wrote:

    the reason that almost all of those silly NO GUNS signs went down isn’t because something like 99.99% of store owners are pro-gun, but because very few of them want to give any of their customers a reason to go elsewhere.
    Discordian Stooj responds briefly, albeit inaccurately:

    That, and the signs have no legal authority.
    Sure they do. If somebody walks into an establishment that is properly posted, is asked to leave because (and solely because) because they’re legally carrying a gun, and fails to comply, they can be given a ticket for a petty misdemeanor violation with a maximum fine of $25 (unless they’re a security officer acting in the course and scope of his employment, or a cop, whether or not he is, as long as his license active); see Minn. Stat. 624.714.

    Now, you might say — I certainly would — that that’s kind of a mild punishment, but given that, at last report, we’ve none of those tickets written in the last seven years, it would be hard to argue that it’s not enough; how many other laws get 100% compliance?


  22. I’m surprised that no one challenged that “signatures’ by asking exactly what they were. Rather than physical signatures I would say they were probably from an online petition and

    I recall in the past groups saying that online polls and online petitions that went against lefties were “Freeped”. This was from a link from


    Great point. It would be nice if someone did hammer that yammering magpie Ilyena Hogue on that topic.

  24. BossHoss429…
    Don’t know where you think we’re in disagreement – other than Graco wishes it had 99% market share. My point was that speaking out on issues has consequences, both good and bad for the speaker. Since the SCOTUS ruled money is equivalent to speech, corporations (and unions/associations/etc) speak with the dollars they give to candidates and causes and people will make a judgement as to whether or not to spend money there or be associated with them as an employee or shareholder.
    To answer your question as to whether or not a donation from my employer would cause me to leave my employer the answer is yes. If my employer gave money to Planned Parenthood, I’d leave. Maybe not that day or JetBlue flight attendant like, but I would leave.
    Since as a rule Democrats are bad for business, I’d question a company donating to them. But sometimes a company donates to Democrats just to keep the Democrats regulatory jackbooted thugs off their neck. For example, (not to go all Penigma on you, but) my wife worked for a very conservative multi-millionaire at one time – lots of pictures in his office of him with Reagan, GHW Bush, GW Bush, etc. When King Bill Clinton came to town, her boss always bought a table or three (for $10K to $50K or so apiece as memory serves) at whatever fundraiser der schlickmeister was having – it kept the peace.
    As for GE’s lobbying to keep Pratt from getting that contract, that is just business as usual. Wait til government health care starts picking and choosing which MRI machines to buy – GE’s or Siemens. I’m certain GE will advertise the Siemens machines being operated by brown shirted Nazi nurses with a funny looking symbol on their red armbands. Believe me, having lived and worked in D.C., billboards there don’t advertise Chevy’s and Barbasol. Many advertise weapons systems, computer mainframes and other items requiring captial expenditures by big government.
    BossHoss429 – maybe you huffed a little too much ether while trying to get your Found On Road Dead ‘Stang started. Read a little closer, bud.
    PS – Saw Iaccoca on Speed last night at the auto auction. Not looking too good, but what is he now, 90 something?

  25. Craven and cowardly, Dog. Seriously, “Are you favoring corporate rights over the rights of real people? How very Republican of you.” Is stupid on top of stupid.
    Defend your own words or STFU.

  26. Since as a rule Democrats are bad for business, I’d question a company donating to them.

    I think that this statement needs more qualifications, Seflores. GMC & Chrysler have certainly received benefits from the current regime that would have been less likely to receive if the GOP ran the congress. Maybe.
    Most companies can only hope to make an average rate of return. The easiest, least expensive way to get a return higher than the average is to get the law to provide you with an advantage other firms do not possess. I’ve noted with some dismay that many large companies, especially technology companies, are increasingly turning to patents & copyrights to leverage their market position. If all the PC’s and cell phones are being made where it is cheapest to make them, ditto their components, how else can a firm make a better than average profit?

  27. Are you favoring corporate rights over the rights of real people?

    What Joel, and most everyone else has said (in concept if not actual phraseology).

    Corporations represent real people, DG. Shareholders Imany of them institutional retirement funds, including union pensions) are real people. The immigrants that Target is leading the way in hiring in Saint Paul? The middle management that have spent years, even decades, building careers, families and lives based around working for the corporations? The entrepreneurs that risk all to create the corporations?

    All real people too (albeit not ones that the DFL cares much about).

  28. I should have been more careful in my wording, Terry. Big Business does benefit from Government policy, whether it’s Democrats or Republicans running the show. Caterpillar and ADM certainly wouldn’t be the powerhouses they are without lots of government contracts for their construction and agri businesses respectively. And, GM would not be around to try and sell the $41K electric lemon – The Volt, were it not for the Regime intervening and taking one helluva lot of debt off its balance sheet although this had plenty to do with rescuing the UAW pensions as well. That said, one business that has had better than average rates of return while fighting bureaucracies (and leftish protesters) has been Wal-Mart mostly by leveraging technology, being ruthless with their suppliers (in some cases making their suppliers better, ie: P&G) and being more efficient in their logistics operations than any other retailer (K-Mart/Sears really missed the ball here) I know of. Small business certainly feels the pinch when the government agent comes around and declares shes only here to help. I commend you to watch Reason’s “Drew Carey Saves Cleveland” documentary to see where regulation kills small business. I’m not against regulation, I like the fact that someone inspects or at least sets standards for the food I eat, etc. But when we get to the point that government agents, with no evidence at all to back up their policies, restrict day-to-day activities of the people who pay their salaries, merely because they can, that has to be stopped by the people and their representatives.

  29. Seflores, one reason I am not a libertarian is because while corporations want their workers to inhabit as purely competitive a market as possible, corporations — especially large corporations — do everything possible to avoid a purely competitive market place themselves.
    Simply put, if corporations do everything they can to raise the cost of entry into their market, I have no qualms about doing the same thing with my labor.

  30. Terry, I can’t disagree with your competitive markets statement vis a vis big business.
    The story goes that a classic economics professor said that after he met with a group of business executives, had to re-read his Adam Smith and Frederic Hayek to remind himself what free enterprise and competitive markets are.
    I have never begrudged an employee of my company – either someone who worked directly for me or for another part of our organization leave for a better opportunity at another company where there skills could bring the most return for them.

  31. I consider myself fortunate because I do technical work for a non-profit with secure funding. I get paid ages that are competitive with what private industry pays for tech people, but I don’t have to worry about the ebb & flow of the business cycle.
    I have a brother who does construction work. His company is shutting down this week — about a year after it probably should have. Brother is trying to get a handyman job at the small hospital that serves his Wisconsin County. After going through thirty+ years of boom-and-bust construction business he’s throwing in the towel and seeking more reliable employment.
    One of the bad results of the way American workers are treated is that the best ones do whatever they can do to get out of the free labor market and go to work for a non-profit or the government.

  32. joelr, the sign does nothing. A person carrying has to asked to leave. They can be asked whether there is a sign or not. Therefore the sign has no legal authority.

  33. I’m just so tickled to find an MPD cop who actually knows some of the provisions of 624.714 that I’ll stop quibbling, even though you’re wrong.

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