Party Like It’s Eight Years Ago

It’s almost enough to make me want to learn golf.

I attended the post-Millard Fillmore Golf Classic party last Friday. 

Learned and Missus Foot, as usual, put on a great party; even Joe Tucci arguing with Mark Yost about who’s better – Yost is a Mets fan, Tucci’s Yanx all the way – didn’t cast a pall over the festivities.

Ben from Hammerschwing had a two part wrapup (part one, part two). 

Thanks to all, and I may just try to pick up a swing for next year (I’m told I can’t be any worse than Applikowski…)

One thought on “Party Like It’s Eight Years Ago

  1. Why would anyone argue over whether the Mets or the Yankees are the better team? It’s like arguing over whether the Giants are a better team than the Knicks.

    The Mets and the Yankees are playing different sports. The Mets play baseball, and the Yankees play that DH-rule perversion.

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