Where Thanks Are Due

Target is getting a lot of crap from the usual pack of The Very Challenged, who are appalled that corporations can now donate money to campaigns that best support policies they (their boards, really) deem to be in their shareholders’ fiduciary interest (in the same way that unions have always been able to).

Expect a lot of  really ugly, stupid invective against Target – and expect it to get worse before it gets better (at least rhetorically; what are these shining lights of liberal “ethics” gonna do, switch to WalMart?)

However, one good turn deserves another; this advertisement is provided to Target free of charge.

Now, if your grocery section can actually stock some tabouli mix, we’ll be cooking with gas.

Of course, it’s not just Target that donated to Minnesota Forward; Polaris, racked by the DFL’s taxes, is holding on by the skin of its teeth.

Hope it drives some business to you guys:

Davisco Foods, based in LeSeuer?  A plucky little outstate company that’s fighting in the international market, and could use all the help (or at least the least possible amount of interference) it can get?

Hubbard Broadcasting – owner of Channel 5, KS95, Chicktalk107 and AM1500 The Sports Megilla?  Well, they do compete with my show and with Salem, which owns my show.  And they did pass on the chance to hire me as KSTP’s program director back in 1991, not that I hold a grudge.

So I’ll stick with a simple “attaboy” for HBI.

And I’ll draw the reader’s attention to the fact that these four corporations have spent about half as much on this race as the Dayton family alone, and a small fraction of what AFSCME, the SEIU, the MFT, Education Minnesota, the AFL-CIO, the UFCW and the Teamsters will end up spending.

And the rest of us – the Minnesotans who actually pay taxes – don’t have the option of boycotting any of them.

UPDATE: As I noted this morning, Minnesota’s big corporations, being in Rome, have to do as the Romans do; in addition to a decades-long tradition of being good corporate citizens, they also have been exceedingly friendly to liberal causes; as a commenter below noted, Target lets their GLBT group use the Target logo; most of your major Minnesota corporations (and I’ve worked with many of them) are very aggressive about promoting women and minorities, donating to non-profits, sending staff out to work on Habitat projects, helping subsidize mass transit, and on and on.

Careful what you wish for, lefties.  You geniuses, you.

13 thoughts on “Where Thanks Are Due

  1. It might be fun to add corporate symbols of companies that have moved out of MN. Just to let the lefties feel squishy about their taxing of the big bad corporations and anyone they think may be too rich (i.e. not in their camp).

  2. Mitch;

    Kudos, man!

    Just thought that I would mention that the Davis family also owns Cambria, another innovative Minnesota company. They built a major manufacturing facility in Le Sueur a couple of years ago. They obviously are committed to Minnesota. It’s too bad the morons that run the state aren’t committed to them!

    Can anyone or everyone guess why South Dakota has stepped up their ads in Minnesota, touting their friendlier business climate?

  3. I don’t know how common this is, but Target has their very own, in-house, diversity coordinator. As far as I can tell, this individual has group meetings for specific groups, hosts lunches, talks about how great diversity is, etc.

    More importantly, from what I can tell this person produces nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    At least Target did about several years ago.

  4. I haven’t shopped at Target in years, because I still hold a grudge about their booting out the Salvation Army bell ringers. But I’ll go shop there now. It”ll be my way of thinking globally and acting locally.

  5. Arctic Cat is planning on starting up an engine facility in St. Cloud MN while Polaris is shutting down its Osceola parts plant in favor of a new facility in the Monterrey-Saltillo area of Mexico.

  6. Oh for Pete’s sake, do these folks get the vapors when Education Minnesota or the AFL/CIO “shill” for Democrat candidates? What a pack of hypocrites.

  7. I just called Mrs. Bubba and told her to stop in and buy something at Target on the way home.

  8. K-Rod

    Wisconsin has been heading down the same path as MN and MI under their misguided tax and spend Dim leadership. Dipsey Doyle and his cabal are running the same game against the “evil rich corporations” as MN and MI have done for years. Consequently, IMHO, the closing of the Osceola plant was a shot across Minnesota’s bow, so to speak. In other words, they are sending MN a message that they are fed up and will move if necessary.

    As far as Artic Cat’s engine factory goes, I don’t think that they are done looking at sites yet and I’m sure that South Dakota is lobbying them hard.

  9. Badda said:

    “Target has their very own, in-house, diversity coordinator”

    Don’t be surprised if you discover this to be common in State government as well. Also, it wouldn’t be government if it wasn’t super redundant (by design, or maybe not). :-/

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