It’s That “Avalanche Of Violence” Again

Attention, Janet Napolitano:  You keep looking for the political terrorism and violence in American politics!

Here’s more of it!

Further proof that all of the real violence in American politics (as opposed to the imagined, “potential” or slanderously imputed) violence in American politics comes from the left.

(Via Gary at LFR)

12 thoughts on “It’s That “Avalanche Of Violence” Again

  1. So they were supposed to be nurses? Please; that is the poster goon for all union thugs.

    Here’s a handy tip for anyone that plans to go out and video union violence: Always bring a roll of quarters with you…you never know when you’re going to have to “feed the meter”.

  2. Hey, did they ever get to the bottom of who it was that left death threats for the head of the DFL committee responsible for stripping Sen. Chaudhary of his DFL endoresement? No doubt it was Tea Partiers upset because they wanted to run against Sen. Cheathary.

  3. You want to see what unions are capable of? Too bad this was wayyyy pre-interent, but do a search for news on International Falls and the Boise Cascade expansion.

  4. But people working for an honest living would never, ever need to fear a union goon going around to collect signatures if the secret ballot were abolished for union elections. Never, ever. Unionists would never, ever substitute fisticuffs (or worse) for a persuasive rhetorical argument, even if they were losing the legitimate debate. Ever.

    Time for me to lay some flowers on Jimmy Hoffa’s grave. Now where was that again? Union Yes!

    Or not.

  5. Via Instapundit:
    The thug’s name is Mike Griffing:
    He was the CNA’s director of collective bargaining in 2009. Makes $164k/yr from the nurse’s paychecks. That’s about as much as a nurse’s boss makes, which seems fitting. Family practice doctors make about that much, but of course family practice doctors don’t try to hurt you.

  6. Terry, and family practice doctors have HUGE school debt to pay off and work very long hours. A union organizer is unskilled work (well, doesn’t reequire college) and has sweet hours.

  7. The violence was done by conservative plants who were there to make the union look bad.

    I have no doubt that’s the way it reads in the police report, stool.

    Never, ever forget; every cop lies. It’s a primary skill for the job.

  8. Oh, one other thing — the CNA provided the model for the labor dispute that we recently saw here with the nurse’s union in Minnesota. Guess they needed more thugs here.

  9. Hey, I’m just using the Mitchkateer argument – Anything our side does wrong was really the other side.

    Never, ever forget; every cop lies.

    Along with the rest of humanity. It’s a shock, really.

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