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A couple of years ago, Karl Bremer – free-lance shrieking-point-bot and Bachmann Derangement poster child – humiliated himself and his client, Steve “Don’t Ask Me To Sing Oh Sherry” Perry by making up, from whole cloth, a story; that the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers was not only a conservative group, but one where the content was centrally driven by the MOB’s leadership.

In a perfect would, Bremer would look at the membership of Penigma in the MOB and commit purely-figurative rhetorical seppuku.

I consider Penigma a blogchild of mine, albeit of the red-headed stepson variety; after years of leaving, er, let’s say “acerbic” comments in this blog’s comment section, the eponymous “Penigma” (who commented on this blog under a variety of names, and whom I’ve known for twenty solid years, and to whom I owe at least one personal debt of gratitude going back long before either of us thought “blog” was anything but something that happened after cheap beer and gas-station burritos) took everyone’s advice and started his own blog, about this time two years ago.  “Pen” met his co-author, “Dog Gone” – another old friend from more or less the same long-moribund social circle, from the late eighties – via this comment section.

So Penigma’s a leftyblog, and thus wrong about pretty much everything – but it’s well worth a read.  And a read.  And a read some more.  Because I’ll give the staff of Penigma this much:  if you’re tired of the traditional three-paragraph blog post, Penigma will be, let’s just say, a change of pace.  Somewhere in the ether, Leo Tolstoy is smiling.

But “Dog Gone”‘s piece about the impending end of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is fairly good and, as it happens, comports with what a large chunk of mainstream conservatism also believes…well, about Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, anyway.   And the overall tone of the blog is a lot better than the petulant romper rooms full of spoiled rhetorical toddlers that make too many leftyblogs such a waste of energy.

And unlike some leftyblogs – the supremely thin-skinned and gutless Barbara O’Brien’s Mahablog, for example – the discussion at Penigma is often fairly interesting.

At any rate – when doing your daily prowl of Twin Cities leftyblogs, drop by Penigma and say hi!

20 thoughts on “Around The MOB: Penigma

  1. Mitch don’t forget the enormous entertainment value of statements like:

    “The 1979 film “Apocalypse Now” was based upon a book written by Joseph Conrad about a rogue Colonel (Walter Kurtz) who, upon seeing the futility of the Vietnam War, uses his relations and knowledge of the Hmong tribesmen to carve out a fiefdom in remote Laos. The book certainly takes liberties, but still is a poignant reflection of the gross ineptitude of the military leadership and growing apathy of the soldiers and even that same leadership about the endless war. This book was titled “The Heart of Darkness.

    the movie may be loosely based upon the book (plot line) but the book had nothing to do with the US military in Viet Nam.

    But historical reality never got in peevs way and still doesn’t

  2. oh lets not forget this gem from Penigma/peev:

    As Richard Nixon did in 1975, we should simply say we’ve won, and leave – knowing full well, in this case, however, that China and Soviet sponsored client states are NOT about to topple the Iraqi government.

    some days it worth reading peev just to see if you can figure out what color the sky is in his world

  3. “If you’re tired of the traditional three-paragraph blog post” and have a lot of disposable time and brain cells…

  4. Reading any blog post dedicated to poop and fart commentary is still time that’s 20,000 percent better spent than reading that hive of navel-gazing windbags.

    Any time Dog Gone writes here that she’s “researching” a blog post, I bleed a little from my ears.

    But hey, that’s just me.

  5. I give Pen credit for starting his own blog and also to DG for contributing. They ought to change the name of the blog to Pedantic, though.

  6. I will now devote 700 lines of commentary on why “20,000 percent” is mathematically impossible.

    Where is Eva Young when you need her? Read my blog.

  7. Now, now, folks. I write this featurette to praise people, not to bury them.

    And I”m not the guy who’s gonna criticize people for writing long posts…

  8. Thanks Mitch – for the nice post, and for being there to answer questions, and for being a de facto mentor. (See – I CAN be brief, once in awhile)

  9. That’s because you are a self-described polemecist, Berg. It’s your house, you can decorate it as you see fit.

  10. Lefty blogs don’t allow opposing comments. A lefty “priest” will call you an ignorant fool but try to return the favor and you will be deleted.
    It is quite common among lefty blogs.

    “put another nail in the coffin of the idea of Isreal” – penigma

  11. Heh. Have any of the posts in the “Around the MOB” series to date received as many comments as PB/Peev/Penigma? Next alias he should just go with “Pinata”.

  12. I am as much a fan of Conrad as the next man. But:
    I looked at him as you peer down at a man who is lying at the bottom of a precipice where the sun never shines.
    WTF? What personal experience is the reader supposed to use to fill out this metaphor?

  13. KR says: “Lefty blogs don’t allow opposing comments”

    Inaccurate KR.

    Penigma not only allows opposing comments, two of our contributing authors are conservatives – the newest, Dr. Kirsch, I made a point of inviting to post as well as comment, and he does so regularly.

    The few rare comments that have ever been deleted are ones which are objectionable for other reasons than expressing opposition.

    As to being specific to ‘lefty blogs’ I believe, if I am not mistaken, that deleting comments for good reasons is a privilege Mitch practices here on SitD as well. I had Mitch’s rules in mind among other considerations when I drafted the rules for Penigma (with the consensus of Pen and ToE).

  14. Actually KR, since you’ve stopped beng a problem, we don’t even bother to moderate comments any more except to delete spam,is and even that usually in Chinese or Japanese.

  15. Opposing views are a big problem for lefty bloggers, eh deegee.

    It is a FACT that lefty blogs delete opposing comments if they even allow them in the first place. Fact!

    And DG, I still reject your atheism.

    In your heart you know I am right.

  16. Opposing views are hardly a problem for Penigma KR.

    I don’t presume to speak for anyone else.

    As what you call a leftyblog, KR, we have never deleted an opinion or failed to allow a comment to be posted for expressing an opposing opinion.

    We have refused comments that were offensive for reasons of obscenity or other unacceptable language, we have refused comments or removed comments that were potentially libelous or defamed someone’s character.

    But we have never deleted or refused a comment for opposition or dissent.

    And KR, you can make up anything you like and reject it, but I am not now nor have I ever been an atheist. You just like to make stuff up, KR.

  17. Deegee, that is an outright lie. PenisBlog has deleted many opposing opinion comments. I think it is ad that you even lie to yourself.


    And what would you call a person that rejects the belief in our creator?

    Most sane people call that atheism.

  18. “As what you call a leftyblog, KR, we have never deleted an opinion or failed to allow a comment to be posted for expressing an opposing opinion.

    We have refused comments that were offensive for reasons of obscenity or other unacceptable language, we have refused comments or removed comments that were potentially libelous or defamed someone’s character.

    But we have never deleted or refused a comment for opposition or dissent.”

    Oh really!!!!

    Sorry to take you to task once again.

    How about this one that was:

    “Comment deleted

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.”

    So what did the comment say?

    Well here it is:

    “Here are a few pics of my roses:

    My Green Thumb

    As for the topic/comments, I refuse to join in on this ‘beat up on Mitch fest’. I will not call him a liar. I will not call him a hypocrite.
    “Discourteous behavior discourages discussion and debate,”
    “4. Courtesy is expected and required.”
    Did someone just say ‘Rules for thee but not for me’?

    I judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

    And none of my roses are racist.
    Especially not their roots underground!!!
    Prove that their not, you say? Seriously?”

    Sorry if I pointed out Peevee’s hypocrisy on the PenisBlog.

    Are you proud when he sets a bad example by not following his own rules?

  19. Dog Gone: what was that about the Hamas re-supply convoy?

    You didn’t notice the Taliban blew up an Mosque in Lahore around the same time, murdering 93 and injuring over 100?

    You were too busy getting pissed off at the Jews defending themselves.

    I’ll save the ad hominem when I actually meet you. If ever.

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