I Shall Call Them “Fort-Baggers”

Because they claim they want to bag any reconstruction at Fort Snelling.

Oh, yeah – there’s going to be a leftist romp and play fest at Fort Snelling tomorrow, as the usual plethora of lefty shrieking groups protest dog’s breakfast of issues, from the money spent on restoring the ageing Fort to the Arizona Illegal Immigration law.

Just remember, the next time some lefty gets the victorian vapours about Tea Party rhetoric, to ask your lefty friends what they think of this:

I’m trying to think of the whinging that would ensue if any Tea Partier showed an armed party storming, say, the Department of Health and Human Services.

And I’m pondering the irony of lefties and pro-illegal-immigration ninnies protesting in league with the Dakota, who would know the dangers of allowing illegal immigration more than most.

16 thoughts on “I Shall Call Them “Fort-Baggers”

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  2. To have illegal immigration you have to have immigration laws.

    There is a big difference between an armed party storming DoHH on a Tea Party sign, and an historic representation on a sign, don’t you think?

  3. I can’t wait to see what these groups’ signs will look like…

    “This event is endorsed by known communists, anarchists, union thugs and “justists”:
    Anpao Duta, Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB), Direct Action to Stop War & Occupation (DASWO) La Asamblea, Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Coalition (MIRAc), MN Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC), Opposition to War & Occupation (OWO), RNC8 Defense Committee, The Scott & Carrie Support Committee (SCSC), SEIU Local 26, Women Against Military Madness (WAMM), International Jewish Anti- Zionist Network – Twin Cities”

  4. M grandfather is buried at Fort Snelling. I hope they don’t defile his grave.

  5. To have illegal immigration you have to have immigration laws.

    You are correct. We have immigration laws. The federal government does a terrible job enforcing them. We have illegal aliens that the federal government is tolerating. The people of Arizona (and greater America) are sick and tired of those laws being violated with no consequence.

  6. And the People’s Front of Judea.

    No, it’s the Judean People’s Liberation Front!

  7. historic representation

    Historic representation of what? The great siege of Fort Snelling in 1822?

    There is no history to represent. It’s fantasizing about war.

  8. Of course Dog Gone would find a way to defend it. “Vapors for me, but not for thee.” In this instance, you actually have a group who has gone violent multiple times in the last year, the SEIU. Now there’s a culture of violence and intimidation. Why do liberals continue to support extreme groups with a history of violence?

  9. “The federal government does a terrible job enforcing them.”
    The federal government is not enforcing them because a small group of people — businessmen and immigrant rights activists — have learned how to leverage the government into supporting their policy preferences against the policy preferences of the majority of the people.
    This is not a constitutional issue. It is pure anti-democratic power play buy people who hold that their narrow interests are more important than the national interests.

  10. Lassie you forgot Moveon.org, ANSWER, and a few others probably, unless you were actually reading off a list. Hey Mitch you should send a NARN reporter down there to get some sound bites, I’m sure they’d be priceless.

  11. Mitch, correct. The Indians and US Army at Fort Snelling lived in peace. There was never a shot (or arrow) fired in anger while this was an active fort.

  12. “Dog Gone Says:
    May 28th, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    To have illegal immigration you have to have immigration laws.”

    Are you saying that we don’t have immigration laws? We do, ask anyone who is trying to immigrate legally.

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