Brod Retiring

HD25 Representative Laura Brod is retiring after eight years in the Legislature:

With your support and encouragement, I focused my efforts on the issues that impacted our daily lives. My efforts were directed to policies that I believed fostered an economic climate that was conducive to job creation and economic growth. I fought against excessive regulations that choke investment in our state and undermine the innovation and creativity of our private sector to generate the type of economic climate we need and demand.

Without your support, I could not have enjoyed the opportunity and the honor to serve that I have had for the past 8 years.

My belief has always been that we are a state that values a citizen legislature, and that there comes a time for other citizens to serve their community.

It is my belief that the time for others to serve in the Legislature for our district has come, and my time to find other challenges and ways to contribute is upon me.

It is in that spirit I announce that I will not be a candidate for re-election in 2010 for the State Legislature in District 25A.

There is a real change going on right now across the country. Finally, perhaps for the first time in thirty years, government is once again hearing from “We the People.”

Well, that’s a drag; Brod has been leadership material in the House’s conservative caucus, and that caucus is sure to be both growing and needing leaders in the next session.

But all the best, Laura!  And thanks for you service!

10 thoughts on “Brod Retiring

  1. Why didn’t she do this before the convention? Kinda leaves the party up shit creek without a paddle doesn’t it?

  2. Not at all. They’ll have a special endorsing convention, and the district will be just fine.

  3. Yes but as anyone who has organized any convention before will tell you, conventions are expensive, and potentially drains resources that could have been directed elsewhere. You can make money on them, and our BPOU usually does, but presumably they already had one…their delegates may not be enthusiastic about shelling out another $20 (or whatever) for another one.

    And presumably she ran for endorsement at the convention just weeks ago

    What changed?

  4. Not sure the reasons but it is too bad. Laura has been great in the legislature and I appreciate the time and service she provided.

  5. Having another convention isn’t really that big of a deal in the out state. And a special endorsing convention can (and should) be called by the state party, which means the state party will front a lot of the resources.

    Although it will be a little bit of hassle for the BPOU, the reason for it-a legislator exercising voluntary term limits-is a great example to every other politician across the state. We need more legislators that do their tour in St Paul and then move on with their lives, and that includes both parties.

  6. I’m helping with a special endorsing convention for 43B, because our candidate dropped out. It’s a big pain for everyone involved, but at least we’ve got two candidates so it’s not just a big rubber stamp waste of time.

    I wonder if Brod’s reason had something to do with the result of the state convention, perhaps a campaign position?

  7. What Dave said.

    And MoN: Brod supported Emmer from the very beginning; she was among the first reps on the Emmer bandwagon Zamboni.

  8. She also headed up his Lt Gov search committee. That’s why I see a continuation and expansion of her involvement as the campaign shifts focus from securing delegates to wooing the general population.

    After the campaign, maybe there’s a chief of staff position for her. 2nd most powerful office in MN government, far preferable to Lt. Gov.

  9. MoN – that was one of the two possibilties I’d thought about.

  10. SD45 had an endorsing “convention” in a room in the basement of Crystal City Hall – so no cost there. They had a couple trays of cookies and snacks and a couple jugs of lemonade and water, so very little expense there. I’m guessing it was around 100 people who showed up, and the only district race that wasn’t unopposed went 2:1 for the current candidate, Nick Peterson.

    Ironically, the night we were in the basement, Ellison was upstairs addressing some other function.

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