Contest Time

UPDATE AND BUMP:  I’m moving this to the top for today.  Get your votes in by noon!


As noted last week, it’s time for the “Write Lori’s Next Column” contest – in which you, the Shot In The Dark audience (Audience In The Dark) write Lori Sturdevant’s post-MNGOP Convention column for her – to move into its final phase!

Judge each of the columns by the following criteria:

  • Which one best captures Strib columnist and DFL flak Lori Sturdevant’s writing style
  • Which one best reflects her relentless DFL upsucking?

I’m going to publish one post for each of the contestants; I’ll take a poll at the end, with the winner to be announced on Monday.

There are eight entries:

Dave from Mound’s “A Tale Of Two Cities

Mr D’s “The Republican Hangover

Ben’s “Teabags For 2,000

Bubbasan’s “It Was A Snark And Smarmy Night

JW Of Minnesota’s “We Are Women, Hear We Roar

Speed Gibson, “It’s The GOP’s Turn To Unify

Golfdoc50’s “The Wind Is Blowing Left

Jed Berg’s “Anger Close”

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Which Is The Best Lori Sturdevant Parody?
Dave from Mound’s “A Tale Of Two Cities”
Mr D’s “The Republican Hangover”
Ben’s “Teabags For 2,000”
Bubbasan’s “It Was A Snark And Smarmy Night”
JW Of Minnesota’s “We Are Women, Hear We Roar”
Speed Gibson, “It’s The GOP’s Turn To Unify”
Golfdoc50’s “The Wind Is Blowing Left”
Jed Berg’s “Anger Close” free polls

UPDATE! The column we’re parodying – or perhaps, joining in parodying – is already out!

Expect a full fisking Sunday or Monday.

But until then – vote vote vote!

4 thoughts on “Contest Time

  1. “At a convention infused with Tea Party revulsion ”

    Soooo the main Democrat tactive for the fall election seems to be saying the words “Tea Party” in the same sentence as the Republican candidate. They seem to think that will work.

  2. Yeap, almost as big of a howler as the Republic Candidate trying to claim to be the ‘mainstream’ choice.

  3. Flush, what would you say is extremist about Emmer?

    Well, will flush have the balls to actually answer?

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