Now We Are All “The Rich”

Governor Dayton’s transportation advisors are advocating taxing the crap out of gasoline, and jamming people onto buses and trains.

Is anyone surprised?

The recommendations include two ways to raise $15.2 billion through a higher gas tax — an upfront hike of 10 cents per gallon followed by annual 1.5-cent increases for 19 years, or a series of 3.5-cent increases over five years with 1.5-cent increases for 15 years afterward. The state gas tax currently sits at 28.5 cents per gallon, including a 3.5-cent surcharge.

That’s forty cents a gallon.  So far.

And when Democrats see Money Pits, what’s their first urge?

Fill them with (our, taxpayer’s) money!

Another $4 billion for transit would come from increasing the sales tax in five Twin Cities counties by a half percentage point, or a nickel on a $10 purchase. Raising vehicle license tab fees roughly 10 percent would bring in another $1.1 billion.

Let’s make sure we’re clear on this:  this is a removal of five billion dollars from productive use in this state’s economy, to build more “light rail” to run from Minneapolis to Eden Prairie, from Minneapolis through the Brooklyns, from Minneapolis to wherever people aren’t and don’t currently want to go.

Democrats around money are like pit bulls around hamburger:

The 19-member group led by Transportation Commissioner Tom Sorel picked the costliest of three options it studied.

What do us conservatives always say?  “Elections have results”.

And one of the results of this past two elections is that Scott Dibble is now creating tax policy…:

The report comes as the Democratic governor is preparing to unveil a tax overhaul after pushing for years to raise income taxes on top earners. It’s unclear how the array of transportation taxes will fit into his plan. Democrats will take over both houses of the Minnesota Legislature in January, creating an opening for tax increases after years of Republican resistance.

“My sense is the governor would very, very much like to get us back in a posture of making these needed and key investments,” said Sen. Scott Dibble, a Minneapolis Democrat who served on the advisory committee and will head the Senate Transportation and Public Safety Division.

…which is a little like putting Kim Kardashian in charge of the Department Of Sleazy Guys And Video Cameras.

UPDATE:  Dave Thul in the comments notes that the GOP should let Governor Messinger Dayton and the DFL run this straight through the legislature.  I agree; let them have their names on the votes.  And any Republican that votes for it, to give the DFL “bipartisan” cover on this stupid idea, should get primaried back to the stone age.