The Exposed Intellectual Id Of The Democrat Party (?)

I saw this in a comment thread on Facebook:

Mitt put the gun in your mouth and pull down hard on the trigger!

I mentioned that this was a particularly noxious little bit of rhetorical effluvia for someone from a party that ostensibly won the  election.

The original commenter responded that he wanted to make sure I got his context straight, you see:

Mitch if you were on my page you’d see that I posted on that as well. I’m sick and tired of crybabies! And Mittiot is a lousy human being so when you blog about my comments don’t generalize… Flat out tell your blog tribe I’m the guy that asked him to blow his brains out! I didn’t threaten him or you… I simply think he’s a maggot and should be treated as such while the secession troop can get down on their knees and I will trickle down on all them!

Well, now that you put it that way…