The Racism Of Commoditized Expectations

In the wake of the verdict yesterday, Speaker Pelosi thanked George Floyd for his “sacrifice”:

“Thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice,” Pelosi said Tuesday outside the Capitol where she was joined by the Congressional Black Caucus.

“Because of you and because of millions of people around the world who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous with justice. And now we have to make sure justice prevails in the sentencing.”

Has there ever been a more perfect symbol of what black people really mean to the Democrat party?

Here, in one of the most “progressive” cities in the country:

  • The “achievement gap” is the biggest in the nation, and getting worse even as the districts get more “woke” every year (not that those are in any way contradictory
  • In cities controlled by Democrats for generations, the wealth gap is among the highest in the nation
  • “Black” neighborhoods (we don’t really have them in the sense they exist elsewhere – which actually reinforces the point) are basically social service warehouses. Compare this with places like Atlanta or Jacksonville – Minneapolis doesn’t come across very well at all.

These same patterns are true across all of “blue” America. Quick – think of a “blue” city where that’s not the case? Atlanta is an arguable exception.

Indeed, the decline of the black middle class and the black family coincided – and, let’s be honest, were caused by – the Democrat Party’s ongoing campaign to bring all of black society under its social wing.

So yeah. Nancy Pelosi thanked George Floyd for doing the one thing she expects of any black man – providing her a crisis to not waste.

21 thoughts on “The Racism Of Commoditized Expectations

  1. And now we have to make sure justice prevails in the sentencing... or else cities will burn

    She may not have said it out loud, but she sure meant to…

  2. What the hell was Pelosi thinking, thanking George Floyd for being murdered?

    Maybe wearing that Kente Cloth went to her head…

  3. Atlanta is the same warzone you’ll find in any city with a large black population. There’s murders ever single day.

    The one difference is, it hasn’t spread to the downtown area, perhaps because there are not many bars there.

  4. I’m always amazed at the crazy nonsense that the left can spout off without being called on it.

  5. Atlanta is the same warzone you’ll find in any city with a large black population.

    Right. But there’s also a black middle class in a way you don’t see as much of here.

  6. I’ve been to Atlanta a few times (corporate headquarters was there for awhile), and the scariest place to be was the highway belt around the city. Thought I was going to die a few times.

    I was also at a conference there one time and went out to lunch with a group of folks, and we wanted some wine and beer with our meal. It was an election day, however, and Georgia law said alcohol couldn’t be sold until after the polls closed to defeat beer-for-votes schemes.

  7. I’ve been to Atlanta a few times (corporate headquarters was there for awhile), and the scariest place to be was the highway belt around the city.

    285E is to be avoided at all costs, but 85N isn’t any better; lots of California migrants who brought not only their leftist mental illness and appetites for degenerate behavior, but their driving habits, which in addition to driving like it’s a drag race includes shooting from their vehicles when aggravated).

    But you can’t really judge until you’ve taken a little trip on MARTA (the local’s have a pronunciation for that acronym…I’ll let you guess what it is), which is Atlanta’s choo choo. The only reason it isn’t a complete jungle is the ease of getting a CWP and Georgia’s stand your ground law.

  8. Grifters of old taught their children to feign injury in traffic accidents to collect money from motorists anxious to avoid police.

    Grifters today teach their children to commit suicide by cop to collect money from city councils anxious to avoid bad publicity.

    I liked the old way better.

  9. I remember visiting Atlanta back in 1994, took Marta from the airport to the youth hostel a couple of miles from Georgia Tech. Asked a young man about the neighborhood, and he said “it’s OK” as if he didn’t really quite believe it, so I made sure I walked a little more street smart than usual on the way. Didn’t have any trouble there, but I did get some “who are you and why are you in this neighborhood” looks when I visited the Carter library. I don’t think I hit any of the really rough areas of town.

    That noted, I went to college with guys from Detroit, grew up near Gary, spent a couple of summers going each week to a church in Compton, am not entirely unfamiliar with the South Side of Chicago and….I’m at a loss to think of anyone who would think that George Floyd wanted to die for racial justice. What a strange, obnoxious thing for Pelosi to say. It’s right up there with showing off her gigantic freezer full of premium ice cream for terms of relational obtuseness.

  10. Your facts about cities really are distinctions of little value or meaning.

    Democrats lead most large cities. They do, in part, because many cities have dense populations of minority communities who do not trust the GOP (for valid reasons). But, let’s be clear, in those few large cities where the GOP is the mayor (or a better measure, where the GOP holds the governorship and frequently, the statehouse), the same achievement gaps exist. This silly little strawman that you want to concoct that Dems have done a poor job lifting those populations out of poverty is willfully ignoring cities aren’t islands. A city does not/cannot set the prevailing wage for a job sector. Supposed incentive programs/lower taxation rates in red states in NO WAY has lead to higher paying jobs in those states, in fact, in Mississippi, wages have fallen 9k since the financial crisis began whereas in numerous blue states, they’ve otherwise risen.

    Look, bottom line, stop the red-state/red-city vs. blue city nonsense. We’re all Americans. We, the USA, have done a poor job helping our poor. Most people do not spend a life in poverty but many people who are educated at public (and private for that matter) schools who come from a very poor background, wind-up poor ultimately because they are taught (by an unfriendly system) that a. Follow the rules first rather than solve problems first (according to vast sociological study of our infrastructural (non)mobility) and they learn the system b. is stacked against them, so the lose hope and often opt-out. Those problems plague cities headed by Dems as much and no more than those headed by Repubs. That you need to instead focus on party affiliation rather than solution speaks only to that you are just a party shill, which is a damned shame.

  11. I worked in a factory, and believe me, you can give someone a job, but you can’t make them work. You can send them to school, but you can’t make them learn.

    Generation after generation of women giving birth and not being married has produced offspring that will never work for a living. Crime will always be their chosen profession. That should be obvious if you are willing to look.

  12. Democrats lead most large cities. They do, because many cities have dense populations of minority communities who are completely dependent on government to provide them food, housing, sail foams, free lawyers, cable TeeVee, care for their kids while they pawdy and doctors to treat their gunshot wounds.

    FTFY again , Peevee. I’m going to have to start charging for this service.

  13. Peevee blurted: “We’re all Americans.”

    Not you. Not any leftist trash.

  14. Peevee squirted: “Your facts about cities really are distinctions of little value or meaning.”

    Translation: “Staaaaahp telling the truth! Lalalalalalalaalala…I can’t heeeeeear you!”

  15. peev has lapsed into his Rodney King persona; “Can’t we all get along” – talk about white urban privilege!

  16. Paddyboy, maybe provide some statistics. Show us how the prosperity/etc. gaps in cities governed by Republicans are the same as those governed by Democrats.

    For my part, I’ll help you out a bit. New York City was blessed to have moderate Republican governance with Giuliani, halfway sensible moderation with Bloomberg, and as a result, crime plunged to levels that Chicago and LA only dreamed of. Similarly, LA reached a relative low while Richard Riordan, a Republican, was mayor.

    Oh, wait, that doesn’t help your hypothesis, does it? Oh, well, next time, try harder. Or maybe think of the possibility that wasting billions on light rail while putting the poor in projects/crime towers while disarming the law-abiding might not be your recipe for urban harmony.

  17. Bike, I have a World Almanac from 1970. On page 263, it listed the black population of Mpls at 2% of the total in 1960. The year 1961 was the last year of the last Republican mayor. At 2%, I’m not really sure how this fits the theory of a “dense population of minority communities”, but making up tons and tons of BS so it’s too tiresome to argue is p-boy’s preferred way of discussing things.

  18. A certain P-commenter suggests that the education achievement gap exists in both Red and Blue cities, meaning Black failure to learn is not the fault of the people running the system. Apparently, he believes Blacks are just stupid.

    Wow, I guess Democrats really haven’t changed.

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