Berg’s Fourteenth Law Of Media Behavior

The more strenuously a media organization identifies itself as “fact-checkers”, the more completely their “fact checking” will actually be checking statement for congruency with progressive conventional wisdom.

First of all – there was a time when “journalism” was “fact-checking”. The fact that a “fact check” industry (let’s assume for a moment they’re on the left, which the existence of Berg’s 14th Law indicates they are not).

But ongoing developments at “Politifact” and “Snopes” have borne this law out in spades -and spawned a corollary:

The Maddow Corollary to Berg’s Fourteenth Law:  The same goes for science.

It’s a society full of people who think “following Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Twitter” and “making jokes about creationists” is “Science”.

Here are all the references to Berg’s 14th Law.