Dropping Like Flies

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The “vaccine” is perfectly safe.  Any claims to the contrary are misinformation spread by science deniers. 

I mean seriously, who are you going to believe: the shills paid to sell it to you, or your lying eyes?

Joe Doakes

If the general public took the message it should from this past year, Big Government would never recover.

41 thoughts on “Dropping Like Flies

  1. No vaccine, medication, treatment, machine, food, building, activity, etc etc is “perfectly safe.” But to a highly predictable degree vaccines are safe. The woman in Denmark fainted for the same reason soldiers standing in formation faint. It’s called a vasovagal response. Happened to me as a kid when I was an altar boy in church, standing motionless and wearing cassock plus robe.
    As far as Covid mania goes, let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water. Vaccine is helping the vulnerable population without question. The other stuff, not so much.

  2. I have a couple borderline anti-vax friends, and I’ve been struck that they don’t need to dig very deep into fringe websites for articles highlighting the supposed danger/uselessness of the vaccines.

  3. Thanks for the reminder, E-Collective. I’m still waiting for you to explain how one can tell whether a society has acquired herd immunity from vaccination, from exposure, or from attrition (the vulnerable population died off leaving only the immune).

    Also, what should President Trump have done to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus, when should he have done it, and under what authority?

    You pontificate a lot, expecting us to believe your statements as if they were unchallengable Holy Writ, pronounced ex cathedra. Unless you’re the Pope . . . . HOLY CRAP, are you the Pope? Is the E-Collective just your pen name?

    That would explain so much.

  4. I’ve never had a flu shot, and I’ve never had the flu. I’m not getting a shot for the Communist Chinese Bat Flu Lung Rot, because I’m not afraid of getting it. About 99% of the people who’ve caught it never got real sick and/or died.

    Everyone should use their own judgment.

  5. AllenS,

    Like you, I haven’t had so much as a cold in over 8 years. My wife is a true believer and as a breast cancer survivor and being about 45 pounds overweight, she feels that she’s vulnerable and asked me to get it, so I did. I’m praying that the unknowns are a non issue for me. Contrary to the rantings of our resident true believing troll, there have been some compelling (and scarier than the virus) evidence presented by medical and science types, that should give people pause before they get jabbed. A couple of them have used the data (read this twice to absorb it, Emery) put out by the vaccine makers to make their cases. Here is one that has some pretty scary conclusions. It includes interviews from people involved in the development of viruses, who, IMO, should be in prison for crimes against humanity. It’s 2.5 hours long, but worth a listen.

  6. Joe, who on earth said it was “perfectly safe”? I’ve never read that. Are you just building a strawman so you can argue against it? It is very safe, not perfectly safe. The incidence of serious reaction is FAR FAR below 1%. Yes, people have some short-term side effects, sore arms, sore throat, cough, fever. Lasts a couple of days.

    A far lower number have more serious reactions, including, unfortunately, a few which may have an anaphylactic reaction which of course can be fatal. This point, Joe, is this. Weigh the 1:1,000,000 chance of a serious blood clot reaction against the roughly 1.6% fatality rate (not to mention the 30% ish rate of long-haul health effects). Bottom line Joe, no one said this vaccine is perfectly safe. It’s REALLY safe, but not perfect. Nothing is perfect, certainly your idol DJT was a VERY long way from perfect. If you expect perfect in life, you’re going to be very disappointed. The measles vaccine isn’t perfect, people have reactions. The flu vaccine isn’t perfect either.

    Last thing, Joe, the woman collapsed for unknown reasons, not quite sure what her collapse has to do with the vaccine? I did read in that article someone died, but her collapse had nothing to do with the vaccine as far as anyone knows and using that video as some sort of inference/innuendo is misleading media/journalism at best. We have had one fatality in the US as well from the J&J vaccine, ONE, out of about six MILLION does (along with five other serious clotting reactions). We have zero known deaths from the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, so in total that’s one death out of 140 Million doses. Are you seriously that afraid that you would rather risk the disease than take a 1:140 Million risk (or even one in one million)? Seriously? Then I’d suggest you never leave your house. You have a greater chance of being struck by lightning.

  7. I hear an echo of a Monty Pyton sketch:

    Well first of all I’d like to apologize for the behaviour of certain of my colleagues who dropped over on camera as you may have seen earlier, but they are from broken homes, circus families and so on and they are in no way representative of the new modern improved medical system. They are a small vociferous minority; and may I take this opportunity of emphasizing that vaccine passports are an absolute necessity as there is no risk from the Covid vaccine, absolutely none, and when I say none, I mean there is a certain amount, more than we are prepared to admit, but all patients are warned that if they fail to wake up in the morning or find strange rashes at all anywhere on their bodies, they’re to tell me immediately so that I can immediately take every measure to hush the whole thing up.

  8. My take on the vaccine is that there are some indications that the J&J and AstraZenica vaccines are linked to blood clots–primarily, but not solely, among women of childbearing age. It’s a one in a million thing, fair enough.

    On the flip side, a steep drop in fatalities started when the vaccine was deployed among the chief spreaders (apparently government, medical, and other essential workers), and we might infer that we can obtain some immunity by continuing this deployment.

    Another reason to take the vaccine is that as the disease progresses, it mutates–and if I’m not a “link” in the chain, that chain will not mutate ten infections after me, because I didn’t transmit the disease to anyone. The risk here is completely unknown, but given that we’ve had about thirty significant mutations in this disease already, there’s enough evidence that suggests to me I don’t want to be that link in the chain.

  9. The first thing they need to do is reward people for getting vaccinated by letting us return to our lives. That means vaccine passports. So that concerts and shows and restaurants can distinguish between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

    I realize there’s a level of unfairness there. But no one needs to be able to eat indoors. Many of us have lived without it for over a year. Letting the vaccinated in would encourage other people to get vaccinated. Which would help everyone.

    The sooner we reach herd immunity, the better for everyone. Including the anti-vaxxers.

  10. Emery,

    I asked you a question in the “Rumor of War” thread.

    Please answer it over there. And by “please” I mean “today”.

  11. Sorry bike, but that dog won’t hunt. Everyone that takes that vaccine is a guinea pig, serving as the long term trials that most drugs go through before approval by the FDA, which was compromised by Big Pharma at two decades ago. Further, when people like Bill Gates, a depopulation advocate, weigh in pushing vaccines and the left embraces him, a sane person has to ask when and where he got his medical degree and what specialty is it for? Finally, when the CEO of Pfizer publicly states that people will need annual booster shots, it proves that it’s all about the money. Gotta make sure that the fearful, gullible sheep are primed to keep the revenue stream going.

  12. I will not say anything negative about people managing their own risk and deciding they need the shots. My personal risk management assessment as a healthy, height weight proportionate, physically active, middle aged male who hasn’t even so much as had a tooth cavity in my life says no thank you. Finding out you already have the antibodies would also be reason enough. This is not a political decision and does not make me anti-‘vax’ as some people like to opine.

    Merck quit working on a serum and their research indicated we were better off acquiring the antibodies naturally.


  13. The E-bagger equates “cannot spread Covid” with “vaccinated” as justification for vaccine passports, a necessary precondition for returning to America As We Knew It Before The Endless Lockdowns Based Entirely On Science You Heretic.

    But if that were true, then how did earlier societies do it? How did they achieve herd immunity without vaccines? And if it’s possible to achieve herd immunity without vaccines, then shouldn’t we be testing for immunity rather than vaccination? And then why would we need passports to document our immunity, however acquired, since the rest of society would also be immune?

    I suspect vaccine = immunity is only one part of the Venn diagram and possibly not the largest part. Threatening to lock down society forever based on one politically correct partial answer is not SCIENCE, it’s propaganda, which is used by all dictatorships to maintain political power.

  14. bike – Wuhan Flu is not a naturally occurring virus. It did not come about by “natural selection” unless you think there is a batman running around, a progeny of a human bonking a bat. As such, Wuhan Flu has no natural path for mutation – it will die. It has to. Nature decrees so. Unless, like the rule of law, rules of nature had been cancelled.

    And no, the variants, like the London strain (amazing how you can say that, but don’t you dare say Wuhan Flu!) are not mutations like the flu ones.

  15. MBerg wrote: /I asked you a question in the “Rumor of War” thread.

    Please answer it over there. And by “please” I mean “today”./

    Mr Berg: Once again you’re ‘shouting at the clouds’. I replied to your query. You didn’t like my reply and found it necessary to remove it. Don’t you have something better to do than beat a dead horse?

  16. I’ve removed none of your replies today.

    Unless you are in fact “Emery Incognito” as well.

  17. So it seems you are in fact both “Emery” accounts?

    For the love of Cthulhu – why?

  18. And where is Bill Gates’ medical degree from? I believe he has an honorary degree from the School of There Ain’t Half Been Some Clever Bastards, and probably a closet full of other honorary degrees that really rich guys tend to accumulate. “Appeal to Money” is now a logical argument.

  19. Regarding the experimental nature of vaccines, what I’ve read is simply that the FDA allowed the tests to be run in parallel instead of in series–that we didn’t have to wait for the FDA to look at the data, deliberate slowly, and then decide to go on to the next stage. If that’s not in fact what they did, then that slipped by a good friend of mine who has read most of the qualification studies–he’s a pathologist at Mayo very interested in this stuff for obvious reasons.

    If that’s not what was in fact done, yes, a bunch of people need to go to jail. I’m not a total defender of the FDA–my grandmother got a triple bypass courtesy of the FDA’s mishandling of Vioxx, and of course Martha Stewart went to jail courtesy of the FDA’s mishandling of ImClone’s Erbitux. But it’s not true to say that the vaccines are just “experimental”. Rather, the developers skipped most of the rigamarole of finding funding, endless review cycles, and the like.

    And on the evidence that I’ve seen that they reduce infection rates and most likely reduce transmission rates, what I say stands. It has some likelihood of reducing the possibility of mutations that will make what we currently are suffering seem like child’s play.

  20. Weigh the 95% effectiveness and a chance of a lethal blood clot, anaphylactic reaction, Bell’s Palsy, flesh rotting rash of an experimental vaccine against a flu virus with roughly 98% recovery rate.

    Fixed it for you, Peevee. Better get yourself a booster.

  21. MBerg queried: “So it seems you are in fact both “Emery” accounts?

    For the love of Cthulhu – why?”

    Potato Head is way too much of an ignorant asshole to fit into just one account.

  22. The E-Bunch has TWO secret identities, for an added layer of protection from Umbrella Man.

    Bonus – one secret identity can sock puppet for the other while both disclaim responsibility for justifying their assertions.

  23. And on the evidence that I’ve seen that they reduce infection rates and most likely reduce transmission rates, what I say stands. It has some likelihood of reducing the possibility of mutations that will make what we currently are suffering seem like child’s play.

    There is no evidence. I mean there is evidence™ that is based on numbers being cooked from day one. Sorry, but I have a healthy dose of skepticism and do not trust just about anything Big Pharma and especially CDC has to say.

    As far as mutations, do you really think that a vaccine that is designed to mess with your RNA (Pfizer et al) and DNA (a la J&J) are safer than a virus (especially from the auto-immune viewpoint) that has no natural path to mutation? Ask your pathologist buddy.

  24. JPA, all viruses have a natural path to mutation, especially coronavirii. Let’s deal in reality here, OK? No doubt there are very real concerns with the vaccines–I got the J&J–but at the same time, we know that flu viruses mutate in nature. Unless, of course, there are about 30 countries quietly running bat flu labs and releasing the results on their own people, while nobody has an attack of conscience and speaks up.

    Um, too much of a conspiracy to hide. I’m going with “natural mutation”.

  25. So it seems you are in fact both “Emery” accounts?

    For the love of Cthulhu – why?

    It always wanted to be Hayley Mills. Or Wilbur Mills. Look for Kraephammer to issue a 2-for-1 stock split in the coming days to keep pace.

  26. Well, now, Bike, let’s think about that. Remember when Liberals scoffed at the notion an election could be stolen? It would take a conspiracy of too many people over too vast an area, couldn’t be done.

    Except it could be, if you got 10 key players in 10 key counties to participate. Adding/switching a few thousand votes in Atlanta or Detroit or Milwaukee could throw the entire state to the other column and under the Electoral College system, that’s enough to throw the election. Now bring enough media/political pressure on Secretaries of State and Senators and Courts to accept the result without question: bingo – The Garden Administration takes office.

    To aid this, how many people would it take to suppress all evidence of election fraud? A few editors at Associated Press to spike stories; a few monitors on social media to suspend accounts; maybe a dozen people? The news blackout wouldn’t be complete but stories on fringe webites would be read by few and discounted by many.

    Okay, that’s all hypothetical. We know the most recent election was the most free and fair in history, just ask the winners. But could the same principles be applied to the Covid virus?

    How many editors and social media monitors would it take to suppress unfavorable stories of origin and mutation? How many bureaucrats would lie to the public ‘for the greater good’ to trick them into doing what the bureaucrats cannot prove by science they should do, but know in their hearts is the Right Thing to Do because It Stands to Reason? How many doctors would be silenced by their peers for expressing unhelpful opinions?

  27. JPA, all viruses have a natural path to mutation, especially coronavirii.

    You are wrong. Unnatural cv like Wuhan Flu has no natural path. Why do you think we do not have naturally occurring catdogs? Why are mules sterile? Is it thinking in yet? Think man, think!

  28. Joe, my thought is that it would be hard to believe if in 30 countries, hundreds of highly trained doctors/biologists knew they were doing things that would kill their friends and neighbors, but did not speak up. Maybe I’m too optimistic–certainly the degree to which people hid things during the Obama administration might suggest this–but I’m still hopeful that at least 0.1% of people have a conscience.

  29. “If the general public took the message it should from this past year, Big Government would never recover.”

    You mean that economies of scale work vs. letting local municipalities bid against each other. That tRump, who had 6 months to plan distribution colossally messed it up/created a completely inadequate system because he abdicated to states (similar to how he handled provisioning PPE), while competent governance now is administering 4M doses per day? Sorry Mitch, the exact OPPOSITE message should be taken. Abdication of leadership by the federal government, especially by the President, lead to a needless and catastrophic loss of life. That same horribly irresponsible leadership told Americans it was a hoax, invented in a lab as a weapon by the Chinese and/or Democrats, but despite not being worse than the flu and a hoax, was killing people all over the country but would have done that w/o masking or distancing which we should but should not do and the vaccine was bad but tRump deserves all the credit for developing this life-saving vaccine that was first tested (as an mRNA form) in the UK, despite it being for a hoax, and people not needing to wear masks, and it being the blue flu and it being something 99% of people would be “just fine” getting…

    Yes, that sort of clear, helpful leadership, was certainly an proof of the validity of the worth of the arguments of that same anti “Big Government” crowd that wants to enact laws to restrict voting to prevent fraudulent voting they can’t prove.

    Do you still call it the Blue Flu? do you still claim masks don’t help? Do you still claim it’s a hoax? Do you still claim a coordinated distribution of PPE or vaccines is a bad idea?

  30. Peevee screeched: “Do you still call it the Blue Flu?” I prefer bat flu or Chinky pox.

    “do you still claim masks don’t help?” Yes, provide just one controlled, peer reviewed study that proves they do. If you can’t, you’re an idiot for putting one on.

    “Do you still claim it’s a hoax?” What, the virus or the panic? First one no, it’s out there all right, second HAHAhahahahahaha!

    ” Do you still claim a coordinated distribution of PPE or vaccines is a bad idea?”

    I still claim that distributing an experimental vaccine that causes blood clots, Bells palsy, a nasty flesh eating rash, anaphylactic shock for a virus that has a 98% survival rate is a scam, perpetuated on low IQ mooks, like you.

  31. Regarding the Trump approach to vaccination, my take is that his plan (ahem) of doing qualification activities in parallel and paying the upfront costs of those activities through pre-pays for doses got us these vaccines four or five years before they otherwise would have been available. Definitely about the same amount of time before Democrats would admit it would be available.

    It’s also worth noting that places with less supervision of the vaccine distribution process–e.g. the UK and United States–clearly outperformed the more bureaucratic EU. It’s not even close.

    Nice of you, however, to lie about the rollout in the same way President Biden did. Nothing there, which is why millions of people were vaccinated by January, and the big “Biden” rollout was really just the private sector (ahem) vaccine makers making shipments before they were expected. Just sayin’.

  32. Paddyboy “That same horribly irresponsible leadership told Americans it was a hoax…”. Nice try, but that was debunked long ago, which you probably already knew. The media at first said nothing was being done about the virus-which wasn’t true so Trump called that statement a “hoax”. I realize it’s only been a little over a year since this happened so one should be given plenty of time to get their facts straight…..

  33. Last November, medical researchers conducted the first randomized tests of the effectiveness of masks. The conclusion was that masks were only minimally effective at preventing infection by the China virus. Many medical journals and media attempted to discredit the study, probably because it exposed the lies being told by FAUXci’s corrupt medical cabal, but there were no other studies that could refute the results.

    Now, we get a Stanford University study, that concludes the same thing and in fact, it further exposed the harm that the wearing of masks has done.


    Once again, I have to wonder if we will ever know the true number of deaths due to the virus and the collateral damage perpetrated on the human race for a political agenda.

  34. Look at the meta:
    Since the economic & political collapse of the United Soviet Socialist Republics in 1991, and China’s rejection of socialism and embrace of capitalism, global mobility of people and goods has increased by at least an order of magnitude.
    And covid, with a death rate far less than 1%, is the best mother nature can throw at us?
    We are in clover.
    Always look at the meta.

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