Funny Leftyblogs!

Who is the Twin Cities’ Unintentionally Funniest Leftyblog?

Of course, many of them try to by funny (and they all fail, because Minnesota liberalism and fun are inherently not compatible).  But a graze through Twin Cities’ leftyblogdom yields an embarassment of riches, in the “they think they’re serious?” department.

What is the Twin Cities’ (Unintentionally) Funniest Leftyblog?
Norwegianity: Is it contributor MNob’s legal expertise? Or is it the constant stress of wondering when Bushco is going to put him in a re-education camp in Idaho (as he predicted in 2004)? We don’t know, but the Wege – the corporate body, not Mark G. himself – is always good for a passing yuk. Or two.
Susan Lenfestey’s Clothesline: Susan Lenfestey and her staff of equally-depressive mopes answer the question “what if Sylvia Plath and Helen Caldicott had a baby who went on to write a blog – after getting her sense of (intentional) humor removed?”
MNBlue: You almost feel bad, laughing at this project; Eric “Big E” Pusey is as earnest as a cub scout at a Pinewood Derby, Andy “Mister Furious” Driscoll combines boundless irrational fury with a physical vacuum of logic, and Grace “Our Troops Are Thugs” Kelly is like Susan Lenfestey on laughing gas (I’m imagining a Sylvia Plath-type character trying to jump off a bridge, and failing because she keeps bumping into the light poles). Word has it they were all rejected from the Daily Kos for being “too out there”.
mnpACT!: I suppose if I adopted this site’s logic, Shot in the Dark is a movement of thousands, too.
Across The Great Divide: Elder nominated Charlie Quimby’s blog. You – as always – be the judge. That’s what these contests are for, after all!
Cucking Stool: It’s tempting to beat on them for being the City Pages’s “Best Leftyblog” (motto: “Best Leftyblog is for the blog that acts most lefty; best Conservative Blog is for the blog that doesn’t talk about being a conservative or anything“) on pure principle. Toss in the very played-out “joke” – narrator “spotty” is a dog, g’huck, g’huck – and the dreary sputterings of a bored twentysomething (please tell me he’s a twentysomething), and it’s a tossup whether Cucking Stool is unintentially funny, depressing, or unintentionally depressing. Don’t drive heavy machinery after reading it, in any case.
Dump Bachmann: What do you get when you combine an obsessive-compulsive with the dodgiest spelling this side of Mayer Andee, an “artist” who appears to operate Photoshop with his feet, a logorrheac (Eric Z) whose novellas essays change theme more often than Hillary Clinton changes accents, and a bunch of commenters who make you long for the measured sanity of Democratic Underground? Well, “you” get nothing, and lose a few minutes of your life you’ll never get back. But Michele Bachmann, I’m pretty convinced, got at least one point of her margin of victory last fall because of the efforts of this gorup of deranged crusaders. May they attempt to “dump” every Republican candidate next year!
Minnesota Monitor: What if you published an ethics code, and nobody bothered to follow it?  Including the editor?  (UPDATE:  In an apparent last-minute attempt to push over the finish line, the Monitor has added former Strib kommissar Jim Boyd)
Impeccable Liberal Credentials: Hm. Maybe if I salt my blog with unironic references to “revolution” and links to pr0n stars’ musings on politics, my skin would stop crawling? Maybe?
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