A Tale Of Two Stories From The Baggage Claim Level At MSP

Fifteen years ago, when Republican Senator Larry Craig was alleged to have sought sexual favors from an undercover cop in a rest room on the baggage claim level at Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport, there was no delay in getting the story out to the public.

Today – a few weeks after Sam Brinton, a much-noted Biden Administration official and gender-fluid person was arrested mere feet away for allegedly stealing a woman’s suitcase off the luggage carousel (after not checking a bag of, er, their own for the flight at all), we get…:

Look – if you want to shave your head, put on neon lipstick and a dress and excessively high heels, you go and live your best life. Go with God. Stay tf out of my business, I’ll stay out of yours.

The beef here is, as usual, the Strib had to be shamed into covering news unflattering to Democrats by a newspaper outside the Twin Cities. The New York Post took a shift (the London Daily Mail has spent so much time scooping the Strib on Ilhan Omar, it’s affecting the trade balance).

The Strib covered the story three days after conservative Alpha News.

The court filings themselves would be the sort of thing late night comics might have had a field day with…

…back in the day when late night comics weren’t bigger Democrat PR flaks than the Strib.

If At First You Don’t Gut The Fifth Amendment, Try, Try Again

The city of Minneapolis wants to try again with installing speeder cameras on city streets.

These cameras will snap pictures of speeding cars, with the license plates, and mail the vehicles owner a citation.

A friend of the blog emails

If they actually go through with this, and it passes the legal challenge, it sounds like there will be some overlook or discretion on who gets a ticket. 

No chance for abuse here. 

It’s good to be king.

Well, kings, queens, qyngs and kweengs and whatever else they get called in woke culture…


Remember when Jesse Ventura got elected governor?

He had what appeared to be a “deer in the headlights” look about him – like he never expected to win the race, I had no idea what to do when he did. When he said “we shocked the world“, he was being inclusive.

There are those who say Donald Trump was in the same basic boat; He never really expected to become president. I don’t necessarily believe that.

But I could read this next story and wonder if he’s really thought all that terribly hard about running again.S

Stay with me, here.

Now, I was never a Donald Trump fan, but it would be dishonest not to say that he did some great things in office, and punched way above his weight on many levels.

One of his greatest achievements? The sentencing reforms he drove halfway through his term, reducing federal sentences for petty drug distribution convictions and renegotiating sentences imposed during the insanely oversentenced crack epidemic, started breaking the log jam of the black vote.

This was one of his announcements last night:

Is he actually going to do a complete 180 on one of the best things he ever did for the actual party that nominated him?

Seer In The Headlights

A friend of the blog emails:

This woman has had 2 scary incidents

She tries to say in the op-ed that there are solutions. She doesn’t name any.

It doesn’t appear as though she called the police at all over either incident, so she is complicit, in my opinion, to allowing these criminals to terrorize others, maybe even kill someone next time. She doesn’t seem to care.

If she found herself visiting a small rural town, where several white rural stereotypes were shooting at each other and pointing their guns at her and her children, would she have the same beliefs? I don’t know.

But, in either case, she should be calling the police. Fine, believe in, advocate for early interventions. But, when someone is actively engaged in criminal activity, early intervention is too late. They are criminals. We have laws. Why is that so hard for people to understand? Does half the country have Stockholm Syndrome? 

I saw this morning that Peggy Noonan wrote that crime might elect a Republican in New York. And it is possible here in Minnesota, as well. I’m not going to win any friends by saying this, but I’ll say it anyway- I hope Republicans are truly prepared for that possibility.

Yeah, that’s kind of (pun incoming) elephant in the room: the GOP is going to need to deliver on a lot if they win significant enough majorities…well, anywhere.

Never Forget

The Vice President of the United States actively worked to bail out rioters, convicted rapists and scads of violent goons:

Not a single national Democrat or local DFLer denounced this erosion of our legal system. Some, including much of the metro and state “progressive” power elite, celebrated and participated in it.

This needs to be held against every last one of them in tomorrow’s elections.

UPDATE: Next Tuesday’s elections. Sometime banking posts for the future is a two-edge sword.

None Dare Call It Bribery

This is the message going out to recipients of the state “Hero Pay” checks:

Tammany Hall called. They want their methodology back.

Why, it’s almost like he wants people to ponder “his” magnanimity at election time, as early voting begins.


UPDATE: Wait, it gets better:


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails, for the first time in a bit:

Hayward is a smart guy but he’s making the same mistake as all the other tuxedo conservatives: he assumes the people at the Fed know what they’re doing and are trying their best in good faith to make things better. I’m not convinced that’s true.

If the cause of rampant inflation was easy credit causing “too much consumin’ goin’ on,” then tightening interest rates would reduce the credit, reduce consumption thereby and reduce inflation. If the cause of rampant inflation is lack of supply, tightening interest rates does nothing to generate more supply so it won’t bring down inflation. 

Case in point, trailers in the senior citizens mobile home park last year were selling for $80,000 when we bought ours. There were plenty to choose from. After Hurricane Ian there are two for sale, the cheapest is $120,000. Interest rates have nothing to do with it: this is a supply problem. Raising rates won’t put more trailers online.

Similarly, strangling American oil production limits supply, causing prices to rise for everything that needs oil, including consumer gasoline, but also higher priced diesel for trucks and trains to haul goods and higher priced electricity made from natural gas.  Raising interest rates won’t put more oil online. 

In fact, raising interest rates makes it harder for business to afford the higher priced oil, giving them a double whammy. Hayward’s asks whether the Fed is raising rates too fast. I question whether they should be raising rates at all.

Either I’m dumb as a box of rocks, completely failing to understand economics, or the Fed is pushing the rate hike button because it’s the only button they have to push.  It’s not going to work and they know it  so they need some distraction for the voters. Hence Putin, Ukraine, Trump, slavery…

Joe Doakes 

Or “Fascists in the bushes”.


I remember thirty years ago, when all the Democrats who’d backed the wrong side in the Cold War got very, very quiet when the crimes of the Soviets over the previous seven decades became too clear to miss.

They ducked, weaved and deflected – but they ultimately got quiet.

As we speak, Iranian police and “Basij” – the Iranian version of Brownshirts, ZOMO or government-sanctioned “Anti”-Fa – are gassing, beating and shooting people protesting the death of a woman who was beaten to death, not for not wearing a hijab, but for not wearing it right. Up to 400 have died, and the demonstrations – which the Biden Administration hasn’t thrown under the bus quite yet – aren’t slowing down yet.

Seeing how the most stridently Muslim members of the Democrat Party, and 3/5 of “The Squad”, are doing exactly the same thing re Iran:

It is obscene that the Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour and U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar have failed to say anything about these brave Iranian women, let alone offer their moral support.

Sarsour and Omar continue to glorify their wearing of hijab as a protest against white racism and alleged “Islamophobia.”

U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib posted a statement Sept. 23 expressing solidarity with the protesters “as they fight for a woman’s right to bodily autonomy and against police brutality in the wake of the horrifying murder of #MahsaAmini.”

I’m so looking forward to sitting on the right side of history and heckling Omar.

Open Letter To Governors Abbot And DeSantis


Seeing the hair pulling response of upper middle class leftist to actually have to pay the freight for their own policies on the border is, to put it frankly, utterly glorious:

Put another way:

Might I humbly suggest you send a couple of buses to:

  • Merriam Park in Saint Paul
  • Kenwood in Minneapolis
  • City Hall in Rochester
  • Crocus Hill in Saint Paul
  • Linden Hills in Minneapolis
  • Lexington at Chatsworth in Saint Paul
  • The DFL headquarters, down on Plato Boulevard.

The footage will be off the hook.

That is all.


There is an ad running at my station, from some major police organization, urging people to not escalate issues with the police during routine contacts.

“It’s easier to de-escalate if you don’t escalate” , the add urges.Which is good advice, provided you trust both sides of the episode to be above board and trustworthy.

The ad sticks in my craw, knowing the advice is only as trustworthy as the system it speaks about.

Which, when you remember that police are an arm of government, gets to be a little less sustainable.

Which is why I’m hoping some police department, somewhere, is having a word with this particular wannabe stormtrooper.

Police departments have spent the last couple of years trying to rebuild their public image, after a decade of episodes of police overreach, arrogance and brutality. 

It’s people like this that make it really hard to “back to the blue“ without a big, bold asterisk afterwards.

UPDATE: The officer, Breanna Straus, apparently was suspended.

It wasn’t enough.


It’s been my theory – almost but not quite a Berg’s Law – that DFL pols know they can say anything they want about anything they want, because they know “their” voters – especially the highly “educated” middle-class white progs that have become the DFL base – are basically herd animals incapable of critical thought, and the media will do nothing to change that.

Submitted as evidence:

If Keith Ellison has prosecuted a crime more “violent” than keeping a bar open during the pandemic, it’s only after Ken Martin and a bunch of the little endomorphic wannabe tough guys from Macalester who work for him barged into his office with a stack of internal polls showing electoral doom and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Anniversary Notes

What about this time 21 years ago, Americans were united in a way they had not been since the VJ day; President Bush’s popularity rating was climbing towards 90% faster than an F//15 scrambling to find a bogey.

And we were pretty sure we knew who the enemy was.

I have a hunch that if 9/11 were to happen today, the leftist dominant culture in our country would ruefully admit we deserve – – unless it happened in red America in which case it would be positively celebrated.


I’m going to guess some internal poles give representatives Angie Craig and Dean Phillips a bit of a wake up call.

2022: representatives Craig and Phillips have a bit of a change of heart, just in time for midterms:

I’m going to guess that all those soccer moms in Lakeville and Wayzata aren’t amused at the news of carjackings filtering out to the burbs.

Conflict Of Interest

The new head of Planned Parenthood Twin Cities is Ruth Richardson.

Who also happens to be a Minnesota state representative:

Wonder if she plans on recusing herself from votes on Planned Parenthood funding if the media would say anything about it even if she didif the media would say anything about it even if she did or BWAHAHAHAHAHhHhaaaaa sometimes I say the dumbest things.

Labored Day

On Monday, third district Congressman Dean Phillips claimed complete ownership of Labor Day:

Seems a little presumptuous – foreclosing all communication that is ambivalent to opposed re unions – unless Phillips is a real champion of labor.

But a quick search doesn’t indicate that the Phillips distillery in Princeton Minnesota is unionized; a look through a court document related to a workmen’s compensation case mentions no union involvement on behalf of an injured warehouse worker, so I don’t think it’s a reasonable stretch to assume the plant is not, or not fully, unionized.

I will be putting in a call to representative Phillips‘s office on this today.

“Semi-Fascists” Vs. Not-Semi-At-All Authoritarian, Part II

President Brandon and a cavalcade of lesser flaks have been referring to about half the population as “Fascists“, and people who want to destroy democracy.

Remember this?

In 2020, a group of activists tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus on the Capitol mall in Saint Paul.

Although the entire episode was carried live in TV, only one person was arrested; that person was “sentenced” to teaching elementary school kids about the evils of Columbus, which is a little like sentencing drunk driver to teaching mixology to high school kids.

This happened, even as the person in charge of the Capitol Architecture Commission, Peggy Flanagan (have you heard she’s Native American?), had the power in her hands to remove the statue via due process – which is slow and boring, compared to having your activist buddies do it for you.

And lefty social media was clogged with addlepated lefties nodding and going “rules, schmules; at least it’s gone”.

One needn’t imagine what’d happen if some non-DFL group decided to tear down a statute of their bete noir; I’ve thought about how fun it’d be to rip down the statue of noted authoritarian socalist Floyd Olson. I don’t suspect I’d get “sentenced” to teaching high school kids about the evils of socialism.

This episode highlights three facets of the sort of authoritarian government that is, in fact, the sort of “fascism” that Big Left is trying to paint the right with:

  • The Rule of Law is for Other People: Don’t want to go through the Capitol Architecture Committee – or get your Student Loan Redistribution passed by Congress, or have to convince the American people and their state legislatures of the rightness of your cause, or convince Republicans of their wrongness? Just have your buddies tear it down, or declare $10K null and void with no statutory authority, or pack the Supreme Court, or send your “Anti”-Fa crowd in to bust some heads. Rules are for peasants.
  • Different Versions of Justice For the Political “Haves” and “Have Nots”: Lois Lerner will never go to jail for gang-raping the First Amendment. Not only did the Ramsey County Attorney’s office not actually punish Woody Kane for leading a planned, coordinated assault of Republicans, they may as well have sent him off with a voucher for a hooker and dinner at the Saint Paul Grill.
  • The Ends Justify The Means: If your idea of government, like the people approving of the tearing down of the statue, is “to get the things I want done, done”, or the shorter but more cynical “move things forward” – whether good, evil or indifferent – then you don’t really get self-government, and likely don’t want to.

“But Trump did all those things!”

Are you sure you want to make “our leadership is doing the same thing the person we call ‘literaly Hitler’ did” your lede?

Just A Note Before We Go

We’ve talked about four attributes of authoritarian government – defining boogeymen, circumventing the rule of law, and making one’s ends justify one’s means.

There’s one more; wrapping ones side in some larger cause, be it “history” or nationalism or, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess, “the soul of the nation” – about which President Brandon will be talking today.

So that’ll be the next part.

Extremism Watch

Governor Klink (or one of the chirpy 20-somethings in his communications office) writes:

So let’s make sure we’ve got this straight. The governor whose party says:

  • public safety is a “privilege”
  • We need to ban most/all guns
  • The police should be defunded or radically reorganized
  • Parents should just shut up and let teachers and school administrators do their thinking for them
  • A five-year-old can pick their own sex
  • entire (politically favorable) classes of debt should be eliminated without consequencedebt should be eradicated without consequence
  • Society needs to be radically rebuilt from the core outward
  • fetuses should be abortable until birth, if not after

… feels the need to warn us about “extremism“?

Cranking The Screws

If it seemed to you that the Administration and Dems jammed down the “Inflation Reduction Act” – an agglomeration of “Build Back Battered“ and “Green New Deal“ policies – really really hard?

You were probably right. It’s because people are losing interest in “climate change“:

mericans are less concerned now about how climate change might impact them personally — and about how their personal choices affect the climate — than they were three years ago, a new poll shows, even as a wide majority still believe climate change is happening…Overall, 35% of U.S. adults say they are “extremely” or “very” concerned about the impact of climate change on them personally, down from 44% in August 2019. Another third say they are somewhat concerned. Only about half say their actions have an effect on climate change, compared with two-thirds in 2019.

The story is, in fact, more climatemongery, and goes on to try to re-bury the lede – but between the lines, the message is there; other priorities are taking over for people in the real world, outside the upper-middle-class progressive bubble.

And if people ever make the connection between the output of the “green/sustainable/equitable“ mafia policies, and the depression in their standard of living, that’s going to be a big problem for the greens.

Poor people don’t solve problems.

Feminists Need Not Apply

New play about Joan of Arc portrays her as…

…you guessed it.

Forget about cultural conservatives. I’m waiting for the world’s feminists to rise up in anger at the trans mafia that is appropriating and canceling womanhood itself (without which the Joan of Arc story is just another insurgency).