The Party Of Crime And Violence

To: DFL Parents
From: Mitch Berg, Obstreporous Peasant
Re: Your Kids

DFL comms guy Ryan Faircloth [1] had himself a chuckle in the lobby of the GOP convention last Friday:

The sign, naturally, is a just a tad tongue-in-cheek.

But the MNDFL – the party of “comedians” who aren’t funny and people with no sense of humor, to sa nothing of the party of Judd Hoff and Nicole Mitchell – forgot about Judd Hoff, Nicole Mitchell and “Anti”-Fa long enough to post this:

Now, let’s focus on the sign.

DFLer parents: how about teaching your kids that hitting people with skateboards and shooting golf balls and frozen water bottles from slingshots isn’t actually political speech?

That is all.

[1] CORRECTION: Ryan Faircloth appears to be a reporter for the Strib, not a DFL comms guy.

We regret the error.

A Stylish LIttle Stiletto Boot On Your Neck Forever: Apple Valley Edition

Among Big Left’s great crimes against history is the complete devaluation they have achieved against the term “Fascist”. To much of the parts of society that routinely use the word, it now means “anyone not on board with today’s left’s narrative”.

No, really:

And Big Left knows what it’s doing, since the other options have also been hijacked. Call someone a Nazi, and you’re overwrought. Call someone a Communist, and people start jabbering about the Red Scare.

“Authoritarian” works, but it doesn’t have quite the same emotional impact – and Big Left has been diluting that one by associating it with Trump – a demonstrably less authoritarian president than Obama or The Potato.

So given the options, what does one call a political figure or party that:

  • Their ends justify their means – including the use of government force to secure compliance
  • Tries to co-opt the institutions of society to further their political ends, starting with government and schools and ending with the family itself?
  • Aggressively “sorts” society into “good guys” and, especially, “others” to use as scapegoats and deflections from one’s own actions – up to and including creating an official version of “reality” that may or may not have much in common with the real thing.

Let’s take a thoroughly educational look at a politician who seems to check off all the boxes for…well, the “A” word. And maybe some definitions of the “F” word.

The Real Authority

Maye Quade is a fully-fledged creation of leftist institutions – and pays obeisance to them:

Maye Quade pays obeisance to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which was once a legitimate civil rights group but has been nothing but leftist shills for the past three decades.

But she certainly has no love lost for society’s actual institutions.

Like parenthood.

She wants to nullify parents trying to teach their children morality and ethics, so her side doesn’t have to work quite so hard to uproot them. j

This is, of course, on top of her very casual relationship with telling the truth if it’s not in her political interest.

Might Makes Right

Maye Quade may not actually have the executive power to sicc government and its monopoly in the use of force on her political (and finanncial?) enemies.

But she sure thinks about it:

“I would love to eminent domain all 98 of these crisis pregnancy centers and turn them into affordable housing for people who do have children,” said Sen. Maye Quade. “I would love to turn them into food banks and diaper banks and formula banks. Like, these are things that actually support people having children when they decide they would like to have children, and everything that crisis pregnancy centers are doing is not that. None of it is that.”

Aggressively Sorting

Maye Quade has a staffer who’s got a bit of a “virulent anti-Semite” vibe.

This is, of course, shocking in that the aide is more antisemitic than Maye Quade’s own equivocating weasel-word-larded antisemitism:

Your tax dollars are paying for this.

It should go without saying Senator Maye Quade, like all leftists, is more aggressively yet casually racist about “othering” apostates – in this case, Senator Tim Scott, a Republican and African-American:

…which is a perfect invocation of Berg’s 11th Law.

And, like every good gaslighting abusive partner, it’s all really your fault:

Hard to miss the fact that the “consequences” in her “culture” are entirely one-sided. But that’s the nature of the abusive gaslighter. But then, I did mention creating an alternate, “official” reality, didn’t I?

No, really – an actual alternate reality…

That settles it, then.

…deviance from which is considered heresy.

I mean, a Republican with a similiar record of shilling for naked authority, advocating the co-option of instutions and relentlessly cutting out “others” to use as enemies would be called an “authoritarian” at the very least.

And yet it’s Senator Maye Quade that walks the walk

We’ve Got Good News And Bad News

The good news: Minnesota’s new paid family leave law will cost 25% more than originally budgeted:

Minnesota’s new paid family and medical leave program will launch in 2026 with a 25% higher payroll tax than originally anticipated when the bill was passed last session, an assistant commissioner with the Department of Employment and Economic Development told lawmakers on Monday. 

Because DEED has been given legislative authority to raise the tax, the agency can do so without requiring a new law. 

“Wait, Mitch – I thought you said that was the good news?”

I did.

The bad news? The program doesn’t start until 2026. Like the Southwest LIght Rail and every other DFL spending boondoggle, this program is going to get more expensive before anyone ends up using it.

Goal Line Stand

At the beginning of this session, I’d have figured the DFL trifecta would get some portion of their gun grab agenda jammed down. Maybe not outright bans on semi-automatic firearms, or repeal of pre-emption – but most of the smart money said “safe storage” and “lost and stolen reporting” was going to get jammed down no matter what.

And yet here we are with a week to go, and there’s only one bill still on the table – the stupid binary trigger ban:

And this next week could be – and needs to be – a red zone stand for the ages:

Your phone calls matter. Grant Hauschild – DFL Senator from Tom Bakk’s old district – bailed on the “safe storage” bill, negating Nicole “The Ninja” Mitchell’s vote. It was a close call.

By the way – note that it’s the Gun Owners Caucus doing the work. Not “Minnesota Gun Rights”. If you’re not a member, you need to be. Get on it

Get on your phone. Kill the bills.

Tu Quoque

Trump is going to speak at the Lincoln/Reagan dinner – one of the MNGOP’s big annual fundraisers.

The DFL thinks they’re onto something.

It’s so cute that the DFL thinks that most Trump voters don’t know this – I know many who stopped holding their noses and switched to full-face respirators to vote for him.

But we – especially if “we” are working class Minnesotans whose paychecks are 20% smaller than they were five years ago, and whose food budgets have gone up by half – might be willing to give it another shot at this rate.

Why do Democrats have such problems with cognitive dissonance?

DFL: Criminals AND Misogynists

Today’s DFL:

  1. They nominate a convicted stalker to run against his alleged (by his own video) victim.
  2. They trot Nichole Mitchell’s animated political corpse into the Senate chamber to vote for their idiotic “safe storage”, which will get tossed in court, and which will literally create a presumption of guilt against a homeowner whose firearms are stolen via any means.
  3. And then, when Rep Franson brings up an emendment to exempt current victims of active stalkers, tell the little ladies they shouldn’t worry their pretty little heads and leave the guns to the menfolk.

What? You thought I was kidding?

This would be called “mansplaining” anywhere else.

Which brings us to the female face of misogyny, Jamie Becker-Finn:

They are treating their moment in absolute power as a way to say “nya nya” to people they hate. No more.

Your Periodic Reminder…

…that Ilhan Omar is a truly reprehensible person:

But hey, if you live in CD5 [1], feel free to vote for her, whether you are pro-corruption, graft and antisemitism, or against it.

[1] Or are buried within the borders of CD5

Just Asking Questions

Just a quick point before we get started.

The “I’m just asking questions’ school of opinion journalism – whether Rachel Maddow or Tucker Carlson or anyone in between – is a particularly toxic practice. “Asking questions” that aren’t intended to elicit the truth is pointless at best; doing it as a substitute for seeking the truth or, worse, to deny or obfuscate it, is much worse.

We’ll come back to that.

The Premise: I try not to attach too much news significance to “features” columns. It’s entirely possible that columns like this Strib article from MPR alum Laura Yuen has no ulterior motives.

But go ahead and read it, and tell lme – if the piece were part of a DFL attempt to curry sympathy for Mitchell, to soften public attitudes as the DFL heads into an election with their House majority on the line behind a raft of legislation that may or may not have enduring popularity in the third and fourth tier suburbs, how woulld it be any different?

What Nicole Mitchell did is bizarre, tragic and unlawful, if the police narrative of her breaking into her stepmother’s home prevails. The state senator’s apparent failed heist of her father’s ashes and other belongings likely spells the end of her political career.

But the emotions behind it? I understand them.

In case that opening graf left you in doubt about Yuen’s sympathies, she follows with this list of center-left dog-whistles and signaled virtues:

Trauma after losing a loved one can make a person act out of character, if not out of their mind. An Air National Guard officer, former meteorologist, lawyer, single mom and staunch defender of children’s rights, this promising first-term DFL legislator had everything to lose.

The piece goes on to discuss the crazy things that follow from grief and, it needs to be said, family issues. It isn’t not worth a read, as far as that goes.

Stil – while nobody expects features columnists to be clinically detached – “journalistic” – about their subjects, I think it’s significant that Yuen buries the facts that Mitchell changed her story, not just under questioning but on social media, using her very large publid figure megaphone.

And then (emphasis added):

Until this point, Mitchell has always struck me as a superhuman, measured in both achievements and decency. (We both worked at MPR News, and I wrote a column about her and fellow meteorologist Rob Kupec after they were sworn into the Senate.) Mitchell might deserve a second chance in politics, but it would be easier to make that case if she apologized for the actions that led up to her arrest.

Hold onto that word, “Superhuman”.

Anyway – we’ve established grief can do crazy things to the psyche.

The Possible: And it’s not necessarily a features columnist’s job to examine all the other possibilities.

But since Yuen ends with a hypothetical…:

She could start by saying she’s in grief. That she’s embarrassed by what she’s done. That she’s going to step aside while she receives professional help to heal.

And as a culture, we need to allow for people to talk openly about debilitating grief, the kind that makes a hard-working, respected legislator risk it all when she acted on the worst decision of her life.

….so will I.

It’s possible that grief pushed Senator Mitchell past the bounds of normal behavior.

Also entirely possible: Yuen isn’t hte only one to think of Mitchell as “superhuman”.

Does Mitchell believe it herself?

I’m not “Just asking questions”, here.

Mitchell is a lawyer – who publicly contradicted her statements to the police, on Facebook:

Did she do this – violate a tenet of criminal defense that every first-year law student knows – because she was crazy with grief? Or because she figured she was superhuman and could do it?

It’s probably a little trite to say “I’ve suffered plenty of grief in my life, and I never burgled any relatives” – but that’s at least in part true because neither I nor most anyone else figures that’s the right thing to do, and nothing we’re grieving about is worth that kind of trouble.

Did grief make Senator Mitchell irrational? Or is Senator Mitchell’s version of “rational” different than yours, mine or Yuen’s?

I”m going to suggest the data supporting each conclusion are about equal.

Upshot: I’m not saying that Yuen’s piece is a part of the DFL’s PR effort, to try to pitch Mitchell’s alleged behavior as sympathetic as the DFL sneaks her into the Senate to finish jamming down their agenda.

But if it were, would it be any different?

Fearless prediction: Mitchell will appear on Esme Murphy for mimosas, toenail-painting and affirmation.

Hear Me Out

As predicted, Nicole Mitchell isn’t leaving the Senate until the DFL has squeezed every last possible vote out of her:

So Real Minnesotans should picket the Capitol, and to the extent possible the Senate chambers and hearing rooms, dressedin all black, carrying tupperware and basement storm windows.

Lesson Learned

Israel has always had a paternalistic but pragmatic view of civilian firearms. As a general rule, they are opposed – but there’ve been exceptions. After a series of school massacres fifty years ago, they liberalized teacher carry in the kibbutzim – until they turned the job over to security (successfully, so far, where “success” doesn’t include civil liberty).

And now, as of last week…:

Israel Police will allow civilians to come armed to performances at Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park, Army Radio reported Monday morning. 

This decision comes as huge concert events are set to return to venues, with the first being Israeli star Omer Adam’s upcoming show. The return of these large events brings the need for increased security. Security forces decided to allow civilians to attend events with personal firearms, rather than increasing the amount of security personnel, Army Radio report noted.

Can’t say I didn’t try to warn them, where “them” = everyone that treats self-defense as a privilege.

The DFL Has A Bit Of A Felon Problem

Last week, the SD12 DFL Committee [1] endorsed convicted felon Judd Hoff, who has been credibly implicated in stalking his opponent, Rep. Mary Franson, by none other than Judd Hoff himself.

 “The Senate District 12 DFL Central Committee is sticking with its decision to endorse Judd Hoff of Alexandria, a convicted felon, to run against the Republican incumbent, Mary Franson of Alexandria, in the House 12B election. On Sunday, April 21, the committee met to review the Hoff endorsement. It has since issued a statement saying ‘the Senate District 12 Central Committee did not find sufficient cause to take action.’ BINA: ‘We encouraged Mr. Hoff to raise the civility of the campaign for all involved,’ Bonnie Bina, DFL chair for Douglas County, said in an email on Tuesday. ‘SD12 recognizes our responsibility to continue to monitor the candidate’s campaign.’ … The committee’s initial endorsement was opposed by DFL and Republican leaders at the Legislature. Minnesota DFL Chairman Ken Martin issued a news release saying Hoff was unfit to run for elected office…[and] the Minnesota DFL will not spend any of its resources on behalf of Hoff.”

This comes amid the hubbub over Senator Nicole Mitchell’s arrest on felony burglary charges.

The DFL’s PR machine – in this case, the “Reformer” – sprang into action, saying “both sides do it so let’s just let it drop…”

Notice the language the “Reformer” uses to describe the various crimes involved.

Also worthy of note – neither DFL Chair Ken Martin nor Governor Klink have said anything about Mitchell yet.

It’s also worth noting that while I advocated cashiering Mitchell from public life for this bit of verbal diarrhea alone

…she also voted for the DFL’s red flag gun confiscation and universal registration laws, and for the “safe storage” bill.

Perhaps we need a safe storage law for DFL legislators.

[1] Don’t any Democrats see a term like “Central Committee” and note the historical baggage the term has on their side of the aisle? Sort of like naming their chairperson a “Grand Wizard”, only more current?

Senator Mitchell, Redux

Senator Mitchell (DFL Woodbury) was arraigned for First Degree Burglary in Becker County yesterday.

I’ll cop to the fact that I honestly hope someone who has attitudes about civil liberties and rights like she has, has a short political career.

Now, I really need to follow my. own counsel here; Berg’s 18th Law applies. We don’t know all the facts, and our media will be pretty worthless at getting those to us accurately anyway, especiallly since she’s one of their own – both as a media person and a Democrat.

So I’m jumping to no conclusions, here. Pinky swear.

Still – it’s been in the news. I’m gonna talk about it.

You Have The Right To Remain Silent: She doesn’t seem to have done herself many favors before arraignment; for someone with a JD, she seems to have missed the whole “don’t talk to the cops without an attorney present” thing:

I’m nothing if not a pollyanna: It all could be a huge misunderstanding. It’s a crazy world.

But, while I am no attorney, that seems to be a dumb thing to say to cops, when dressed in black, outside a place you have allegedly entered without authorization, dressed in black, before 5AM.

We’ll come back to that.

Anything You Say Can And Will Be Used Against You: Now, she was represented by counsel at her hearing. After which she (or someone claiming to e her) posted this on social media:

Now, I lost my mother to Alzheimers two years ago this week – after years of adventures including a ten hour drive to try to find her (long story). I’m nothing but sympathetic to relatives of Alzheimers patients.

But, uh…

  • “Prompted me to check on the family member” – at 4:45 AM? Dressed in all black? And telling the cops you know you did something wrong after you were Mirandized?
  • “have come and gone from countless times” – at 4:45 AM? Through, it is alleged, a basement window?
  • “Startled this close relative” – at 4:45 AM, while allegedly dressed in black and entering the home through something other than a door? I don’t wonder.

Did her defense counsel know she was posting this? It seems…ill-advised, but again, I am no expert.

Speaking of the close relative:

The stepmother said in an interview that she’s afraid of her stepdaughter and applied for a restraining order against her. She also said that while most of her husband’s ashes were buried, she sent Mitchell a miniature container with some of them.

Is the stepmother genuinely afraid of Mitchell? Or suffering from delusions while suffering from dementia? Experience notwithstanding, I’m no expert – but either way, it seems that entering the woman’s house (allegedly) at 4:45AM, dressed like a ninja, through a window, might not be an optimal choice.

Senator Mitchell is of course innocent until proven guilty. But it is difficult to see how a DFL with any integrity, as opposed to lust for power in a Senate where Mitchell is the margin, keeps her in office. While she won her seat by a 18 point margin, having her in office is a problem.

Senator Mitchell: DFL, Woodbury

MInnesotans: “Judd Hoff. Matt Roznowski. Julie Blaha. John Thompson. Dan Wolgamott. Brion Curran. Andy Smith. Can the DFL get any more depraved?”

Minnesota DFL: “Hold our Kombucha”.

Why, yes – that’s the relentlessly smug Nicole Mitchell – DFL senator from Woodbury, and apparently the DFL’s designated civil liberties expert.

Jeff Kolb ran through the facts we know (Twitter thread):

The incident took place at the home of her late father’s wife. Fill in further details at your own peril, but that might suggest a few answers.

It goes without saying Berg’s 18th Law is in force, and of course Michell is innocent until proven guilty.

This Is Today’s MNDFL

Judd Hoff has allegedly been stalking Minnesota State Representative Mary Franson for a while now.

“Stalking”, you say?


He’s got kind of a colorful past (emphasis added), which has been recognized:

“Defendant approached Mr. Cornett with a machete pointed at him to instill fear so that he would comply with defendant’s command to return the flag,” she wrote. “As Mr. Cornett retreated, defendant approached. Defendant continued to keep pace with Mr. Cornett’s retreat all around his vehicle, into the street and back onto the sidewalk. Mr. Cornett felt sufficient fear of being stabbed or killed by defendant’s dangerous weapon, a machete, that he pulled his handgun. Even then, defendant did not stop.”

Oh, yeah – and he’s now the DFL-endorsed candidate running against Franson:

Not just endorsed. Endorsed unanimously.

This is today’s DFL .

Oh, yeah – I suspect that if the GOP endorsed a felon and someone very credibly alleged (with, say, footage they shot themselves, and a loooong social media record) to have stalked his female MNDFL opponent, the media would be humping the story’s leg.

UPDATE: Ken Martin, to his credit, at least rhetorically tried to distance himself from Hoff.

On the one hand, I don’t suspect the DFL is going to spend any money in 12B no matter who gets endorsed; Franson hasn’t faced a serious challenge since 2012, and she’s going to win the district by a 2:1 margin no matter who the DFL runs; with Hoff, it might be close to a three digit margin. .

But kudos to Martin; there is a bottom to the barrel below which the DFL won’t dig. John Thompson taught ’em something.

Well, some of them, anyway. Other DFLers, including this endorsed candidate, doubled down:

Which DFL will show up?

Ire On Cue

A “plan” for a “masjid [mosque]-centered development” in Lino Lakes dropped into the chat this week.

And it’s generating the usual clouds of ire from the usual suspects.

I’ve got my suspicions. We’ll come back to that. First (with emphasis added):

Construction on the project is allegedly “expected to begin Fall of 2025.” However, the City of Lino Lakes released a statement on the project saying they have “not received a land use application for this development at this time. No review has been undertaken and no approvals have been granted.”

Should Madinah Lakes be constructed, it would be located “approximately 1.5 miles east of Lexington Ave on the south side of Main Street” in Lino Lakes, with Olson’s Market to the north and The Tavern on Main to the west.

In other words, like a lot of big real estate development proposals, it’s vapor.

In fact, very vapoeous:

Zikar Holdings, the corporation reportedly developing Madinah Lakes, is registered with the Office of the Secretary of State (OSS).

The website for Zikar Holdings states that the corporation specializes “in transforming land into sustainable and inviting spaces where families can flourish and individuals can thrive.” The corporation also says it has “a proven track record spanning over 10 years.”

However, Zikar Holdings only registered with the Secretary of State in December of 2023, and no completed projects are listed on Zikar Holdings’ website. Instead, the company promotes the pending Lino Lakes development and references future projects in Rochester and St. Cloud.

So – let’s recap:

  1. Vaporware development…
  2. …with an Islam-centered vibe
  3. …in the north suburbs.

I’ve got suspicions.

Development Of Convenience: As we noted last week, Democrats are nervous about their polling heading to the fall election. They are particularly concerned about holding onto:

  • The various suburban seats that went for Trump in 2016, that they won by paper-thin margins in 2022.
  • A Muslim voter base that is not happy about President Potato trying to split the baby on Gaza, and a far left base that is using that to leverage the larger Democrat party.

If you’re Ken Martin, you have to be thinking that they can’t overturn Roe again, the Biden Administration isn’t going to cough up any positive surprises, Trump’s personality is a stranger to nobody, that if he didn’t suspend the Constitution and declare himself dictator in 2020 he’s not going to do it in 2025, and that most people outside the NPR class are keenly aware they’re not doing better than they were in 2019.

So what’s the wedge that’ll logroll gullible Democrat-susceptible voters to the polls?

Lots of “They’ll BAN ABORTION” for the white progs. And lots of “LOOK HOW MUCH THEY HATE YOU” to the Muslims.

And nothing shores up Democrat wall like trafficking in intersectional victimhood.

Tolerance For Tall Tales

The Middle East is sliding into World War III.

Inflation is gutting working families’ budgets – but illegal immigration is gutting their paychecks, so the budgets are becoming irrelevant.

The exploding national debt is unsustainable, in ways that could very well make our society unrecognizable sooner or later.

And since “tall tales” are the issue here, we are of cours, led by a President who, on top of being demonstrably senile and corrupt to the bone, is a serial fabulist – about his childhood, education, his first wife and child’s car accident, his career, “civil rights work”, and Beau’s death.

But this is what Tina “The Giggly Butcher” Smith is yapping about.

Not to mention the media.


So – why did the ever-so-decisive Minneapolis City Council delay its “minimum wage” hike against Uber and Lyft to July?

To help the soon-to-be-unemployed drivers?

To give the companies a reasonable chance to adjust?

HAH. Naïve peasant!

It’s to save the DFL from itself!

The Minneapolis City Council, in voting unanimously on Thursday to delay enactment of minimum pay rates for Uber and Lyft drivers for two months, offered a lifeline for Democratic legislators embroiled in their own divisions over the issue.

Legislative leaders, who are trying to craft their own compromise that would increase driver earnings but keep Uber and Lyft in the Twin Cities metro, are increasingly concerned that the polarizing ride hailing issue could upend the remainder of the legislative session, which hangs on a one-vote majority in the Senate.

The council has come under immense pressure to reconsider their minimum rates since the wide-ranging effects of Uber and Lyft pulling out have become more clear: some 10,000 drivers likely losing income without unemployment benefits and tens of thousands of convention-goers, commuters, bar hoppers and people with disabilities needing to find different transportation.

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Erin Murphy, DFL-St. Paul, and House Majority Leader Jamie Long, DFL-Minneapolis, met recently with a half dozen members of the City Council to request the delay and remind them of the stakes of a deal, as well as the city’s significant legislative agenda at the Capitol, according to several people present or briefed on the conversation.

So they found an issue where out-radicaling each other isn’t bringing them votes.

Weird. It can be done.

BTW, if I were the CEOs of Lyft or Uber, I’d tell the CIty Council to go pound sand unless they all came to my headquarters on their knees to kiss my butt on live television.

How Do You Put Lipstick On A Pig?

Easy. Lie about how the pig has always had bright red lips.

That’s the tactic CD8 DFL candidate Jen Schultz is using to try to convince voters President Potato is somewhere north of worthless.

By picking numbers from the beginning of Reagan’s era, rather than, say, 1985, and assuming that people susceptible to voting for Jen Schultz either don’t remember the truth or are too intellectually bovine to question her.

As Berg’s 24th Law notes, it’s not a bad assumption.

The Thing That Wouldn’t Die

A friend of the blog emails:

I was always afraid the activists had too much control, [the FOB’s spouse] was confident that the state wouldn’t do something this stupid. But, it is getting talked about in mainstream media now. It’s probably really going to happen, isn’t it? 

The FOB is talking about the “Plan” being pushed by “advocates” to replace I94 between the downtowns with a “boulevard”.

Normally at this point, of course, I’d say it’s just another racket to transfer money from the taxpayers to the non-profit and consultant “advocate” class. They can write puff-piece reports and squalls of PR material on the indirect public dime, build entire careers out of yapping about vaporware projects.

But the people who love to play with the levers and buttons and knobs of government have gotten their hands on this, so I’d say the odds are pretty decent that a lot more money will be spent on this.

The obvious question is, what happens when an untstoppable money-squandering force (the drive to gut 94) meets the immovable money-squandering object (the drive to put a deck over the freeway to rebuild Rondo)?

They can’t both win…

Poorer Minnesota

Minnesota used to significantly outperform the rest of the US in germs of gross and per capita GDP growth.


[Since] 2019 — the last pre-COVID year — Minnesota’s real GDP growth has ranked 36th out of the fifty states, coming in at 4.0%, less than half the national rate of 8.1%.

The gross GDP growth comparison is bad. The per capita numbers, even worse:

Minnesota’s recent performance is relatively poor. As Figure 2 shows, between 2019 and 2023, Minnesota’s real, per capita GDP growth ranked 39th out of the fifty states. Again, with growth of 3.1%, Minnesota’s real, per capita GDP growth was less than half that of the United States, 6.6%.

The Walz regime will respond, no doubt, as it always does; with a selfie of “Lieutenant” Governor Flanagan feeding Governor Klink a pronto pup.

Capital, productive citizens and the college kids who are the productive citizens of the future are fleeing. Businesses have been moving their non-white-collar operations out of MInnesota for decades.


A significant chunk of the far-left clacque that runs politics in the metro are Marxists, either overtly or under the hood.

And an amazing number of them subscribe to the “Labor Theory of Value” – the idea that labor, as opposed to the other three factors (Capitol, Management and Land) is the dispositive factor of production.

I have been challenging adherents for years – test the theory by taking a group of fast food workers, plopping them on a vacant lot, and seeing if a Hardee’s springs up around them.

It’s an absurd test – exactly the one the theory deserves.

I used to say nobody had taken the challenge.

But it appears that, at least indirectly, someone just might.

Some Animals Are More Equal…

So last week, the DFL introduce this amendment to existing state statute on “reasonable force” self-defense in this bill.

And the amendment includes some curious bits of language:

A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

Minnesota law allows the use of “Reasonable” and non-lethal force (that’s another statute altogether) in some circumstances: when you’re:

  • A cop doing legal cop things (or helping a cop do cop things, or carrying out a legitimate citizen’s arrest
  • Helping someone defend themselves against an assault
  • Resisting trespass
  • Grabbing a prison escapee
  • Restraining a child or student, under some circumstances, if one is a parent, teacher, guardian or lawful custodian
  • If you’re a school or employee or bus driver, to protect students
  • If you’re a common carrier and need to 86 a troublesome passenger (with reasonable care for the passenger’s safety)
  • Restraining someone who’s mentally ill or otherwise developmentally disabled from harming themselves
  • If you’re an institution and need to restrain a patient from harming themself or someone else.

So far so good.

But the DFL wants to add an exception to the law:

Subd. 4. 

Use of force not authorized; reaction to victim’s sexual orientation. 

Force may not be used against another based on the discovery of, knowledge about, or potential disclosure of the victim’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, including gender identity and expression, including under circumstances in which the victim made an unwanted nonforcible romantic or sexual advance towards the actor, or if the actor and victim dated or had a romantic or sexual relationship.

So if I read this right – lawyers in the house, please sound off – it sounds like someone who takes a non-forcible pass at someone is fair game for a good slap – but not if they are or are “perceived” to be transgender, in which case it’s off limits?

Again – not being lawyer, I’m unclear on this, but is it currently OK to slap someone who makes a pass at you, if they’re “cisgender?” Or merely gay?

And that’s just the beginning.

Liquored Up?

When booze is involved, things get a little weirder, at least to this non-lawyer: Booze is no defense, except as an aspect of crimes whose elements include a particular state of mind:

An act committed while in a state of voluntary intoxication is not less criminal by reason thereof, but when a particular intent or other state
of mind is a necessary element to constitute a particular crime, the fact of intoxication may be taken into consideration in determining such intent or state of mind

Unless that state of mind involves a crime against a transgender person:

It is not a defense to a crime that the defendant acted based on the discovery of, knowledge about, or potential disclosure of the victim’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, including gender identity and expression, including under circumstances in which the victim made an unwanted nonforcible romantic
or sexual advance towards the defendant, or if the defendant and victim dated or had a romantic or sexual relationship.

So, is there a crime, currently, where the state of mind is an element of the crime, where intoxication can be considered as part of the defendant’s state of mind, that would not be affected by a victim’s perceived gender?

Someone help me out here.

And finally:

If You’re Not A Biologist, Is It Really “Manslaughter?”

Among several other motivations, manslaughter is when one…:

intentionally causes the death of another person in the heat of passion provoked by such words or acts of another as would provoke a person of ordinary self-control under like circumstances, provided that…

That appears to this non-attorney to refer to someone reacting to some form of extreme stressor, like crying child, or…:

(ii) the discovery of, knowledge about, or potential disclosure of the victim’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, including gender identity and expression, including under circumstances in which the victim made an unwanted nonforcible romantic or sexual advance towards the actor, or if the actor and victim dated or had a romantic or sexual relationship

So – is killing someone in the heat of the moment a lesser grade of manslaughter than killing someone of ambiguous gender?

Is it just me, or is that really weird?