Comment and Email Policy

Comment Policy

I ask that people keep their comments, if not civil, at least less-than-gratuitously inflammatory. Comments that I deem pointlessly inflammatory may be…:

  • Deleted. This is especially true of anonymous abusive posts.
  • If inflammatory and stupid enough, edited for my amusement. Be forewarned.
  • If really inflammatory, reported to ISPs and the authorities – and if you’re really dumb, searched out and displayed on this site.

There is really only one unforgivable sin in my comment section (or anywhere); bringing my family into the argument in any but the most generic way.  You will be excised from my comment section, my list of friends and my life faster than you can recite Rena Moran’s achievements in the legislature.  Don’t go there.

Comment Moderation

My moderation queue holds the following until I can OK it:

  1. New commenters (or new sock-puppet IDs for existing posters)
  2. Comments with links
  3. Comments that include words on my “blue” list that are as likely to be pr0n as anything else.

If your comment includes any of the above, it’ll get held up until I can approve it.

Email Policy

Send emails to the address “feedbackinthedark”, which is at yahoo dot com. Any emails received will be considered fair game for comment using the writer’s name, unless the writer specifically asks to remain either anonymous, unpublished or both. Again, any abusive emails will be reported; threats will be pursued. Every time.

I will not publish addresses for emails received, unless the message is more-than-gratuitously abusive and publication of the address will result in embarassment or worse to the sender.


I, Mitch Berg, have railed for years against anonymous bloggers.  Too many of them – mostly but not exclusively “progressive” bloggers – have used their anonymity to shield themselves from the consquences of their own unethical actions.

You’ll note that a number of my co-bloggers – Roosh, Ringer and Bogus – all write under pseudonyms.

The difference; none of them use their anonymity to take cheap, personal shots at other bloggers.  They write things they’d stand behind even under their own names.

That’s the policy of this blog.

Policy Policy

Beyond the above-mentioned policies, my policy is to avoid policies.

Other than “honesty” being the best one. And that “walking softly and carrying a big stick” thing.

1 thought on “Comment and Email Policy

  1. Your comments on the redistricting map were “spot on”. Yes, the judges “appointed” over the years, most with a liberal bias, did make the redistricting maps “non-reflective” of current political and voter shifts through out the state. It is precisely this reason that I, a member of the MNGOP Judicial Chairs Committee am totally against any appointment of any judge to the bench. Voting judges INTO office is one of the only ways that we, the people of Minnesota, have any control over an out of control judiciary that perceives itself as “above the law” and not responsible to anyone. Anyone who supports “merit selection or retention election” schemes [Quie Ammendment, Missouri Plan, HF1666, SF1465 etc.] is blind to the real issue, taking away voters rights. I was truly shocked to see that Rep. King Banaian came out as a supporter of removing voter rights by supporting the “merit/retention” election group. A known republican conservative who wants to promote an idea that puts into place a dynasty of succession of judges NOT accountable to the people, by-passing an open, free election process. We need to forever stop such a plan from becomng a part of the Minnesota State Constitution and always retain our right to vote.

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