Berg’s Seventeenth Law of Media Prioritization

When reporting “news”:

  1. Nothing any Democrat says, or does, up to and including violating federal law and national security, will ever be held against them
  2. On the other hand, anything untoward (or that can be interpreted as being untoward, regardless of intent or context) that is or is reputed to be done, said, hinted at or speculated to have been done, said or hinted at by any Republican officeholder (no matter how obscure or inconsequential), candidate (whether mainstream or far fringe), party official, contributor, voter, supporter, rally attendee, or by any putative supporter, contributor or rally attendee, or anyone claiming or reputed to have at any time been a Republican party member, supporter or sympathizer, will not only be treated like it’s evidence in a federal trial, but imputed to every conservative, anywhere, regardless of its context, accuracy or even truthfulness.

I’m no Trump fan – but watching the media’s behavior during his administration (as well as its concomitant happenings during, for example, the Kavanaugh hearings) as compared with the Obama (or Dayton) administrations has only reinforced the importance of this law.