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Sure, it’s entirely plausible that an entire “white supremacist” group without a single inbred-looking morbidly overweight guy among ’em might march through DC without a mob of “counterprotesters” howling for their blood. It’s a crazy world, anything can happen.

What makes this whole thing seem just a tad lessplausible is…:

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Unsafe Space

That wave of right-wing terror they’ve been warning us about for the past fifteen years is apparently nigh, and coming for Jacob Frey:

The progressive mayor of Minneapolis is fearing for his life since receiving an uptick in death threats…

Well, yeah. After giving free reign to leftists, including all but inviting “Anti”-Fa to attack Trump rallygoers, of course all those right-wing MAGA hat-clad goons are going to threaten a puling left mayor…

…from left-wing extremists, nearly three years after the unrest over the police-involved death of George Floyd…


Wait, what?

The wave of terror is coming from the left?

Why, yes – we’ve commented on this before.

But Of Course

It may perhaps be a sign of a shift in the perceptions of the GOP’s likely behavior in 2024 – but Big Media is already calling Ron DeSantis not only “Hitler”, but even worse than Trump:

I noted on the show a few weeks ago that Democrats referring to Republicans as “literally Hitler” goes back to Harry Truman; he was literally the first candidate who could refer to a Republlican (John Dewey, in this case). I remember it picking up with Reagan – but it was already old hat by then.

Now, the best response to this sort of thing is mockery and laughter.

How best to do this? That’s my project for this month.

NPR’s War On Things That Just Work

I listen – as rarely as I can – to NPR’s “On the Media”. The show is basically an unthinking cheerleader for America’s “elite” media.

And their latest theme is participating in the war on “Nostalgia” – particularly, against the notion of looking to the past for lessons that might help with the present and the future.

The first segment was keynoted by a fellow – some sort of historian – who declaimed in an adenoidal ,mid-Atlantic voice no different than a thousand others on NPR “What does nostalgia for the fifties get you? It gets you dead, sooner! The life expectancy was 66 years! Now it’s 78!”

That’s right – if you think society could gain by returning to some of the social and moral stanards of the past, you also have to roll back science! And bring the Klan back too!

Not really exaggerating that last bit – because nostalgia isn’t just wanting to derive some wisdom from another time. Nosirreebob, it’s bringing Hitler back to life!

You’re not learning from the past. You’re begging to repeat it, all of it, especially the worst of it.

We can not defund NPR fast enough.

Pauline Kael Syndrome

To: Lieutenant Governor Flanagan
From: Mitch Berg, Irascible Peasant
Re: This…

Lieutant Governor Flanagan,

About this appearance, on a local, uh, livestream, I guess?

I have so many questions.

Baaaaaaaaaaahb: For starters: Does anyone really care how you dress? And by “anyone”, I don’t mean “Baaaaaaahb from FRIDley” – although we’ll come back to him, and to there. You’re a public figure. You’re going to get, uh, “Feedback”.

But you are one of the four most powerful people in MInnesota; you are arguably the most powerful Lieutenant Governor in recent Minnesota history, since the Governor only serves at the pleasure of the extreme “progressive” caucus you lead. Beyond that, yoiu’re a member of the political class, from a social echo chamber in you can do pretty much anything you want, without any consequences whatsoever (and, indeed, have done just that). You (and your family) have a lifetime sinecure, on the taxpayer’s dime. You could wear aluminum foil pants and a 2LiveCrew t-shirt, or pretty much anything but a MAGA cap, with complete impunity.

(Indeed – given that you’ve never, not once in your life, worked in the private sector, you are in the very rare position of never having had to obey any sort of conventional dress code, outside whatever rules the MN House of Representatives imposes – and if you had any problems about any rules you had to follow on that steppingstone to power, the record is silent).

So even if some (fictional?) “Baaaaaaaaaahb from FRIDley” dunks on your attire – so what?

Does it affect you, your life, your living, your power, in any way?

Because if not, it isn’t unreasonable to think you’re doing it to drum up some phony grievance, a bloody shirt of phony victimization for one of the most powerful, entitled people in Minnesota to wave about. .

Beyond that?

FRIDley?: I was struck by the contempt you clearly felt for Baaaaaaaaahb from Fridley. I was more struck by the laugn your audience shared with you about the reference.

You seem to feel a palpable contempt for people who aren’t like you and your neighbors in the leftist echo chamber, and to feed off the contempt you, plural, feel for them.

Why is that?

That is all.

A Conversation About Guns

Senator Ron Latz went to Harvard. Did you know that?

Anyway – here he is, talking about the new “public safety” / gun grab bill.

Well, sort of:

Dear Democrats: it’s your duty to run on this, this fall. Every candidate, every race.

Seriously: Republicans, statewide: somebody needs to put this on signs, buttons and t-shirts. The good guys and gals need to hammer every Democrat with this, every appearance, every race, between now and November.

Tienanmen Dean Speaks Out

To: Representative Dean Phillips
From: Mitch Berg, Irascible Peasant
Re: Show Us The Information

Rep. Phillips,

After wrapping Beto O’Rourke in unearned merit earlier this week, you’ve now gone full Napolitano: you “know” there’s a virtual army of spree killers just waiting to…

…well, let’s let you explain it:

That’s a pretty big accusation, Representative. Any chance you could share any testable substantiation of thousands of angry young men with guns?

Because that’s a pretty big accusation.

I think you’re full of crap. Feel free to show the world any information I’m wrong.

You won’t, and I suspect you cant, but here’s the challenge.


Mitch Berg

I Rarely Spike The Football

UPDATE: I got punked.

When I’m universal dictator, Reddit is sooooooo hosed.

But I will do it today:

The ignorant, stupid racists of The View got curb stomped.

Anything that causes that program pain is an objective good.

Calling All “Journalists”

More on the Ilhan Omar response tweet – itself just a big fascination – later.

Now – let’s take a look at this tweet, from someone justifying the hacking of crowd-funding data for people supporting the Trucker Convoy, included this photo and blurb:

Stay with me on this: it zigs, and it zags.

We’ve got “neo nazis”…

…at a libertarian, anti-masker rally of mostly rural, western, and libertarian-sympathetic Canadians, themselves likely to be not especially mask-y, especially if they take that whole Gadsden Flag “Don’t Tread On Me” thing seirouslly…

…all masked up as tightly as the most constipated Karen?

Does anyone ask actual questions anymore?

Gaslighter? Or Fart-Lighter?

Representative Todd LIppert is leaving the House so he can tour rural Minnesota teaching rural Minnesotans about January 6:

He’ll be joining OJ, still out there looking for the real killer.

Central Casting

Last Friday, heading into the closing weekend of the Virginia Gubernatorial contest, a group of ‘white supremacists” showed up “in support” of GOP challenger Glenn Younkin, in full Charlottesville regalia, lest anyone miss the reference. .

There was something a little fishy, though:

After they were thoroughly busted, the “Lincoln Project” – the group of “never-Trump” “republicans” that seems to always work toward Democrat Party interests [1] – admitted they were behind the stunt:

“But wait! Macauliffe and/or his staff weren’t involved!”

Yes they were.

Ben Shapiro noted last week that Macauliffe’s campaign has boiled down to “Trump!”, which is odd considering Trump isn’t in the race.

Is it a stupid, desperate stunt, intended to deflect attention away from Macauliffe’s catastrophic performance this past few weeks, along with the fact that he’s tied to the coverup of sexual abuse claims in Loudon County?


But it’s worse than that.

This is a less-polished episode from a campaign that’s been going on since 2009 at the very least, from Obama and Biden’s cabinets (ptr) all the way down to failed “fact-checker” Dog Gone, who used to promise in this comment section that there was a wave of white supremacist terror that’d dwarf 9/11 coming up, any day now.

Tne notion that, notwithstanding the fact that actual “white supremacist” groups have been shrinking by roughly an order of magnitude roughly every generation, that white American society is building a militant arm that is just acheing to go out and take over. Every event of recent history, and even distant history, is bent to support that narrative – from the very founding of this nation to the Minneapolis riots to Emmanuel Goldstein…

…schwoops. I skipped narratives, there.

I mean, not like the narrative was ever subtle, but how stupid do you have to be to miss it?

This is just another chapter in the left’s attempt to slander half of our nation.

The fact is was.a flailing and incompetent attempt doesn’t make things better.

[1] Perhaps it should be called the Tom Horner Project?

Shake And Bake Crisis

Who predicted, nine months ago in this very space, that the federal case of the “kidnapping plot against Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer“ would turn out to be a federal shake and bake operation, intended to give us some pretense of delivering on the “wave of right wing terror“ that the feds have been promising since 2009?
Why, it was me.
People have short memories; the feds got in trouble for the same thing back in the 1970s, when it turned out The FBI had infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan so thoroughly that most of the conspiracies that got rounded up were actually spawned by federal informants and undercover operatives.
I wrote about this last week; it would appear that the “conspiracy“ was driven by undercover agents and informers.

So you say people don’t trust government and its institutions?

The hell you say…

(Note to the peanut gallery: go ahead, respond “so what you’re saying is, yoiu support white supremqcists?”. I dare you.

The New Lubyanka

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Been reading claims that the US holds political prisoners to punish Trump supporters.  Here’s a list of everybody arrested in the Four Hour Insurrection with their charges and detention status.

A lot of them are out, either on bail or personal recognizance.  A few  haven’t had their bail set yet, which strikes me as being a ridiculously long time to get around to it.   Only a few have been denied bail and remain in jail: those are mostly people who allegedly attacked cops or were engaged in Assaultive / Violent Behavior. 

Attacking a cop is still not enough reason to deny bail in any ordinary criminal case.  The courts have consistently held that bail is a constitutional right.  It’s being delayed/denied.  The charges against the January 6th accused aren’t serious enough to support the denial of bail.  And denial of bail for trespass-type offenses while holding the accused in solitary confinement, is inconsistent treatment considering that we’re emptying the jails everywhere else so people don’t catch Covid.
The hype could simply be complaints from defense lawyers looking for a better deal for their clients, or from political grifters who will seize any stick to beat the administration.  But the fact the DOJ’s own list confirms the claims makes this smell political. The fact the government refuses to turn over video evidence makes it smell political.  The fact the judge made histrionic claims to justify the sentence for a non-violent protester makes it smell political.   It smells like an attempt to punish these Trump supporters and intimidate the rest.  It smells like federal law enforcement is holding political prisoners.  That’s Third World banana republic stuff, like stuffing ballot boxes or imposing martial law on the capital city or calling for ‘reeducation camps’ or telling the media which news stories to take down.   That stuff could never happen in America, right? 


Joe Doakes

Democracy can not survive if people don’t trust its institutions to be even-handed.

We’ve got a big problem, then.