PR Welcome

I am blogger and talk radio host (who works as a software user experience designer by day), and a musician in my spare time.   I spent 12 years as a single parent.

Want a reviewer?  I’m especially interested in reviewing products, services or books/media related to:

  • Musical instruments (guitar, bass, mandolin, harmonica, cello, bagpipes, and really badly on keyboards)
  • Music recording equipment and software, especially for the home/hobbyist musician
  • History – especially European and Military history
  • Family Law
  • Firearms (most specifically for self-defense) and related products
  • Bikes and bicycling
  • Radio – its programming and history
  • Cars and cruises – well, I could be persuaded, anyway.

If you feel that your product or service be of interest to Shot in the Dark and its diverse, polyglot audience, please email me at mitch (at) Please include the name of your company, and the product you wish me to review in the subject line.