This late-December ’06 poll discovered everyone’s favorite Susan Lenfestey parody:



Which Is Your Favorite Susan Lenfestey Parody?
Yossarian, “Dashed Dreams
Learned Foot, “Christmas Torment
Marty Andrade, “Rapid Transit To Hell
Dan S., “Conservatives’ Slinky Hatred
Riverdan, “Sylvia Plath Was Such A Pollyanna
Lassie, “Waterboard My Heart
Dave, “Waxy Yellow Buildup Of My Life
Yossarian (Second entry): “Reflections of Misery
Swiftee, “The Dove Of My Spirit Has Crashed Into The Tower Of My
Yossarian (Third Entry): “Dungeonmaster Of My Soul
ak, “I Am Woman, Hear Me Shriek
zestro, “Echoes Of The Dead
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