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I’ve had a number of email addresses over the years – and I’ve published quite a few of them.


I’ve just added a contact form.  Let’s give this a try:

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8 thoughts on “Contact Me

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  2. Hi …

    Sorry to have missed you at the Gander Mountain event today in Lakeville. All I saw was some guy from KQRS and the concealed/carry expo near their indoor range.

    I arrived around 130 and walked around for as much as I could stand (not a Gander Mountain fan) but was unsuccessful in locating the broadcast.

    Where were you located?

  3. If you walked back toward the range, he was in the hallway to the right, leading toward the virtual range and simulator ranges.

  4. Thanks, Fast Richard … I went in there a bit but must have missed them. Made it to the Benelli table then turned back.

    Not the first target I’ve missed. Again, I’m not at my best at Gander Mountain …

  5. Mitch:

    I thought you will be interested in this. AFSCME Council 5 has put up on their website a comment supporting the investigation of George Zimmerman for violating Trayvon Martin’s civil rights.

    Shows they aren’t paying attention to the Minnesota people that they are suppose to be representing. Or if they care about civil rights why don’t they care about the civil rights of day care workers.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  6. Couldn’t resist. I commented on Grow’s Winkler fawning. What do you think?

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