Just In Case

Apparently, the Menards in the Midway was worried about rioting Trump supporters.

They stacked up huge pallets of lumber in front of the doors – just like they did during the George Floyd riots / May.

Apparently, those Trump supporters I’m going to riot.

Any day now.

Just like those waves of “white supremacist terror“ we’ve been assured are imminent for the past 12 years or so.

9 thoughts on “Just In Case

  1. I’ve got to say that’s a lot of fuel to burn if the Anti-fa guys get there and start doing some “non-violent protesting”. It reminds me of how Home Depot put pallets of bricks in front of their store in Rochester after the death of George Floyd–my immediate thought was “you weren’t thinking about this too carefully, were you?”

    Some great work with the forklift to get those pallets there, though. Hat’s off to the forklift operator, if not the store manager and his superiors.

  2. Like who would loot Menards?

    I hear that Best Buy is stacking 70″ 4K TV’s in front of their plate glass windows!!!

  3. Seriously, when’s the last time you say underprivileged youth stealing tools so they could get a job to earn a living?

    Aside from the ones they immediately pawn, I mean.

  4. Regarding “who would loot?”, it’s worth noting that Menard’s does have a lot of things which don’t fit squarely into hardware. You’ve got groceries, train sets, backpacks…I don’t believe televisions, but there’s a certain amount that could be looted.

  5. Perhaps they should stack crates of marshmallows. They’re soft, hard to throw, and when the fires are burning you can makes s’mores and everyone can just chill out!

  6. They’re not removing the barriers because the shitlibs are going to lose their minds when SCOTUS kicks the election back to go.

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