Don’t Go Plath

If there’s anyone in the world not entitled to call Jonathan Chait “wound emotionally too tight and intellectually too loose”, it’s David Corn.

Words to live by: Don’t go Full-Bore Sylvia Plath.


He went Plath.

I’m convinced most of the American Left stopped growing emotionally at around 14.

44 thoughts on “Don’t Go Plath

  1. These twits are really leaving themselves exposed.

    Justice Alito has ordered ballots accepted in PA after 8:00pm Nov 3 be separated and set aside. He is signaling. Justice Barrett has promised to protect the Constitution; I believe her. The reprobates have slagged Justice Thomas racially, and personally. I’m sure he’s in the most receptive mood any reprobate lawyer could possibly hope for.

    This isn’t quite over yet, and if things go South for the lying, cheating, America hating reprobates, they will be eating the world’s biggest hot shit sandwich.

  2. One other thought. If SCOTUS orders carefully monitored recounts, Trump will win.

    If that happens, and the reprobates start burning shit down again, real Americans are not likely to stand by and allow it this time.

    Stealing an election in broad daylight pisses us off.

  3. “Justice Alito has ordered ballots accepted in PA after 8:00pm Nov 3 be separated and set aside.”

    That’s exactly what the Secretary of State had already ordered.

    It’s like mom telling the kids to get to bed after dad had already done the same thing….

  4. The Secretary of State ordered it, but local officials said the order wasn’t binding so they were ignoring it and continuing to count illegitmate and fraudulent ballots.

    It’s more like Dad told the kids to go to bed but the kids said, “You’re not the boss of me” and continued playing the Wii so Mom had to step in to reinforce the command.

    Which is further evidence that government officials wilfully violated the law in order to deprive honest voters of a fair election, a violation of their Constitutional rights. That’s the sort of thing that should get federal judges interested.

  5. I’ve watched more than one talking head on TV say that “Trump was in the lead after Election Day, but that Biden overtook him in the absentee ballot count.”

    Biden didn’t “pull ahead at the last second”, these votes were all cast on/before Election Day. The illusion of a dramatic horse race is simply a product of the order in which we count votes

    The truth is: Biden had more votes at the end of the day, but that some of them remained to be counted. He was never behind. If states had taken all the absentee ballots and counted them first, the result would have been Trump was never in the lead.

    This is the inherent flaw with the charge of mass voter fraud. There is no pattern in the data to suggest anything except a high-intensity, high-turnout election all the way around, and in many cases, particularly down-ballot, Republicans were the beneficiary.

    That tidbit is completely lost on these conspiracy theorists isn’t it……

  6. There’s more indications of voting “irregularities” than there ever was evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. Strange that lefties seem unwilling to even ENTERTAIN investigations for the former when they were CERTAIN of Trump’s guilt for the latter. Huh.

  7. “There is no pattern . . . ” Here you go.

    Scroll down to the Wisconsin results. See how the line of dots is basically horizontal from 00 (Midnight) until 04 (4:00 a.m.)? That means the distribution between Trump and Biden is basically even. That’s what we’d expect to see in a hotly contested election.

    Notice how at 4:00 a.m., the line of dots suddenly jumps up? That means the distribution suddenly changed. From 4:00 a.m. onwards, there were a lot more Biden votes than Trump votes.

    Pennsylvania – sharp jump in Biden’s favor around 5:00 a.m. Georgia, same thing around Batch 200. Michigan, same thing around Batch 450.

    E is correct that the jump corresponds with the time officials started counting absentee ballots. He wants us to believe people who voted absentee, voted overwhelmingly for Biden but nobody else down ticket. That’s one possibility.

    But the jump also corresponds with the period of time when counting was halted, Republican poll watchers were kicked out and additional ballots were brought in. And it didn’t just happen in one place. It happened in key counties in key states, after the vote totals for most of the rest of the nation were known. It happened where it needed to happen for Biden to win and nowhere else.

    The distribution of votes before and after the counting hiatus is evidence those dead-of-the-night ballots were fraudulent. And the election officials who kicked out poll watchers, received additional ballots, and added them into the counting, intentionally broke the law.

  8. Here’s a thought experiment:

    Election officials in some Third-World country kick out election observers, bring boxes of ballots into the counting place in the dead of night, claim the result is a thrilling victory for El Commandante.

    Would anybody believe it?

  9. Georgia’s Republican lieutenant governor says his office has not seen any evidence of widespread voter fraud or irregularities in the state. ~ NYT

    Trump campaign examples of alleged voter fraud in Nevada turn out to be members of the military and their families who legally voted after being transferred to serve elsewhere.

    Interesting how Giuliani has just stopped talking about Hunter Biden, too, as if everything he was saying before the election was also innuendo.

    I wonder why none of Trump’s election challenger lawyers said “hey, whoa, this is far outside my specialty, you need a specialist for this”.

    It’s easy to see why this is such a HUGE lawyer moral hazard. They seem to be terrible, as a profession, at blundering into specialties they don’t understand.

  10. Biden didn’t “pull ahead at the last second”, these votes were all cast on/before Election Day. The illusion of a dramatic horse race is simply a product of the order in which we count votes
    Why, that means that right now, Trump could very well be the winner, all without “overtaking” a Biden vote!
    I will spare you references to Schroedinger’s cat.

  11. Since the 2016 primaries Trump ALWAYS makes allegations of fraud, has never substantiated any of them, had to disband the commission he set up to try to prove specious allegations about the popular vote, and perhaps this should be part of the coverage.

  12. This is from the Court of Appeals in the State of Michigan. The Donald Trump Legal Team cannot even file appeals the right way. They have reached shit show level of legal competency at this point. This is the most basic of tasks — filing an appeal accordingly.

    I will add — its not just the filing that is defective, its the whole damn legal strategy that is defective. This is the type of work that would get someone fired to reprimanded if done at a private firm.

    Maybe give them the benefit of the doubt? Perhaps their lawyer didn’t understand what hearsay was at the hearing so this isn’t surprising at all.

    Honestly, at some point I hope courts start using Rule11 — it would send a great and glorious message.

  13. It’s possible Democrat lawyers are better at keeping evidence of election fraud out of court than Republican lawyers are at getting it into court. Democrats winning the lawsuit is not the same as Biden winning the election. It’s more like OJ being acquitted and still looking for the real killer. We all know what happened.

  14. Federal inmates show more professionalism and competency in their pro se motions.

    The gist is they tried to pass off an anonomous note allegedly received by a witnesses stating they’d seen the receipt date on ballots changed from 11/2 to 11/4. The anonomous notewriter could not be identified. Hearsay. It wasn’t just hearsay, it was hearsay *within* hearsay.

    All these lawsuits go on the record as being the most incompetent ever. I feel almost feel bad for them.

  15. Notice what Emery is arguing here: he’s not saying no election fraud occurred (it plainly did), he’s saying Republicans can’t prove it in court.

    “Not Guilty” is not the same thing as “Innocent.” Winning the lawsuit to keep evidence of election fraud out of court, is not the same as winning the election.

    In the end, Biden might end up getting sworn in. But the whole world knows what happened.

  16. Emery, how do you even function?!

    Apparently, you are too mentally deficient to realize that the first thing out of the mouths of every criminal in history is; “I didn’t do anything”. Sorry dip stick, but at least four people have submitted affidavits under their own names, testifying that they witnessed criminal behavior, not one of the “anonymous sources” so favored by liars like you. Further, they know that lying to the Feds, is not a smart move. Well, except if it’s a lefty slime ball.

  17. When Emery confidently asserts something as factual he is just repeating left wing talking points, or just plagiarizing others outright.
    But it is always worth remembering how often the common wisdom of our leadership class is wrong, and wrong about some really big, important things.
    In my adult lifetime, they were wrong about the effects of American withdrawal from Vietnam. The government of our allies, the South Vietnamese, collapsed. This triggered years of warfare between commie factions in SE Asia, the Cambodian genocide, and a humanitarian and refugee crisis.
    The democrats of the 70s believed that the US presence in SE Asia was the root of all the warfare and oppression in that part of the world. They thought peace would break out in Southeast Asia once we withdrew our troops.
    They were wrong. Could hardly have been more wrong.
    Next we had the 80s and Reagan’s military build up & steadfast opposition to Soviet Communism.
    The common wisdom on the Left was that Reagan was going to start a civilization-ending thermonuclear war with the Soviets.
    They were wrong. And, from what we have since learned from the Soviet archives, the soviets were far weaker, both militarily and economically, than the experts at the NSA and CIA believed. This had real-world effects: the common wisdom was that the USSR was going to be around for a verys long time, and we Americans had to learn to co-exist with its authoritarianism and aggression.
    The expert class, led by people with PhD’s in Sovietology and International relations, were as wrong as could be. The Soviet Union was falling apart, they couldn’t even keep the Afghans in line.
    Speaking of which, the experts were also wrong about Iran.
    Believe it or not, the US media narrative was that the Iranian ousting of its Shah, a US ally, represented modernization! Banisadr, a secular Marxist, was given fawning interviews by the US media, but anyone with a brain their head could see that Khomeini was the real ruler of Iran.
    So the experts were wrong again. And again, their screw up had dire, real-world consequences.
    And, man, I am only up to 1990, I haven’t even started on how the experts failed to predict the fall of the USSR and screwed up its “democratization.” The “experts” have another three decades of failure to account for.

  18. Hold up. Did cheese whiz troll just say “We cheated more bigly this time than Trump won legitimately last time?”


    Yes he did.

    But you forgot to say “Nyah Nyah”, asshole, so you can fuck right off.

  19. Some wit applied math and statistical analysis to the coup using first digit distribution aka Benfords law.

    The fraud showed out in bright red, so Twitter Facebook booted anyone talking about it off their propaganda farms.

    In a related story, more than 2.3 million people joined Twitters conservative alternative Parler in 24 hours, where the First digit analysis is spreading freely.

  20. Leftist thugs are compiling a “list” of people who worked with, supported or assisted Trump in any way.

    It’s the same thing the Gestapo did with Jews and Weimar loyalists, except with more efficient algorithms. The antifa black bloc and BLM have been preparing for Crystal nacht for the past six months.

    The reprobates say they will deny employment to those people; crush them financially. Shun them. Their sturm trooppen antifa and BLM will follow up with personal visits to homes and businesses.

    But make no mistake; those people will find employment with real American employers. Just as real Americans have found freedom of speech on alternative social media platforms.

    Fox News has lost millions of viewers to upstart Newsmax and OANN. Evidently real Americans don’t find Juan Williams funny, Marie Harf smart, Chris Wallace credible or Donna Brazile tolerable.

    What the reprobates don’t see (because they’re not very smart) is, they are accelerating the break up of the US into 2 or possibly more countries. Soon, reprobates will coordinate massive smear and boycott campaigns against real American companies and thought leaders. Real Americans will retaliate by shunning reprobate friends, goods and services.

    We will, in short be living completely separate lives, while cohabiting the same physical proximities. It won’t be long before that becomes intolerable. Beat downs will become more evenly distributed among the reprobate population.

    It’s a great time to be alive, my friends.

  21. I recently purchased a 1970 Road Runner resto-mod in Arizona. It’s supposed to be delivered next week, but wait!

    I must check on the trucking company and drivers voting, and political donation history.

    Think I’m kidding?

  22. Transport might be expensive, if you have to re-route around Texas, Louisana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, because those were slave states and you wouldn’t want your vehicle passing through them lest it be irrevocably tainted by white supremacy and have to be destroyed.

    Run up to Colorado, across Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and keep going East until you get to the bright blue seaboard states, then turn South. Much safer.

  23. Trump has dispatched his personal lawyers, Rudy and Barr, to get to the bottom of all the nonexistent voter fraud. Rudy held a presser in a landscaping parking lot near a porn shop and Barr will likely have one near a fitness center…

    To fund them, he is raising 60 million (well, in small print, it says that a big chunk of the money is going to campaign debt — kind of surprising his campaign has debt given his business and political record of financial prudence

    Importantly, these moves are setting Trump up for a run in 2024. All of the clowns, Cotton, Cruz and Haley, supporting him now will have to contend with Trump, Don Jr, Ivanka etc in the future.

  24. Pfizer developed a 90% effective Covid vaccine under President Trump’s “Warp Speed” program (which reduced red tape and provided $10 Billion funding to find a vaccine by Election Day) but Pfizer withheld announcement until after the election so voters wouldn’t know President Trump deserved the credit.

    Because SCIENCE!

  25. Pfizer didn’t take federal money and opted out of Warp Speed.

    The US owns the first 100 million doses of the vaccine produced by Pfizer with an agreement to purchase an additional 500 million doses.

    “Pfizer’s Dr. Jansen sought to distance the company from Operation Warp Speed and presidential politics, noting that the company did not take any federal money to help pay for research and development. “We were never part of the Warp Speed, Dr Jensen said”

  26. I wonder if Trump is compiling a list for retribution after #SCOTUS kicks Sniffin Joe and his degenerate, cheating lackeys to the curb.

    Lol…just kidding. Trump is not the sort of fellow to hold a grudge.

  27. “ While other pharmaceutical companies did take federal funds to develop a vaccine, Pfizer declined to do so, the only one of the major prospective developers to go it alone.

    At the same time, on July 22, Pfizer agreed to a $1.95 billion deal with the Trump administration “for large-scale production and nationwide delivery of 100 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine in the United States following the vaccine’s successful manufacture and approval.”

    Technically, that agreement has nothing to do with the development of the vaccine. But it also appears to undermine the claim that Pfizer is operating entirely outside Operation Warp Speed.”

    Technically, Eat shit, cheese whiz troll.

  28. “Pfizer spokesperson Sharon Castillo provided a statement that said the company is indeed part of Operation Warp Speed.”

    -CNN, November 10, 2020

  29. “Pfizer’s Dr. Jansen sought to distance the company from Operation Warp Speed and presidential politics, noting that the company did not take any federal money to help pay for research and development. “We were never part of the Warp Speed, Dr Jensen said”

    This is an example of the corruption of the press.
    The press is supposed to tell you factual information along with appropriately labeled opinion articles. Instead it has become corrupt; it believes it’s purpose is to make you accept its opinion as fact.
    So instead of getting the facts about Pfizer’s inclusion in the Warp Speed program, they called various Pfizer people on a rolodex until they get an opinion — from the underinformed VP of Pfizer — that they can push as a “fact.”
    The uncritical news consumer, who would like to hear nothing to contradict his preconceived opinions, believes that they are getting facts, not opinion.

  30. First Trump, now this. I’m starting to enjoy this week.

    Trump fired.
    Vaccine on the way.
    So much winning. 😊 😊

  31. Trump wins NC. Tillis defeats scumbag; returns to kick reprobate asses in the Senate. Biden’s stolen lead in AZ diminished. Reprobate majority in US house cut to hair’s width. Pelosi headed for the scrap heap. AOC on the defensive against her own reprobate party.

    Lawsuits wend their way through the federal courts towards SCOTUS.

    Leftist reprobates served shit sandwiches, and ask for more.

  32. The reprobates that spent the last 4 years screeching that Trump was destroying Democracy are now attempting a full blown coup. It’s going to fail, but we will never again have another election we can trust.

    Isn’t there a Bergs law about that?

  33. Sour grapes make for bad whine

    Last I checked the Trump campaign and RNC were 0-12 in post-election court cases about claims of fraud and malfeasance.
    There are lots of claims flying around on twitter and in conservative outlets, but every time a claim reaches a court room (where an actual burden of proof exists), they fail.

    There is a lesson in that. There is no justiciable, real evidence.

    Perhaps Trump will take this all the way to the Supreme Courtyard by Marriott — right down the road from Four Seasons Landscaping…..

  34. Emery reinforces the point I’ve been making for days – Democrats couldn’t convince voters to elect Biden so they stole the election hoping their lawyers could convince the courts to let it stand.

    Not an electoral victory, a courtroom coup.

  35. Here is an op-ed by Todd Bice, a Republican and one of the most respected lawyers in Nevada who knows a little bit about election law:
    “The current cries of voter fraud are the fraud”

    Zero chance just became sub zero.

    JD: If the defeated president’s lawsuits prove baseless, could the states fire back with malicious prosecution or malicious abuse of process lawsuits? May Courts sanction law firms engaging in same?

  36. Jeez, Emery Collective, you’re really reaching.

    I read the article. No recitation of facts, no rebuttal of claims, no legal analysis or case law citation. It’s pure Appeal to Authority, which is not only a logical fallacy, it’s also lawyer’s hogwash. As a lawyer myself, I am not required to respect it.

    It may be that Democrats will succeed in winning the lawsuits after stealing the election. Doesn’t matter. We know what they did. We won’t forget.

  37. “Last I checked the Trump campaign and RNC were 0-12 in post-election court cases about claims of fraud and malfeasance.”

    That’s how they move to the SCOTUS, cheese whiz troll. They’re waiting.

  38. Holy shit. Did Cheese whiz troll just cite an article from one of Soros’ sock puppet “Indy” media groups?

    LMAO. You are truly dumb as a stump, asshole. The world won’t miss the loss of you and your ilk.

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