Open Letter To House Majority Leader Winkler

To: Rep. Ryan WInkler, House Majority Leader
From: Mitch Berg, Irascible Peasant
Re: Timing

Rep. Winkler,

Yesterday you tweeted in re the shooting in Kenosha:

Rep Winkler, I say the following with all due respect.

I’m just spitballing, here, but maybe a white, suburban Harvard grad who called one of the leading jurists in the nation an “Uncle Thomas” because he departed the Democrat Party’s plantation, might want to sit out the whole “white supremacy” thing.

That is all.

10 thoughts on “Open Letter To House Majority Leader Winkler

  1. Golfers use the term “premature transition “ to describe Winkler’s actions. In a different context, premature ejaculation fits as well.

  2. Is this the part where they pick some lone wolf psycho nazi & smear all conservatives?
    The FBI has weaponized against conspiracies of white supremacists. The problem is that their are no conspiracies of white supremacists.

  3. golfdoc50;

    He is the same pathetic p.o.s. that tweeted out the blatant lie that the truck driver that ended up almost hitting protesters that were illegally congregating on the I-35 bridge, was “displaying confederate flags on his rig”. Then, he tried to justify it by saying that he was told by his followers, yet never apologized.

    I have a Jewish conservative friend that lives in his district and despises that “Harvard moron”. Trouble is, that district is largely populated by left wing Jews, including that idiot Ron Blatz’ son, a Rabbi at a synagogue. He and a couple of his friends are planning to put Trump and Jason Lewis campaign signs in his yard, taking pictures and tweeting them out that he’s actually a closet Trump supporter.

  4. Get ready for the journolist onslaught of the day boys.

    Months of rioting, burning and looting, millions in damages. thousands of businesses gone forever, hundreds wounded, dozens killed, cops maimed and blinded, but finally the lamestream mediots think they can get away with painting one person in this theater of blood as a right winger.

    The memo has been sent.

  5. Man, that Ryan Winkler has some itchy Twitter fingers. He didn’t learn from his truck-driver post because there were no repercussions for him. There likely won’t be any for his latest privileged free speech.

    Of course, we (and Scott Jensen) know that Winkler doesn’t just use his finger for texting.

  6. BH429: This is one thing that has always puzzled me: Left-wing/democrat Jews. Do they not understand that their party supports an ideology/religion that wants to see their people wiped off the face of the earth? Anti-semites and rabid Muslims don’t care if a Jew is a democrat. They still want that Jew exterminated.

  7. But Mitch, if Winkler waited for the facts, he and his ilk might not be able to set the narrative. If they waited for the facts, they might not stir up the emotions of the mob, and all those minority-owned businesses might not burn to the ground. And those people who would’ve lost their livelihoods and/or jobs might never become dependent on the government.

    Remember when one of Winkler’s fellow alumni said this?

    “I don’t know – not having been there and not seeing all the facts – what role race played in that, but I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry; number two that he Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home”

    The Left seems populated with those not content to wait for the facts to disrupt the narrative, or to preemptively dismiss them.

  8. Of the 3 leftist shitbags that kid shot yesterday night, 1, Mr. “#ShootMEnigger”, was a convicted pedophile, 1 was a convicted burglar in possession of a firearm he could not legally possess, and 1 was a convicted woman beater.

    Along with all the Negroes that have been shot by coppers, everyone the reprobates are supporting have lengthy criminal conviction histories, and were all in the process of committing crimes when they were shot.

    We’ve gone from “Hands up don’t shoot” to “I can’t breave (this fentanyl is killing me), to “Shoot me nigger”.

    There is a lesson in that, but the low IQ mobs in the street are incapable of accepting it.

    As someone with an irrational fear of firearms, I don’t understand the wisdom of mingling with violent, racist leftists and rampaging Negroes while carrying rifles, but if you’re gonna do that, it needs to be understood by all concerned that you’ll damn well use them if attempts to take them are made by a mob.

    I saw the recording, and although I’m no lawyer, I think the kid has a plausable self defense case. His go fund me was collecting cash at twice the rate of the one for the leftist shitbag that survived his bullets before it was taken down.

    Evidently, go fund me doesn’t allow raising money for accused criminals, but raising it for convicted criminals is OK.

  9. Bill C;

    Yup. I’ve wondered the same thing.

    My Jewish friends tell me that it’s due to a Jewish belief that they need to do good in their lives and just like many others, they have been brainwashed to believe that as liberal Democrats, they do that. The biggest issue? They are liberals first, then Jews.

    Sadly, it seems that every other supposedly Christian Faith, has also sold out to socialists. I was raised a Catholic, but I haven’t practiced it for years. In fact, the only time I set foot in a Catholic church, was to take my mom to mass (before she passed from Alzheimer’s in 2018), attend weddings and funerals. The church has tacitly ignored their traditional anti-abortion stance, while still asking, during wedding ceremonies if the couple will “accept children lovingly from God?” Among my five siblings, only one of my brothers is what I call a practicing hypocrite, largely due to his equally hypocritical wife. They are virulent Democrats and Catholics. Of course, my brother was a union goon, so he was indoctrinated from two sides. I point out their hypocrisy every chance I get.

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