Dead Lock

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I now know as much as I need to know, to cast an informed vote in the governor’s race.

Joe doakes

The missive relates to this mailer:

Leaving aside the Orwellian use of “Health” to refer to dismembering fetuses, I just want to smack Democrats for making up “rights” as they go.

There is no “right” to health. There is a responsibility to take care of yourself.

No more!

4 thoughts on “Dead Lock

  1. Health good. Orange man bad. NRA bad. Please validate my opinion; it is my opinion. I am special and individual.

  2. It just boggles the mind that the left thinks that mass mailings trumpeting money to Planned Parenthood is the way to get votes. Even pro-choice Americans are increasingly ambivalent about the organization.

    I got a couple of calls–and actually answered–asking poll questions, and it struck me as they were going through the list of “what’s most important to you?” issues that the Democrats are on the opposite side of my position right down the line. It’s downright scary–they can’t get anything right these days, it seems.

  3. Kermit Gosnell likely also had a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood. Gosnell, Waltz, and Flanagan have much in common.

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