Trump Is So Awful…

… that thousands of people are theatrically attempting to bum rush the borders to get here to the country he’s, er, destroying.

Perhaps they thought they were marching to Venezuela?

10 thoughts on “Trump Is So Awful…

  1. News reports estimate the crowd at 5,000. That’s the size of an Army Brigade, commanded by a Brigadier General assisted by staff officers responsible for coordinating intelligence, communications, logistics, medical. Who are the staff people for this event?

    5,000 people drink 5,000 gallons of water every day. Where are the water buffalo trailers and who’s paying for them?

    5,000 people eat 5,000 pounds of food every day. Where are the mess trucks and who’s buying the ingredients?

    5,000 people need 5,000 pieces of toilet paper every day. Where are the Porta-Potties, who’s setting them up along the way, who’s picking them up behind? Or are we talking about a trail of refuse hundreds of miles long?

    In any random group of 5,000 refugees who suddenly flee their homes to walk hundreds of miles non-stop, some will get injured. Some will get sick. Some will die. Where are the bodies?

    This is a Pallywood production, aimed at President Trump rather than Israel, but using the same techniques.

  2. They are LARPing Sherman’s march to the sea.

    Pompeo has been talking like P.G.T. Beauregard, but his preparations to meet the invasion so far sound like R. D. Arnold.

  3. Double the food and water amounts for these guys from what Joe says, and keep in mind that each mile they walk, the bacterial soup in the local water changes, and they’re going to need either filters or antibiotics, or both, to cope with the intestinal diseases.

    But sure, they’re coming here because life sucks here. Uh-huh.

  4. Mexico and Central America States are playing with fire. 2 weeks out from the mid-terms, if the Socialists don’t get their “blue wave” then the gloves are likely to come off in dealing with this crap. We should formerly close the border and all commerce that crosses it from these countries. Mexico has the power to intervene and stop all this, we just need to give them the incentive.

  5. Remember when Trump was horrible because INS was separating families? It was only a few months ago, April 2018, Trump sent troops to the Mexican border to stop the invasion.

    The military did nothing to stop the invaders. What could they do? Open fire on unarmed women and children, on camera? Talk about your bad optics.
    He’s tweeting about sending the military again but everybody knows it’s bluster. Opening fire right before the election is impossible and how else will you stop them from walking across the border?

    The migrant ‘caravan’ is a Pallywood production aimed at Republicans instead of Israelis, everybody knows it, nobody knows how to handle it.

    Invade Mexico. Send US troops across the border to start stringing concertina wire to keep migrants on THAT side of the border. If migrants set foot in America, under our own laws they are entitled to apply for asylum and we must house and feed them until their hearing. So don’t let them in.

    True, it will cause butt-hurt in Mexico. They lose face. Invasion is an international crisis. The United Nations will condemn us. Tough. We’re a sovereign nation defending our borders until we can get The Wall built.

    What’s the worst that can happen?

  6. I’ve heard that it will take them a minimum of 2-4 weeks to make the trek to the border on foot. I’m wondering if the Dems don’t win the house will they still try to overwhelm the border, or will they become nomads wandering through Mexico. They’re getting funding and logistical support from somewhere, will that end suddenly if the congress stays red?

  7. I read a week and a half ago, that for the migrant hoard to make it from the southern border of Mexico to the southern border of the US by 11/6, they would have to cover 90 miles per day. Who’s paying for the trucks/buses to haul the hoard north?

    Soros’ name has come up a lot.

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