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The Joe Radinovich Campaign, stunned by polling that showed them slipping from a one point lead to being 15 point dogs, hit another bump on the campaign trail yesterday; J-Rad’s campaign manager has bailed:

Meredith Raimondi has confirmed with Alpha News that she is no longer with Radinovich’s campaign. Raimondi would not give any further details regarding her departure.

Raimondi’s exit is another setback amidst a difficult week for Radinovich’s campaign.

On Tuesday the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) cancelled $1.2 million in ads in the district, redirecting the funds to races that Democrats are more likely to win.

The sudden loss in funding comes after a new New York Times poll that shows Radinovich’s opponent, Republican Pete Stauber, up 15 percentage points.

The independent, non-partisan Cook Political Report also weighed in on Radinovich’s chances, downgrading the race from “Toss Up” to the “Lean Republican” on Tuesday.

If you’d told me when I started my blog in 2002, or my show in 2004, that I’d see CD8 looking at sustained GOP victories of any kind, much less two-digit ones, in my lifetime, I’d have said you should get that traumatic brain injury looked at.

And yet here we are.

3 thoughts on “No Joementum

  1. I live in west metro, but still go up north where I grew up. In 2016 there were nothing but Trump signs from Ramsey to Hibbing. The iron range has been conservative forever, but voted DFL because of unions. The scales have been tipping for years, small town and rural citizens are leaning Republican.

    As an aside, what’s happened to Edina? I drove down Interlachen today and Phillips signs everywhere.

  2. A former friend from college (U of MN Duluth, her maiden name was Solon, you do the math) is having a very trying time with her estranged husband. He worked in Jim Oberstar’s office, and when Cravaack defeated Oberstar and Oberstar’s office shut down, it sent her husband down the path of almost drinking himself to death multiple times. He’s in a hospice now, slowly recovering, but he now has somewhat of a loss of brain function from the overdosing on vodka. My friend directly blames Cravaack and all the evil CD8 Republicans for the destruction of her marriage and almost killing her husband.

    When Nolan won it back from Cravaack, she was incredibly vindictive. When Stauber wins, she will probably be almost as unhinged as she was when Trump won. I had to hide her for a while on FB for the first part of last year. She was truly unbearable for a couple months.

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