6 thoughts on “You Gotta Have Faith In Something

  1. I have a new theory to explain these incidents.

    In the olden days, a ‘safe space’ was a fixed geographical location. A boy’s fort in the woods. A girl’s bedroom. A special room on campus painted in pastels with soft chairs and coffee tables.

    Nowadays, my ‘safe space’ is a volume of air surrounding my body. It moves with me and varies in size depending on my location (smaller when hanging onto a strap on the subway in New York, larger when walking on a sidewalk near Hamline University) and also by my mental state, what’s in the news recently, and possibly the moon phase. Sometimes it’s best to give me a wide berth.

    When I walk past your front lawn and your MAGA sign invades my personal ‘safe space,’ it’s an attack on me, on my personal well-being, all the more vicious because it is occurring in a place where I have an expectation of privacy and safety. It’s the same as an armed robber breaking into my house at night. I have no duty to retreat or to ignore your attack.

    I have a right to defend myself from a vicious attack in my personal space by destroying your hateful, offensive lawn sign. And your attempts to thwart me justify my escalating to physical violence to stop your attack, same as I’d be justified in shooting the armed robber entering my bedroom.

    Since I am entirely in the right in this incident, I feel no remorse, no compassion for your injuries, no regret for my actions. You brought it upon yourself. You deserved it.

    All the best people say so.

  2. This is a quite wonderful confirmation of both MB’s and JD’s points.

    Surely Anderson and Mekeland were inadvertent victims of this contempt. But they’re also willing workers in the Great Factory of Despair known as the body politic. No one else bears anything close to their “personal responsibility” for the country’s pervasive sense of hopelessness, the feeling that the game is rigged […]

    The first few comments to the article don’t seem to quite agree with the author, so there is that.

  3. As I read through Mr. Kotz’s screed, I could easily picture him saying of Anderson: “I’m not surprised she got bullied onto a busy street, looking at how she was voting/thinking.”

    On a whim, I perused some of the other soap-box tirades of Mr. Kotz. It’s nice to see City Pages still turns out reliable bird-cage liners. Haven’t missed it since my move to the south.

  4. Run into someone who may be a leftist? When in doubt; knock them out.

    Y’all think I’m extreme, but I’m just ahead of the curve.

  5. On a somewhat related note. Visiting my neck of the woods, you’ll notice a dearth if yard signs. It’s my opinion there’s 2 reasons for that:

    1. No need to tell your neighbors you are just like them.

    2. If you’re not like us, it’s not polite to say so.

  6. To some extent, everyone believes in something completely irrational. It is what humans do. Myself? I still believe that there is a floor to dumb, a level below which humanity cannot sink.

    I have yet to find it – but I still believe it is there.

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