The Last Straw

A friend of the blog writes:

While St Paul wants to prohibit restaurants from using styrofoam, California legislators want to ban straws.

Now, the reason given is because straws end up in rivers and clogging storm drains. But, the real reason is because Democrats just want a nanny state, they want to control small businesses, they want to placate their most fringey base, and we all know the litany of reasons why. Because if it was really about straws ending up in rivers and storm drains, etc, why would fast food restaurants be exempt? This apparently only applies to sit down restaurants, where trash should end up with other trash, not strewn about in streets, blowing to public waters.

I have heard California has all sorts of real problems. But, by all means, keep focusing on non issues that don’t solve anything. Someday, the voters may wake up.

Virtue-signalling about non-issues;  it’s not just a California thing, of course.  Both Twin Cities mayors seem to devote most of their waking hours to it.

4 thoughts on “The Last Straw

  1. To the modern liberal, the fact that a thing is popular means that it is bad. They want to make you do what you do not want to do. That is their purpose in life. Like the old Puritans, they exist to make life unpleasant for others.

  2. Notice that they are targeting sit down restaurants and not fast food restaurants. It is at the latter, of course, that most straws are used, and I would dare suggest that sit down restaurants are also not generally throwing waste into storm drains. Idiots.

  3. We’re talking SJWs here. You know, folks with no (or few) kids and who love trendy sit-down restaurants as a way to avoid the hoi polloi.

    Is there a better way for SJWs to avoid “breeders” who tend to be more conservative than to make their favorite feeding troughs unfriendly to children?

    So this isn’t about virtue-signalling at all. It has a real, social engineering purpose that serves the SJWs and fellow travelers.

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