In more than a few self-defense shooting cases, from Trayvon Martin to this week’s episode in Rochester, people who oppose – and just don’t get – the right of self-defense point at the episode and smile like a toddler than just filled their diaper and chant “He was unarmed!”.

So was the perp in this case:

After the fender-bender, Falce and a man police identified as Alonzo Leron Smith got out of their cars, exchanged words and motioned at each other. Smith then delivered a single punch to the face and Falce fell backward, his head hitting the pavement.

“We believe that he was knocked unconscious almost immediately and he never did regain consciousness,” San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said at a news conference.

In Minnesota in 2016, among the 80-odd homicides were at least five “one punch kills” – punches where the victim fatally smacked their head, or suffered a fatal aneurysm or concussion from the punch itself.

Punches and kicks kill ten times as many people as “assault rifles” in an average year – 500 to somewhere around 50.

5 thoughts on ““Unarmed”

  1. Like they used to say, God made man and woman, but Colonel Colt made them equal. Sadly, the perp here did not earn his Darwin Award.

  2. Hey, some deaths are more equal than others to SJW warriors. Just like BLM do not care for black on black crime.

  3. The young man in Rochester has just been indicted for murder, by the way. If the stories both are telling are indicative, it’s at least debatable.

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